• 16th October 2018 , 11:10 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, My violin

    Yay! I got a very happy Whatsapp message from my violin teacher today. I passed my violin Grade 8 exam! Yay!!! I am so glad that I passed now and even though it was a very bad score (like right on the dot of passing mark), I am still glad that I passed. So happy…

    27th September 2018 , 9:13 pm | 4 Comments
    Categories: Personal life

    Whee! I managed to go for 2 yoga classes today – one after another. I had Power Yoga class first then left early to rush for my Hot Basics Yoga class. Not for the faint hearted because I was feeling tired at the start of the Hot Basics Yoga class. Oh, and I am sweating…

    24th September 2018 , 12:14 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Love, Music, My violin, Personal life, Rants, Technology

    Rui Yun got new iPhone XS and I took a look at it when I met her to go for mooncakes shopping. The portrait camera is nice but I think the bokeh is a bit too fake. Definitely not something that I would spend more. Furthermore, I don’t like the idea of Face ID too….

    23rd September 2018 , 6:23 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, My violin, Rants

    Whoa my violin exam is in 3 days and I hope I can pass. Intensive violin practice and last minute revision of expression. Okay, Tchaikovsky’s Scherzo piece is really tough with such rapid switches in dynamics. It makes it harder for me to control my bow. Oh, and my violin don’t sound as nice as…

    22nd September 2018 , 12:01 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, My violin, Personal life, Rants, Work, Yoga

    Oops I went for a hiatus without informing everyone again. Well, I have been busy with violin, work and dating. Things are fine at work and I am learning a lot of new stuff daily. Tons of work to clear but still manageable. I probably need to send my violin for servicing/cleaning after my exam….