• 9th June 2019 , 10:50 pm | 1 Comment
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    I’m back from Beijing. Hehe, I went Beijng for a work trip for 9 days. It was kind of rushed, hence didn’t blog about it. I went to Defcon Beijing 1.0 (yes, the first Defcon in Beijing after last year’s beta version). It was quite exciting since it was my first time going to Defcon….

    5th May 2019 , 1:39 pm | 3 Comments
    Categories: Personality tests

    I was reading Brandi’s blog post on creative types and went to do the test as well. Turns out that I’m the Thinker type. Creative Strengths: Intellectual curiosity, ability to find and create meaningUntapped Potential: Bridging theory and practice, applying ideas in real lifeIdeal Collaborator: The Adventurer For the Thinker, the examined life is truly…

    5th May 2019 , 12:50 pm | 1 Comment
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    Hello everyone! I realised I should make it a point to try to blog every week. Maybe even on the small things in life that happened for the week. I am finding my life pretty boring these days. Weekdays is just working and sometimes dating after work. Then weekends is just violin class and dating….

    19th April 2019 , 4:42 pm | 1 Comment
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    It’s Good Friday today and that means a public holiday for me. No work on a weekday is good. I finally get to catch up on my sleep which is awesome. The past few weeks have been really busy and I wish I have more time to just stay at home and do some readings….

    19th March 2019 , 11:59 pm | 3 Comments
    Categories: Insights, Personal life

    I realised I haven’t been blogging again. Life is just as exciting as before – I am still going for museums and enjoying myself at exhibitions such as Minimalism at National Gallery and Artscience Museum. I went for the one at National Gallery twice since I signed up for Gallery Insider membership previously. The tickets…