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    Some funny conversations I had with my violin teacher, Mrs Masako, today… “When the pieces get too difficult, you might want to throw your instrument into Singapore River… or throw yourself into the river…… Actually throwing the piece/book is more economical.“ “You are playing your own version of XXX piece.” “You really should record yourself…

    13th May 2024 , 6:38 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Personal life

    I went for a haircut on last Saturday at Walking on Sunshine. I also opt for hair treatment and finally did my first ever hair treatment. It is especially more significant since I paid for it. Well, those who knows me will know that I usually don’t pay for spa/facial/treatments because I am a cheapo…

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    I got the Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger Eau de parfum back in 2021 and I hardly use it. Well, I got it at launch and among all the Twilly perfume, I like it the most. It has a nice refreshing scent when I tried it in store. However, after buying it, spraying it on myself…

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    I went to the Tulipmania exhibition at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay last weekend. It is always very nice to see one of my favourite flowers. Unfortunately, I feel that the amount of tulips they displayed is lesser than previous years. Nevertheless it is still nice to spend some time with my favourite flowers….

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    I went to “The Chanel Parfumeur – Exclusive Series” exhibition with Evelyn. She invited me when she got the SMS about the event. It was my first time visiting a Chanel perfume event so I agreed. It’s quite an interesting experience and they were showcasing their Exclusive Series perfume range – similar to Hermessence. I…