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    I just realised that my blog is opened for more than 11 years now. The “” domain name is more than 11 years old now. Like wow! Next year, it will be a decade! When I started this blog with this name, I didn’t expect to see it last for close to a decade. I…

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    Categories: Insights, Personal life, Shopping, Skin care

    Sephora at Takashimaya has reopened and it comes with free skincare analysis. A beauty advisor offered to do a free skincare analysis and I agreed. She didn’t show me the results but she explained it to me. She told me that my skin is moisturised. Whee! All these years of diligently applying my skincare stuff…

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    I think I am going to blog about my skin care regime once a year. It is quite interesting how I have upgraded my skin care over the years too and how I have came back to the same kind of products – like how I started using Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum in 2014…

    9th June 2019 , 10:50 pm | 1 Comment
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    I’m back from Beijing. Hehe, I went Beijng for a work trip for 9 days. It was kind of rushed, hence didn’t blog about it. I went to Defcon Beijing 1.0 (yes, the first Defcon in Beijing after last year’s beta version). It was quite exciting since it was my first time going to Defcon….

    5th May 2019 , 1:39 pm | 3 Comments
    Categories: Personality tests

    I was reading Brandi’s blog post on creative types and went to do the test as well. Turns out that I’m the Thinker type. Creative Strengths: Intellectual curiosity, ability to find and create meaningUntapped Potential: Bridging theory and practice, applying ideas in real lifeIdeal Collaborator: The Adventurer For the Thinker, the examined life is truly…