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    Hello, how is everyone doing? The COVID-19 virus is making its international appearance over the last 1 month, from China to the rest of the world. Singapore is quite badly hit but I think it is mainly because Singapore government has been actively looking for new cases and provided motivation for the sick ones to really go see a doctor by ensuring their inpatient stay is fully covered, etc.

    I was worried earlier but now feeling better since there are many people who are just staying at home. So the shopping malls, restaurants and even offices, are quite empty. I am trying to avoid the crowded places like shopping malls but guess I don’t have to do that now. Haha.

    I shall go back to do my usual work now. Stay healthy and hygienic, guys! :smile:

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    The flu bug came for me a few days back. A bad time to fall sick since I am quite busy at work this week. Sigh, I really should do something about increasing my body immunity. My colleague came to work after down with flu bug but hasn’t fully recovered. I only sit opposite of him for a day and I fell sick. Well, I had a bit of sore throat the previous night but that was just it. Guess my weakened immunity system caught the flu bug and boom, the full effects of flu. :sad:

    I had fever earlier but fortunately it is gone now.

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    Happy new year everyone! It’s a public holiday for me today and I managed to get some rest before the hustle begins for 2020 tomorrow. I’m excited that there are new challenges constantly at work even though sometimes things can really be very tough and stressful. Well, it’s all part of the learning process.

    I decided to have some new year resolutions for this year to keep myself healthy and hopefully stay on track on certain health goals. Not sure how long I will keep them but I’ll try my best. :happy:

    1. Sleep early everyday, even on weekends. I hope I can sleep by 12 midnight everyday. Yes, even on weekends.
    2. Eat more healthily. Like reducing fried food and sugary desserts/food. Have more fruits and probiotics instead.
    3. Exercise more. Maybe at least 3 yoga classes in a month for a start?
    4. Practise violin more. Maybe at least 3 times in a week for a start?
    5. Spend wisely. I’m getting better at it as I become older and more mature. I’m not spending too much on buying stuff that I ended up not using it. Like those bad makeup or mismatch tinted sunscreen. Now I am just buying my usual makeup and the non-tinted sunscreen. I also stopped stocking up sunscreen in case my skin changes and my usual sunscreen is not suitable for my skin.
    6. Spend more time reading up on investments and invest for the future. Adulting is tough and learning how to invest is part of adulting.
    7. Get a technical certification this year. It’s important to keep learning new things and get certified for it in tech industry after all.

    So 7 new year resolutions for this year and hopefully I will keep to them?

    What are your new year resolutions for this year?

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    Happy Birthday to myself. Hehe. This is an overdue post since my birthday was over for a few days. The older I get, the more I don’t want to share my age now so I am just going to use the same blog entry title for all my birthday posts from now on. :blank:

    This year’s birthday is quite different. I basically don’t feel that it is birthday since I have been really busy at work. It don’t feel like December since work is quite hectic this month. I remembered how work slows down from November till December when I was at Autodesk. Well, I had Week of Rest back in Autodesk. It basically means that we don’t have to work on the last week of December. Many of my colleagues (back in Autodesk days) also clear their annual leave in December so the office is kind of empty in the last month of the year.

    I didn’t stayed long enough at Uber (due to merger) to know what is it like in December but I spent my last December at Grab. Oh boy, December is a busy month. It’s the same in last December and even busier this December. :sad: Oh well… Luckily I started clearing my leave in November, otherwise, I may not be able to clear them this month.

    So what did I do during my birthday (13 December)? Well, I didn’t schedule a Sulwhasoo facial treatment (like last year). I didn’t get myself another electric violin like back in 2017. I also didn’t get a new ukulele like back in 2016. I spent my day resting at home since it was raining for the past few days and it was still raining for the entire day on my birthday.

    I did, however, got out of the house to have dinner with my boyfriend at Beauty in the Pot. Hehe, it is one of my favourite restaurants and I love hot pot. :happy: Chin Hau got me Hello Kitty balloon bouquet for my birthday too which was a great surprise. I have always envied the kids who got Hello Kitty helium balloons when I was outside and this time, he got me not just 1 but 5 helium balloons. 1 of it is a huge Hello Kitty figurine too! I was quite shocked at first but I kept looking at it and smiling to myself when I am seeing it at home. :smile: Sakura is a happy girl with her helium balloons. :happy:

    I also went shopping by myself then Chin Hau joined me after some time on 14 December. I got myself a mirror with lights which is useful for applying makeup. I got Chin Hau a simple yet pretty photo frame for Christmas and he got me a really pretty rings/accessories holder. :smile: Then we had dinner and went to admire the Christmas lighting at Orchard Road. Sadly, it was raining so a bit hard to really go out and take photos. :sad:

    We passed by Kiehls at ION Orchard and realised they have a storewide 20% sale. Not sure why that was the only branch with the sale though since I passed by the Plaza Singapura and TANGS branch today and there were no sale. I got my Kiehls skincare products which is going to last me for the next 6 months. Together with my other products, I think whatever I got so far is going to last for the entire year 2020. :happy: Oh, maybe except eye cream which I need to get from Sulwhasoo soon.

    I got my Innisfree stuff today and VIP members get 20% as a birthday gift for their birthday month. I guess that is better for me since I am struggling to finish their samples from their birthday gifts or other purchases. I wanted the jewellery case which is their December month promotion and managed to spend exactly $100 for my essentials. Okay, fine, not really essentials as I splurged on diffuser (which is totally not an essential) and 1 lipstick and mascara – oh gosh, I don’t use mascara that often. :stressed: Shopping is really bad for my wallet, indeed. I’m feeling really poor this month. Fortunately, I don’t usually buy skincare/makeup stuff for the rest of the year so that’s not too bad. Okay, minus June because sometimes my products ran out and needs to be topped up before December. :shy:

    Anyway, I will post a photo of my birthday cake later since it is like my tradition now for all birthday posts, haha.

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    It’s close to the end of the year. Also the end of year/season shopping. I am trying not to buy stuff that I don’t need it or something that I won’t end up using. Well, iPad Pro is an exception since I get to recontract to a lower priced plan. Although I am not sure how frequent I will use iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 11inch. Well, I shall see how things go…

    I’m thinking of buying forScore app for iPad for me to load my music scores. But not sure how frequent will I use. Guess it is good if I am going for string ensemble practices and stuff.

    I’m going to Busan and Seoul soon and hope that I only buy what I need and not what I think I need/want. Discipline, Sakura, discipline!