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    Happy birthday to myself!

    Whee. I went for Sulwhasoo facial treatment today (thanks to Sulwhasoo member points for the free facial!) and added S$40 for the eyecare treatment. It’s surprising that they charge eyecare and facial separately but I’m glad that I went for the topup. :smile: 

    Then I went to meet Chin Hau for dinner at my favourite hotpot place – Beauty in a Pot.

    {Update (19 Jan 2019)} I finally uploaded and posted my birthday cake for 2018. Quite overdue but better than nothing. Hehe. It’s fruits cake this year. Looks like I have grown up from chocolate cakes.

    Happy 28th birthday to myself!

    Here’s the photo of the birthday cake Chin Hau bought for me. Hehe it’s my favourite chocolate cake! :smile:

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    I realised I forgot to have a post dedicated to the birthday of my nation, Singapore. As usual, I have been working hard to take lots of nice shots of the fighter jets and fireworks. I think I went for more than 4 times, mainly focus on the fireworks. These are the photos from the first time I went to take the fighter jets performances and fireworks.

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    Happy birthday to myself! 

    I’m now 1 year older and is getting busier too. I bought Yamaha SV-200 for myself as my birthday gift and it’s awesome. Pretty expensive since it is Yamaha Silent Violin series and it is one of the professional electric violins in Yamaha. Lindsey Stirling has a Yamaha SV-250 while the model I went for, SV-200, is just 1 level down from her professional electric violin… :grin: 

    I didn’t buy the SV-250 since there is no discount for it. There’s some discount for SV-200 since Yamaha is clearing their stocks (they are discontinuing SV-200). Sadly, I don’t have much time to play with my new electric violin… :sad: 

    I wonder how my life will be in the next 50 years… Oh, I am changing my job as well. I’m joining a startup next year. Leaving the comfortable life in an US MNC to join a US startup is going to be interesting (and scary at the same time!)

    I will probably post my birthday cake later… Finally posted! It’s not a chocolate cake, unlike other years. Haha. It’s an ondeh ondeh (pandan + coconut) cake from Butter Studio!

    Happy 27th birthday to myself!

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    I was not able to blog about my birthday as I was in the midst of moving my site over. So I don’t want to post a new entry and have to redo the backup again. I have blog about it here. So this post is actually made on 19 December, 11:36pm but I don’t want to blog about my birthday on a day that is not my birthday so I edited the timestamp of this post. Hehe. :smile: 

    Anyway, I went for my songwriting class on my birthday at Intune Music School then to Ukulele Movement to get an ukulele. Hehe. I got myself a Leho Ukulele All Solid Cedar top and Mahogany side. It’s not cheap though but the sound quality is nice. It has a somewhat bright sound but not too bright like the one with spruce top or too mellow like the one with full mahogany.

    That’s pretty much my birthday. Can’t really remember what else I have done. Oh yes, I went to get myself a tiramisu birthday cake too. It’s made and flew from Japan and is awesome! Maybe I will post the photo here tomorrow. Haha. Here’s a photo of my birthday cake! :smile: 

    Happy 26th birthday to myself!

    Now I am no longer earlier twenties or early-mid twenties but in my late twenties or late-mid twenties. My friends of similar age as me are getting married too and having children. I’m still single and will have to get used to independence.

    So what am I doing with my life now? I want to continue to learn violin and songwriting. I want to learn ukulele and piano too. I also want to learn how to play squash and roller-blading. I also want to learn Korean language too. There’s just so many things I want to learn but not enough time. There’s also too much things going on in my life and it’s time to let some items go too…

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    Happy 25th birthday to myself!

    Happy 25th birthday to myself!

    Happy Birthday to myself. Now I am quarter century old (i.e. 25 years old). :sad: Boo hoo hoo. It’s been more than a year since my finger injury. Just 1 more month and it will be 1 year anniversary of stopping violin lessons. Bleh. I hope to get back to playing the violin again. I will be getting my MRI results on Tuesday and I can only hope for the best.

    I have worked for 2.5 years now. I’m still on my first job and is happy with it currently. Kind of got a little bored from doing the same old things and going up the slope then life gives me an opportunity to fly to San Francisco to work for 5.5 weeks. After coming back, the slope got steeper and I am taking up more responsibilities. Now it is a lot more relaxing than the time when I just came back. Well, it’s always like this in December since we have the Week of Rest and it is also the time when people clear their leave. I am also clearing my leave by taking 1 day off every week.

    I’m now blogging on my iPad Air 2 and will be uploading some photos when I switched to laptop. :smile: