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    I went to PC Show just now to get my hard disk for my Macbook Pro. It’s like the fastest shopping trip to PC Show since Rui Yun and I were rushing to catch our Beauty and the Beast movie. Yes, it’s that Emma Watson movie! Hahaha. That’s actually the main reason why I wanted to watch it and we planned for it months ahead. We originally plan to go on Sunday instead of Saturday but I am having my Network Security project meeting so have to pre-pone it at the last minute notice. Thanks to her for accommodating and also helping me to shop around for the hard disk so I can just go there and get it immediately.

    I was talking to one of the salesgirl at Western Digital counter where I decided to buy my hard disk and this epic conversation came up.

    Q: Which hard disk do you recommend me to use if I want to transfer files from macOS to Windows OS (points to the 2 different hard disk options for Windows OS and macOS namely My Passport and My Passport for Mac)?

    A: Oh, that’s not possible. Perhaps you can consider the mobile wifi hard disk instead?

    Moral of the story: Make sure you know the basics before going to PC Show to buy your stuff. Discounted prices don’t come with sound advice. Lololol.

    Rui Yun and I were both amazed at her “sound” technological knowledge of the products that she is promoting.

    Anyway, in the end I got the My Passport (for Windows OS) and bought it home to reformat it by myself and started using it now. Hehe. I saved S$10 and got a better looking case (it’s orange!) too. Hehe. :smile: 

    Oh, I have been posting quite a lot for someone who is supposedly on hiatus. Oops.

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    I took a photo of my violin and added it as my new phone background. Along with the icons from the LINE Launcher app and the nice date/calendar widget, it looks like the one I posted on my Instagram.

    My new phone background and new theme, featuring my darling violin!

    It’s very nice, isn’t it? I forgot which camera filter I used for taking the photo but it looks really nice. Hehe. I love my new bedsheets too. I got it from Akemi Uchi with the vouchers that Wan Ling, Janice and May Yee got for my birthday. It’s my first bedsheets that has 930 thread count and it is super comfy and soft. :smile: The downside? It’s pretty expensive. I think I got it around S$80? And that price is after discount. I think it was close to S$150 before discount. It’s super expensive. I will definitely not get it before discount.

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    I realised that I didn’t blog about my new Beoplay H3 ANC. Well, I got it from TANGS and got 6% cash rebate and S$25 gift card since I used my StanChart credit card to pay for it. It costs S$339 after discount but after all the rebates and gift card that I got, it became less than S$300. Well, that means I am less guilty of my purchase? Hahaha.

    Anyway, it is an awesome looking earphones with a balanced sound. ANC sucks though but I’m not going to complain much with its superb sound quality. Okay, fine. Actually I am a bit regretting because of the poor ANC. But the next option is Bose QC20 and I am not really keen to get that because I already owned a QC25. Oh well… I am using it as frequently as I can now to make full use of my expensive purchase. Hopefully this is going to be the last expensive purchase that I am going to make in the next few months. I seriously need to save money… Bleh…

    So now I am a proud owner of both Beoplay A2 and H3 ANC. I really love the sound quality of my Beoplay A2. It makes me want to stay in my bedroom all day long because of its hifi-like sound quality!

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    I went to Plaza Singapura and spotted Akemi Uchi sales and got myself a new mattress protector, pillow protectors and new bedsheets. Hehe, new bedsheets after a long time. :smile: Sadly, the cashier was not very honest and didn’t give me the free towels even though I spent more than S$80 for my entire purchase. I was supposed to get it but she didn’t give it to me. I only realised it when I got home and saw Akemiuchi’s Facebook post here. That’s dishonest of her but oh well… I sent a message on Facebook to Akemiuchi but didn’t get any reply. Let’s see if I get any reply on Monday. I will probably do a followup post here too.

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    I bought a new spectacles from Richard’s Atelier at Orchard Central a few weeks ago. It is my first time having such a round spectacles and it seriously look like the Harry Potter type of spectacles. Well maybe just the top rim of the spectacles is tortoise shell design. Yes, I learnt a new term in spectacles design – tortoise shell design.

    Hehe, and my new spectacles is from Sisley. It is more of a PC spectacles which means that I will wear it when I am using my laptops. It’s something useful for me since I don’t want the blue reflection from my spectacles when I take photos and I don’t want to strain my eyes now that I have started school and is using my laptop after working hours to do my school work.