• 23rd July 2017 , 2:01 pm | 1 Comment
    Categories: Personal life, Shopping, Wants

    This is my first weekend after coming back from Japan whereby I am not sick. Hehe. Being sick for a month sucks and it makes me value my health even more. After all, no amount of money can let you have good health. Only what you eat, what you exercise and how strong your antibodies/white…

    23rd July 2017 , 1:40 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Altosome, Online life, Personal life, Technology

    I have finally opened my technology blog at Altosome. Do take a look at it here. I decided not to go for customised themes and just stick to the Twenty Seventeen theme instead and use the photos I took as the header images. I haven’t really started any technology articles and is looking for inspiration…

    11th July 2017 , 11:39 pm | 5 Comments
    Categories: Online life, Rants, Technology

    Jetpack is still not working well for me. I still can’t blog from my mobile apps which probably explained why I am blogging lesser these days. The issue has been there since April and I have raised tickets with Jetpack support team since May. It’s already July and it is still not resolved. Guess Jetpack…

    6th July 2017 , 7:21 pm | 7 Comments
    Categories: Site Updates

    Hoho. So it’s my free day today and I got some time to tweak my theme settings. Seems like I have been using the old style way of for WordPress comments. Well, that goes to show how much time I have not spent on ViolinStar.NET. Oops. Anyway, I have upgraded it to the Jetpack Comment…

    6th July 2017 , 5:41 pm | 2 Comments
    Categories: Advices & Tips, Insights, Personal life, Technology, Videos

    I was surfing Youtube earlier and found this video which I find it quite inspiring. It’s about the perks of being single life. Some pros of being single pointed out in the video: Save money! Whoa, totally. But I think I am quite a spender though. Hahaha. No need to consider about the significant other….