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    I went to the Sony servicing place to see if I can get a mark out from my new lens. It turns out that it might be a scratch on the coating. So I got no choice but to send it in for checking. Sigh. :sigh: I can only collect it after a week. So I am stuck to my kit lens – SELP1650. The photos still look stunning. :smile: It must be the power of Sony A6500.

    Just before I fell asleep last night, I was asking myself while on the bed if I have gone crazy. How did I spent so much on my new camera body and lens? How did I end up getting the most expensive mirrorless camera (A6500) instead of A6300? :shocked: I was chatting with Gulabi about it this morning and she told me not to regret since I really liked it so much.

    Now I wish I can get back my SEL1670Z lens soon…

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    I blogged about getting a camera body recently and I finally got the Sony A6500 and Sony Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS (SEL1670Z) lens today. I got Best Denki vouchers from my company for the good work I have done in one of the projects and decided to go for Sony A6500 instead of A6300. :smile: 

    I tried the lens on my Sony NEX-5R and it is quite a bright lens. It will be better on Sony A6500 and I am excited to use it soon!

    I got A6500 for S$1949 and SEL1670Z for S$950 after the salesperson decided to match the lens price with TK Photo.

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    Hoho. I finally bought a GoPro Hero 5 Black for myself. Well, I got S$400 vouchers when I redeemed my Applause points (points systems for my company) and top up S$240 to buy it from Best Denki. :smile: Hehe.

    I actually have been thinking of getting it when Hero 4 Silver is still around but it is simply too expensive to get it and I am not willing to spend that kind of money.

    Well, a major motivation factor in getting Hero 5 as compared to getting a new camera body (I was thinking of Sony A6300 or Canon Selphy photo printer) is because I will be going on a road trip with my friends in Japan from this weekend. Hehe, it will be good to put the GoPro into good use by then. Can’t wait to use GoPro for what it is designed for then!


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    Phew. I am finally taking some form of break (in terms of blogging) from my law exam revision.

    I’m left with 3 classes of readings to cover this weekend. Hopefully, I can clear them soon.

    Oh yes, Dynadot is having .com domain name sale. You can use this link to buy it and get additional US$5 off in your next purchase too!

    I got myself a new .com domain name too. Hehe. Now I am thinking the new direction of the new domain name.

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    Okay, I finally got time to sit down after sorting out my thoughts (or rather anger) about Challenger and my recent purchase of the Western Digital My Passport hard disk at the IT show (held at Suntec Singapore). So here comes the story. You can hoose to read the last paragraph if the story is a bit too long for you. But the high level summary would be avoid purchasing anything from Challenger when you ever come to Singapore.

    It all started when I went to the IT Show on 18 Mar 2017. I went there to get my 1TB hard disk for my MacBook Pro which I have blogged about it here. I was supposed to get a pair of earphones, 1 Western Digital pouch and some data recovery service as part of my purchase. I forgot about the freebies that I am entitled to collect and left the IT Show without any freebies. By the time I remembered it, it is already too late. It’s already 21 Mar 2017. So I sent a message on Challenger Facebook page and see what they advised. Well, do remember that it was their mistake for not giving me the freebies at the point of purchase and also my mistake for not asking for it at that time too.

    So here’s the start of the conversation… I’m not going to share the full conversation here as it contains sensitive information (like my personal contact details) which I do not want to share it in public.

    Me: Hi. I recently purchased 1TB MyPassport WD hard disk during the PC show at suntec. However, I didn’t get the freebies (earphones, hard disk pouch and data recovery service). Can I still redeem the freebies after the PC show such as the hard disk pouch?

    Challenger Facebook: Hi Sakura, kindly head to Challenger Sun Plaza with your receipt for collection of the Harddisk Pouch as the rest of the promotion freebies redemption were only available for redemption at IT Show. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.

    Sounds good right? At least I get my pouch even though I lost the most expensive freebie – the earphones (which I think is some Panasonic earphones).

    Except that it is too good to be true for a company like Challenger.

    After numerous calls between a guy called KC from Sun Plaza, I finally got the outlet details that I can visit to collect my pouch. Except that I remembered it wrongly. (Okay, I got to admit that this is my fault.) I remembered Bugis Junction instead of Junction 8. Sigh. So the confused me went to Bugis Junction outlet on 23 Mar 2017 to collect the pouch and guess what. Wow, I never knew how unhelpful the retail staff were. Basically I made a mistake and was treated very badly. They left me hanging around for 15 mins then came back and tell me that they couldn’t give me the pouch as they did not get the contact from Sun Plaza to give me the pouch. I am like… Okay, so you didn’t get the instruction to give me the pouch but you also refused to contact them and clarify right? I was supposed to find a guy called Alvin whuch they said this person does not exist in the store. I got a shock at this fact and thought I got scammed by the earlier call to ask me to drop by at Bugis Junction outlet (which was supposed to be Junction 8 outlet, by the way). No help was given and the senior retail staff, Jenn Taur, is not willing to provide any useful details to help me proceed further with regards to the first mistake made by Challenger of not giving the freebies at IT Show. Yeah, so much for being a senior staff in the outlet. That kind of shows how Challenger appraised their retail staff – no basic courtesy or the urge to help their customers gets promoted to a senior position. But oh well, let’s not go into that aspect further after all this blog post is about Challenger as a whole.

    Anyway, he told me to contact the KC guy from Sun Plaza which I did and the number was unavailable at that time. That’s when I realised that it might be a scam. Someone might have compromised Challenger Facebook or Facebook to get my personal contact details and pull off this scam. Well, that’s like a phishing attempt which is what my Web Security prof would term it as an UI Security issue.

    Anyway, I had a bad experience with my first interaction with Jenn Taur and Bugis Junction outlet. He did provide me a number which I can call to see what I can do by myself. Yes, he is not willing to help at all. So I left the store, feeling helpless and scared that I actually got scammed. I called the number that Jenn gave and told the lady at the customer service hotline. Then she told me that she will look into it and see what can be done. Well, at least Challenger managed to employ some staff who have decent level of customer service skills.

    Anyway, Leong from Vivocity outlet (partially because the receipt from the IT Show states Vivocity branch) called me and told me that they do not have the Western Digital pouch anymore. I told him that I went to Bugis Junction earlier and somehow he contacted Bugis Junction and confirmed that there are stocks at Bugis Junction. Guess what. At that point of time, I am quite angry because that means I wasted my trip earlier and Bugis Junction refused to fulfill Challenger’s purchase agreement (of getting the freebies as part of my purchase of Western Digital hard disk). So I went back to Bugis Junction from Chinatown Point. Yes, I went from Bugis Junction to Chinatown Point and then back to Bugid Junction outlet in 1 night. :glare: I went back and found the same guy, Jenn, to get the pouch thinking that this series of unfortunate eventshas finally come to an end. Oh, I was expecting too much from Challenger again! Turns out that the branch don’t have the pouch and offered to give me the Toshiba or Seagate pouch instead. Like seriously… Why didn’t you offer it earlier and make me waste my time earlier… Of course I rejected it since I already put so much effort in getting the Western Digital pouch. And guess what. I asked for the contact to the Sales department, who can hopefully provide a feasible solution that the retail staff has proven not able to provide in the earlier series of unfortunte events. I must have sounded really angry at that time because instead of providing the Sales contact, Jenn said that he can only provide an online feedback form. Wow, thanks for putting that idea into my head. I was trying to solve this problem of not able to get my Western Digital pouch and here he was implying me to just go and complain to Challenger instead. That’s like my limit. So I just said might as well go via social media route right? Then he was like then so be it. That was what inspired me to just blog about the poor customer service of Challenger in Singapore.

    Anyway, I left the outlet angrily and then received a call from Leong (Vivocity outlet). Turns out that someone from Bugis Junction outlet had a miscommunication with him and that they do not have Western Digital pouch. So I ranted it out to Leong and asking for a solution. He offered to go to Sun Plaza to collect the stocks and also explained how each outlet have a fixed number of pouches for the promotion and for any additional pouches, they have to go Sun Plaza to collect it. The next day, he called me and told me that I can collect it at Vivocity branch. I thought the drama is finally over but again, I was wrong.

    I went to Challenger just now (27 Mar 2017) to collect the pouch and it turns out that it is not the Western Digital pouch. There is no Western Digital logo or whatsoever. It is just a plain, generic and red hard disk pouch. Sigh, I am tired of dealing with Challenger anymore and decided to just provide the following feedback to Western Digital.

    WD is a good brand but they have chose the wrong resellers. I purchased the WD hard disk from Challenger which marketed that any purchase of the hard disk will come with the WD pouch. Unfortunately, they ddin’t honor their promise at the point of the purchase and I only realised that much later. I contacted them and they promised to provide the pouch which was part of the purchase. After several rounds of miscommunication and screwups, I finally got the pouch, except that it is not from WD. That has made my purchase of WD hard disk rather unhappy which I guess I won’t be getting WD products or anything from Challenger in near future.

    You can read the full story at

    Moral of the story? Don’t buy things from Challenger in future. If you do, don’t expect anything from them, don’t expect them to honor their purchase/service agreement and most importantly, don’t expect decent customer service from their Bugis Junction outlet.