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    Hoho. I finally went back to yoga class. Well, I stopped going for 1.5 to 2 mths because of the tight school schedule and overwhelming work from my modules, especially my Foundations of IP Law module. Glad that I got the discipline and motivation to go for class today. I actually wanted to skip today’s class to go shopping instead. So glad that I went for it today and my shoulder muscles don’t feel that tight anymore. :smile: 

    I actually wanted to go for yoga class on yesterday but ended up working till late and kind of missed the timing to leave office in order to reach yoga studio in time for my class.

    I wasn’t planning to go for yoga class today but I still book a mat just in case there is a change in plans. Well, luckily I booked a mat because my night shift got postponed this morning. I was supposed to attend a training at 4am later but it got postponed.

    Well, guess it is a good thing that I got more time to clear my work today (which is really a lot since I took 1.5 weeks off from work to focus on my law exam revision) and I even managed to squeeze some time out for yoga and blogging. Haha, I also managed to post some seriously overdue photos on my Instagram yesterday night. That means a blog post on those photos is coming up! Hehe. Do look out for it! :wink: 

    I am also going back for my songwriting class and going back to the regime of practising my violin at night too. That’s certainly feel like I am getting back my life without school work.

    I also felt pretty happy to go back to work. Guess law is really not my cup of tea… at least for now. I’m still happy to be working in the tech industry and doing technically challenging work. Of course, I love the benefits of working in a tech company too. Haha. :happy: 

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    My Foundations of IP Law assignment is out and the questions are like quite difficult. Oh well… There goes my weekends again. Luckily for me, I have about 1 mth to work on it… I will probably go back to school and work on it over the weekends… But first I need to decide what question to choose…

    I heard from Samuel that the questions are the same as the ones he got when he took the module 2 semesters ago. It is the same professor that is teaching the module so I guess he didn’t change the questions.

    Things have gotten stressful and uncertain at work too. And I am thinking what I want to do in future too. Feel like having the dreaded quarter life crisis all over except that I have passed my quarter life mark.

    The thing about being in IT sector is that you are consistently challenged and the need to learn new things. Can’t really afford to be complacent either. It is either you keep up with the pace or you get kick out. Like the “Keep Up or Kicked Out” rule… Although I am doing my Masters degree in Infocomm Security and IT Security is the next up and coming division, I can’t help but to think if I can actually do something on IT Security in my current company. I am not sure if I have the courage to actually move out of the company either since I have gotten really used to my company culture, colleagues and benefits.

    Sigh, I’m just feeling stressed and kind of lost in my career direction again.

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    Sigh, I end up getting stuck at the last part of my Web Security assignment even though I stayed up till 3am to do it. Can’t really be bothered anymore… Oh well… I wonder when will I get the motivation to do my law readings… 

    Somehow the more I learned about security and IP Law, the more skeptical I am with regards to using social media. Not sure if I want to stop using social media after this semester…

    Do you know that by uploading photos to Instagram, you are giving them a license to do whatever to your photos? But the so-called license can be challenged as well. Then again, why do you want to challenge Instagram with regards to your photos? In addition, using live stream on Facebook or Instagram means you are given performers’ rights which Facebook and Instagram are infringing on your copyright when they provide API calls to share your performance elsewhere. There’s nothing in their terms and conditions that protects themselves with regards to performers’ rights. 

    Anyway, the more I learn about IP Law, the more interesting it gets and the more I am reluctant to use social media…

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    Yay it is finally Friday. I am left with a small part of my Web Security assignment left which I hope I can finish it tonight. I am not as tired as my other Fridays but still look forward to the weekends. Hehe. Probably because this week is a short working week since Monday and Tuesday are off for me due to Chinese New Year.

    Today is the CNY day 7 which is everyone’s birthday. It is known as the day human beings are created from the chinese folklore stories. So yes… Happy Birthday everyone!

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    Happy Chinese New Year everyone! For those are who celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY), how was it so far?

    It’s been raining in the afternoon and I didn’t go to River Hongbao festival even though I planned to go for it today. Well, I blame it on the rain. Hehe.

    I posted the following photo on Instagram. It’s a pair of fake mandarin oranges made by my colleague, Hui Keng. We bought the materials as a pre-activity during our office CNY celebration. She taught us how to make and I also made some for myself too. Well, I’m not a handicraft kind of person so the leaves and stalk part of the mandarin oranges didn’t look that great… I doubt I will be posting photos of the ones I made on social media… :blush: 

    My colleague, Hui Keng, made these mandarin oranges using orange nets and fake leaves.

    I didn’t go out on my first day of CNY (which is today) since my family can’t go out and bai nian (visit relatives) as one of my relatives have passed away a few days before CNY. This year is a dull CNY indeed…

    I have yet to get the motivation to continue to do my Web Security assignment though. Hmm… I was planning to start doing it after I finished this blog post and hopefully finished the entire assignment so that I can concentrate on my law readings. Probably going back to school on Tuesday to do my readings too…