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    I went for a haircut on last Saturday at Walking on Sunshine. I also opt for hair treatment and finally did my first ever hair treatment. It is especially more significant since I paid for it. Well, those who knows me will know that I usually don’t pay for spa/facial/treatments because I am a cheapo lady haha. Well, to be honest, I know so many ladies who spent thousands in a year on all these treatments along with manicure/pedicure. For me, I spent that amount on really good skincare and now expanding to haircare.

    Anyway, my hairstylist, Ji Young, met me the second time and she remembered me. She said that I looked different. I looked like I am glowing and looked way better than last time I met you. Haha all these self work and glow up efforts are significant and has shown results consistently. 🙂

    Anyway, it was a good haircut and scalp treatment. Will I go for the same treatment again? Probably yes for the express and cheaper version. I do need to tell my hairstylist that I don’t want the haircut to be this short though.

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    I got the Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger Eau de parfum back in 2021 and I hardly use it. Well, I got it at launch and among all the Twilly perfume, I like it the most. It has a nice refreshing scent when I tried it in store. However, after buying it, spraying it on myself and going out with it, I realised I am not a fan of it… So I stopped using it for a really long time. Well, I still try to use it whenever possible – aka hardly use it.

    I sprayed it again this morning and hmm, it actually smells nice to me. I know it has a rather strong scent so I am spraying lesser on my clothes as compared to other scents. I usually sprayed about 12 times for my entire outfit but for this perfume, I make sure I only spray 10 times. I’m liking the smell when I first spray it on my outfit while wearing it so let’s see how it feels like at the end of the day. It will be nice if I can finish it somehow haha.

    Rui Yun was telling me that it has been trending on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book – China version of Instagram on social media) that some luxury brands perfume and what luck they bring in. She told me Hermes perfume is supposed to bring wealth luck. Whoa, I sprayed Le Jardin de Monsieur Li Eau de toilette from Hermes on the same day she told me hahaha. I need more wealth luck sia. Haha. 🙂 Other than my Hermessence perfume (which I stopped using now and only use when I travel since it is quite portable), I love their Garden series perfume.

    I’m trying to stop myself from buying more perfume because I have been acquiring quite a few bottles of perfume. Now I probably need to plan to store them somewhere… I am also trying to finish my existing perfume too. I finished the Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia 30ml some time ago but I think all other perfumes are still quite full. Okay, maybe my Le Labo Citron 28 perfume is like half gone. It is a 50ml bottle so that means around 25ml is used. I really like that perfume since the start. Pretty sure it is nothing to do with Seoul being one of my favourite cities in the world.

    Anyway, I don’t spray perfume directly on my skin as I really do not want to cause eczema or any skin conditions. However, that means it is harder for the perfume to dissipate so I need to spray more on my clothes to get similar effect. The downside? I will end up using more of my perfume and gosh, perfumes are not cheap. Lol.

    Anyway, I am not sure if the perfume has changed its smell or I have a change in preferences. One thing for sure is that I will be using the Twilly perfume more often in future…

    Update: The perfume smell lasted the whole day. It’s similar performance as my Le Labo Citron 28 perfume…

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    I went to the Tulipmania exhibition at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay last weekend. It is always very nice to see one of my favourite flowers. Unfortunately, I feel that the amount of tulips they displayed is lesser than previous years. Nevertheless it is still nice to spend some time with my favourite flowers. I can totally see myself trying to grow tulips in my future home. 🙂 If I can’t grow it, I might end up buying real ones and displaying them.

    I took some photos and posted them on my Instagram, thetreblestory. So here they are!

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    I went to “The Chanel Parfumeur – Exclusive Series” exhibition with Evelyn. She invited me when she got the SMS about the event. It was my first time visiting a Chanel perfume event so I agreed.

    It’s quite an interesting experience and they were showcasing their Exclusive Series perfume range – similar to Hermessence. I thought their perfume is more expensive than Hermes but when I went to check the prices, I think it is comparable to Hermessence. Lol…

    Anyway, sharing some photos I took and uploaded on Instagram here for memories sake. I didn’t upload all of them though, only the ones without my face and are memorable. Some of my photos taken by Evelyn is making me look like some influencer/model. She is really good at taking photos. Makes me wonder if I can switch career roles to modelling. LOL. 🙂 Probably cause I also glow up quite a bit which was what some of my ex-colleagues and friends have mentioned. The glow up is much more visible after April. Somehow April is like the major glow up month for me. Hahaha.

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    Satyadev was sharing how money can help you go into any store and get the stuff you want without asking how much is it before paying for it. That’s quite true and a privilege to have. I am already doing that for food and also jewellery – both fine and costume ones.

    It’s the little things that I need to start to learn to appreciate and have more compassion in myself. I’m actually doing really well in many aspects in life – probably getting better as the time goes by.

    I finally figured out the best barely makeup makeup look too! It’s actually full makeup minus contouring and eye shadow. I guess I am getting better at my makeup skills and choosing the suitable makeup for myself. Hermes is indeed a brand that suits me in many ways. Hahaha. 🙂