• 9th November 2018 , 5:00 pm | 2 Comments
    Categories: Korean related, Overseas, Rants

    Yay! I’m back in Singapore now. Well, technically at the point of starting to type this blog post, I am still on plane… about 25 mins to landing in Singapore. I took Korean Air to Seoul this time round and gosh, I won’t make the same mistake again. Firstly, Korean Air got 3 out of…

    3rd November 2018 , 4:10 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Online life, Overseas, Personal life

    How’s everyone? I’m on a hiatus again. Oops. I was busy with work and preparing for my 4th trip to South Korea. Hehe. Now I am in Korea and having my vacation. I should get back to blogging regularly. I have been so lazy on social media and hasn’t update my Instagram accounts for so…

    16th October 2018 , 11:10 pm | 3 Comments
    Categories: Music, My violin

    Yay! I got a very happy Whatsapp message from my violin teacher today. I passed my violin Grade 8 exam! Yay!!! I am so glad that I passed now and even though it was a very bad score (like right on the dot of passing mark), I am still glad that I passed. So happy…

    27th September 2018 , 9:13 pm | 4 Comments
    Categories: Personal life

    Whee! I managed to go for 2 yoga classes today – one after another. I had Power Yoga class first then left early to rush for my Hot Basics Yoga class. Not for the faint hearted because I was feeling tired at the start of the Hot Basics Yoga class. Oh, and I am sweating…

    24th September 2018 , 12:14 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Love, Music, My violin, Personal life, Rants, Technology

    Rui Yun got new iPhone XS and I took a look at it when I met her to go for mooncakes shopping. The portrait camera is nice but I think the bokeh is a bit too fake. Definitely not something that I would spend more. Furthermore, I don’t like the idea of Face ID too….