• 17th June 2018 , 2:18 am | 1 Comment
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    Recently, I went to Botanic Gardens to explore. It’s an interesting experience as I have not really explore Botanic Gardens despite living in Singapore for so long. Well, I don’t really do touristy stuff in my own country. Haha. The original plan was to attend the sketching classes but I woke up late and missed…

    10th June 2018 , 10:52 pm | 4 Comments
    Categories: Other bloggers, Personal life

    I was bloghopping just now. Just randomly visiting some blogs and leaving some comments around too. I think I’m just lazing around, not doing the stuff that I planned to do. Such as organising my finances and packing my stuff in my bedroom. It’s lazy sunday today since I do not have any appointments. Oh,…

    10th June 2018 , 12:40 am | 3 Comments
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Pictures, With my NEX

    Alex, Jin Quan and I went to Gardens by the Bay – Sakura Matsui 2018 to see the limited period of sakura flowers in Singapore. I don’t regret going since I love sakura flowers. It’s one of my favourite flowers. I went there after I came back from San Francisco for my business trip while…