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    My favourite luxury jewellery brand has opened a new store at Raffles Hotel and they have a new exhibition space. It’s quite small but the pieces on display are eye-opening. I went for their first exhibition which they mentioned is the first one in Asia. I really like the exhibition space and it has the floral feel like what I saw in the Seoul maison.

    The entire exhibition space is designed by Jean Baptiste Auvray. I’m in the era of interior design these days so definitely taking inspiration from the space.

    I’m still considering if gold finishing is worth the extra cost… I think a few IDs kind of think I am into gold finishing. Haha. May God bless and protect my wallet. 😀

    Here are some of the pieces that I like. My favourite has got to be the bouquet of daises. I love daises! It is also especially special because it is made of platinum, yellow gold and diamonds. I have never seen a jewellery with both platinum and gold combined together. It’s like so rare and so difficult to make.

    The second favourite is the sapphire leaf. I’m very impressed by their mystery setting. It’s VCA specialty and I am really happy to see it in person. I also learned how it is achieved during the guided tour.

    I went with Evelyn and we both dressed up for it. She asked about my dating app journey and reviewed my profile. Then she told me she will take better photos for me and asked me to remove 2 of the photos. 😮

    Anyway, I did get a very nice photo that she took and edited for me so it became part of my pictures in the profile. Lol! I really need to work on my posing. I’m just so awkward. Will probably need some time to get back my posing skills before 2018.

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    After about 2 weeks of “break” from studying, it’s time to get back to the studying mood tomorrow again. I got my GCP Security certificate to renew. I’m done with my AWS Security and Azure Security certificates renewal so now it is left with GcP Security for this year.

    I also managed to get 2 new blouses from Uniqlo this weekend. I am loving the new Uniqlo C series. It helps in glowing up as well. Haha.

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    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating! Hope life has been good to you guys so far!

    My life has been pretty boring these days. Other than working, I have been studying. Almost all my free time were spent on home stuff. Well, I guess that’s adulting. 🙂

    I am feeling blessed that I have friends who supported me during the tough times and also listening to my rants. Yes I know sometimes it can be quite overwhelming haha. Sometimes I am also impressed by myself on how I can able to push through.

    I’m on my healing journey after the traumatic breakup. Well, it doesn’t matter how fast my ex-boyfriend can move on to the next relationship as I just need to focus on my own healing. It’s a constant reminder to myself. Things happen for a reason and I have many lessons learned about men and also myself. I should count my blessings and be glad that at least I am still alive and well. I am also thankful for the various mentors who spent time to teach me my soft skills and life skills (like how to filter the right men faster and see through their masks fast) hahaha.

    I really don’t want to go through more surgeries after going through 2 surgeries last year. Still waiting for my “stop all weights lifting exercises” mandate from my surgeon to be lifted before I can resume my gym and also yoga classes. I can still do hiking which is what I was doing before I got really busy with life in general.

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    I was out today in my silver bling ballet flats and gosh, it shone so brightly that it is blinding under the sun. Well, now I know I cannot wear this to sunny places as I do not want to blind myself. Lol.

    I finally wore the socks I got from Muji to match the shoes since it has been hurting my feet and causing wounds and blisters. Hopefully the socks works well as I really do love the ballet flats. Sakura is back in her bling bling era again. I realised I really do like bling shoes as I was looking through my old photos.

    I have been looking for a blouse or t-shirt or shirt for my Chinese New Year and have yet to find one that I really like. Then I saw Ms Soignee is releasing another new top and bottoms cheongsam design and I am very tempted. Bleh. I know it is going to be really expensive and I have plans to really save money this year though. Oh well, let’s see the quality and how expensive the blouse will be. Brace my wallet! Haha.

    The other problem with Ms Soignee blouses and dresses is that it is not exactly easy to wash. It needs to be dry clean on the first wash then subsequently it is recommended to be dry clean but still possible to hand wash. I really do love their designs as I have always been a fan of lace.

    Speaking of lace, I am wearing both lace and blings today for a study date! May my favourites not distract me from studying hahaha.

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    Recently I started watching some of the real estate related videos and there’s 1 part of the video that really hits me.

    “Buying a property is not just investment centric or own-stay centric. It is also psychology centric. When you owns an asset, it trains you to save because now you have a responsibility… A home also has psychological factors because the moment you start to own a home, you need to maintain it. You need to pay property tax, monthly conservancy or MCST, electrical bills, Internet bills and stuff like that. That will give you like an internal, healthy motivation to be hardworking because you now have a responsibility.”

    Wow, like just wow. Can any property owners relate to it?