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    Satyadev was sharing how money can help you go into any store and get the stuff you want without asking how much is it before paying for it. That’s quite true and a privilege to have. I am already doing that for food and also jewellery – both fine and costume ones.

    It’s the little things that I need to start to learn to appreciate and have more compassion in myself. I’m actually doing really well in many aspects in life – probably getting better as the time goes by.

    I finally figured out the best barely makeup makeup look too! It’s actually full makeup minus contouring and eye shadow. I guess I am getting better at my makeup skills and choosing the suitable makeup for myself. Hermes is indeed a brand that suits me in many ways. Hahaha. 🙂

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    I went to ACrysty Co new store opening today and Public Gardens. I wanted to get a pair of pearl hoop earrings from Stories in Jewellery (a Taiwanese handicraft jewellery shop) and is very glad that I found it. I actually saw it in an Instagram advertisement but forgot the name of the shop. I only know got the one “stories” in it. So I walked the entire Public Gardens to try to find it. So glad that I found it. It’s quite expensive though because it is made of real pearls. Most likely is freshwater pearls given the price lah… It costs S$75 and it was the last pair. So glad that I managed to get it. Pretty sure someone tried it on because I saw a hair strand stuck in the earring but I really like the design so I just took it.

    I went to ACrysty Co and did their AYO (ACrysty Your Own). Basically I customised my own earrings. I picked silver rutile and a chinese knot as design. It’s quite pretty lah. Took me some time to decide which crystal to use though. It’s a dangling earrings which I know will look good on me. Hehe. It costs S$32.40 after opening day discount.

    I also got a new pair of pearl ear studs for S$43.20 (after the opening day discount). Somehow all the costume earrings I got these days all have pearls (freshwater pearls or faux ones) in them. I’m definitely in my pearl era. LOL. 😀

    Something happened this morning and I am very glad that I have supportive friends around. People like Zijian and Rui Yun agreeing with me and Alex and Jin Quan for hearing my morning rants. It lasted quite long lol. The grand award for gratitude goes to Gulabi who took the call and was advising on the spot while the entire thing unfolded. Thanks to her advice and reassuring that my gut feelings was correct and stuff, I was able to elegantly handle the situation while still holding back my power and at higher ethical/moral grounds.

    I’m definitely improving my gut feeling. All these internal self work and healing is definitely helping! 🙂

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    I ordered another bag recently. This time it is from Pleats Mama! Actually I wanted to visit it when I was in Seoul last May and October/November. I didn’t manage to visit and didn’t get to see the pleated tote bag. I was able to try it out when Pleats Mama have a popup shop at TANGS Orchard. The quality seems pretty good and I decided to get it online – because the design I wanted is limited edition and is only available in Seoul and online.

    Can’t wait to get it soon haha. I have been thinking about it for some time and was even discussing with some of my friends about it. The new Sakura is so much smarter with spending money now. Well, because I spent a lot last year in getting assets so yeah, need to save money now. 🙂 Haha.

    In fact, the entire discussion I had with one of my friends is like lowkey funny.

    Me: Serious topic. Even more serious than other stuff. Is to decided whether should I add more clutter and spend money hahahaha. (I’m supposed to declutter)
    Gulabi: (rofl emoticon x4) It’s cute but do you think this is giving value for money?
    Me: Like tote bag for work. I actually got backpack for work. Then another tote bag (green) too.
    Gulabi: (sends a photo of her new sunscreen and also her new manicure)
    Me: Wah got flower de!!!!! [I’m referring to her new manicure]
    Gulabi: So do you need this? It’s cute but not very cute tbh
    Me: It’s never a need.
    Gulabi: Yes, to celebrate spring [referring to her new manicure design]
    Me: I like this reason. Going to use this reason for the bag too. Hahahaha.
    Gulabi: Your mind was always set, Sakura.

    Hahaha. So that’s how I convinced Gulabi that I need the new cherry blossom bag from Pleats Mama. Going to take photo of it when it arrives! I got the bag insert for the bag too. I’m excited now!

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    I bought my first ever instant camera in my life. Well, I wanted to get a new instant photo printer and was thinking of getting Instax Mini Link 2 or Mini Evo. Then I discovered Leica Sofort 2 which is a hybrid (camera and printer). It looks really pretty and the photo quality is better than Mini Evo so I went for it. 🙂

    Okay lah, I admit the beauty of Leica Sofort 2 and USB C support is what push me for Leica instead. Hahaha.

    Quite happy to get a new toy to play with and can’t wait for more Instax films to arrive as I am finishing my first pack of films from Leica. Leica films are really expensive so I am going for cheaper alternatives from Fujifilm Instax series haha.

    This is also my first Leica camera. I have a Panasonic compact camera that is using Leica lenses but it is not Leica camera. Well, now I technically have a Leica camera haha.

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    I was out today in my silver bling ballet flats and gosh, it shone so brightly that it is blinding under the sun. Well, now I know I cannot wear this to sunny places as I do not want to blind myself. Lol.

    I finally wore the socks I got from Muji to match the shoes since it has been hurting my feet and causing wounds and blisters. Hopefully the socks works well as I really do love the ballet flats. Sakura is back in her bling bling era again. I realised I really do like bling shoes as I was looking through my old photos.

    I have been looking for a blouse or t-shirt or shirt for my Chinese New Year and have yet to find one that I really like. Then I saw Ms Soignee is releasing another new top and bottoms cheongsam design and I am very tempted. Bleh. I know it is going to be really expensive and I have plans to really save money this year though. Oh well, let’s see the quality and how expensive the blouse will be. Brace my wallet! Haha.

    The other problem with Ms Soignee blouses and dresses is that it is not exactly easy to wash. It needs to be dry clean on the first wash then subsequently it is recommended to be dry clean but still possible to hand wash. I really do love their designs as I have always been a fan of lace.

    Speaking of lace, I am wearing both lace and blings today for a study date! May my favourites not distract me from studying hahaha.