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    After about 2 weeks of “break” from studying, it’s time to get back to the studying mood tomorrow again. I got my GCP Security certificate to renew. I’m done with my AWS Security and Azure Security certificates renewal so now it is left with GcP Security for this year.

    I also managed to get 2 new blouses from Uniqlo this weekend. I am loving the new Uniqlo C series. It helps in glowing up as well. Haha.

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    Yay, it is my last day of leave! Well, I am quite bored and is ready to go back to work. Unfortunately I injured my finger and now I wonder how to use the mouse. Oh well. Got to use other fingers for it then.

    I’m going for my regular dermatologist appointment this week and have to tell her that I have another surgery scar that she has to manage/handle. Haha. It’s like giving her more work lol.

    I can’t wait for the year to end. This year has been too hectic and stressful for me. I did manage to achieve new records this year too so life is not all bad after all.

    Saying hi to all the work stuff as I am starting to clear some work emails now…

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    Moving on to the next flight across the Pacific Ocean, I did manage to sleep a bit – maybe less than 2 hrs? I’m glad that I brought my CISSP practice test papers digitally too. It’s kind of a better use of time to study instead of watching shows, I guess? Well, I failed my previous CISSP exam and have to retake it. I really should study harder and spend much more time for it in my second attempt. Each exam attempt is not cheap… Well, things I have to do to stay employable lololol.

    There were more turbulence in my second flight and it is making my stomach feeling a bit weird. Argh, it is still quite a long way to go.

    I started watching Divorce Lawyer Shin on Netflix as well.

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    It’s a long, long journey to US from Singapore. I’m still on my first out of the 3 flights that I have to take. Well, I don’t like the long flight journey but I am ok to be in US. Well, I always go US for work so it’s kind of a “no choice but to fly there” kind of thing. It is also a privilege since most people don’t fly for work or even go to US for work. In my last 10 years of work, I have gone to US 4 times, China 1 time and South Korea 1 time. It’s definitely a privilege and blessing that I am happy to have no matter how much I may have complained about the flights.

    I started watching 20 Century Girl korean movie on Netflix.

    I’m quite bored on plane and I hope I can sleep more for my next flight across the Pacific Ocean…

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    When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Well, for me, when life gives you lemon, I make lemon juice. At least it has vitamin C to combat illness and keep you healthy right?

    Well, the next few weeks or maybe even months will be tough. Praying for good news and smooth recovery ahead.

    I am glad that I have support from my friends and it is in times like this, I value the close friendships I have. I’m just trying to be as optimistic as I can now.

    Anyway, I have to fly to US next week for work and also extending 1 week for personal vacation time in US. The positive side is that I won’t be alone most of the time so if anything happens to me, I will be taken care of. 🙂

    I’m also pushing myself to the limits and entering the uncomfortable zone at work. I was chatting with one of my work mentors and he felt that I am going in the right direction. He told me to make sure that the conversation keeps flowing when you are talking to senior leadership. Prepare some stuff to present or talk about just to keep the conversation going. Do some research on the person you are going to talk to helps too. I’m going to try all these methods when I am in US next week. Hoping to push my career to the next level while balancing all other aspects of my life.

    Sometimes I am quite amazed by my resilience. I wonder when I will meet someone who truly appreciate who I am and all the awesome aspects of myself haha. As well as not take me for granted after some time.

    Sometimes u jus hav to trust the planning u already did and jus go along.”

    Something that one of my close friends told me yesterday after knowing all the shot I am going through right now. Yes, it’s shitty. I just have to remind myself to have more faith in myself.