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    I haven’t been blogging much as I have been busy with my life recently. I also got COVID-19 when I went to the office last month and is still recovering from it. Fortunately, the COVID test is negative after 8 days of COVID.

    I don’t think I will be blogging much today and I hope when I come back next time, I can blog more about my COVID journey. Just posting here today to let people know that this blog is still alive haha.

    Posted On: June 6th 2022 at 10:40 pm | 1 Comment
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    I got a dehumidifier for my bedroom recently after I discovered mould spots on one of my Hermes bags. I have always use dehumidifier packs from Daiso/Nitori or thirsty hippo equivalent from Guardian/Watsons over the years and apparently those are not enough. I even went to Shopee/Lazada to get a small desk electric dehumidifier and even that is insufficient. It’s only when I discovered mould spots on my Hermes Evelyne 29 bag and I have to send it for spa for mould removal that gave me the final push to buy a huge electric dehumidifier for my bedroom. Thank goodness Hermes do spa the inside of the bags if it is an anti-mould treatment locally in Singapore!

    I have been contemplating to get a huge electric dehumidifier for many years but never actually get it. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that the mould appeared on my Evelyne 29 bag instead of my Constance 18 bag, especially when they are both stored next to each other in the same wardrobe compartment that had mould issue. I didn’t see mould when I was cleaning that compartment a few months ago. :sad:

    I got the EuropAce 6251S after many research. It has a capacity of 25L and is designed for bigger spaces like living room and has a laundry mode. I got it for my small bedroom because I also want to use it for laundry during rainy weathers. Singapore weather have been crazy recently and humidity levels are at 75% to 90%.

    So far the dehumidifier seems to be working well after I use my hygrometer to measure it. It’s down to 40% to 55% as long as I close the door. It can go below 60% even if I open the door. I’m glad that it is working well since it’s cost me S$619 which isn’t exactly cheap.

    May the mould issue resolved before my bags are back from their spa.

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    I haven’t been blogging as much as I thought I will be. Kind of like wasting money to maintain the domain and hosting though but I am not ready to give all these up.

    I saw someone I knew from a dating app many years ago. It was awkward because my ex-colleague was trying to introduce him to me (vice versa). My current colleague was with me too. It was a work conference and I registered for the free pass. It was really awkward and that guy basically left hurriedly which my colleague felt it was weird. Then I told her that I knew that guy from a dating app super long ago. Obviously we didn’t kept in contact but he seems to remember my name. Probably not how I look like since he walked towards me when my ex-colleague waved at him to come over. I guess it’s super awkward to meet someone you met in dating apps long time ago.

    Moral of the story: don’t meet someone who is in the same wider industry as you on dating apps because you will never know if both of you will cross paths again. :stressed:

    My YouTube music playlist have some old songs that were released in 2015. 2015 seems so long ago since now it’s 2022. I have definitely gained weight, gained stress and gained more savings as compared to 7 years ago. I wish I didn’t gain weight though. :sad: I have become older and changed multiple jobs.

    Back in 2015, I was still in my first job. Now I am on my fourth job. What a difference 7 years has made.

    Do I still like the songs I like back in 2015? Yes. Will I listen to them again? Probably not as much.

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    My MacBook Pro charger has finally died. Luckily I got a new one and can start using the new charger. I got my MacBook Pro since 2016 and it’s going to be 6 years old and is going strong. The charger stopped working after close to 6 years and I’m glad that Apple store still sell the replacement charger.

    My MacBook Pro has went to San Francisco in my last business trip. I vividly remembered how I was using it to do my homework for one of my modules for my graduate school while looking at Golden Gate Bridge from my hotel windows.

    I’m really glad that my MacBook Pro is still good and is on the latest MacOS version too.

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    January pass by so quickly and it’s already close to the middle of February now. Time really flies when you are busy with work and life. I kind of miss those school days where I can look forward to holidays. Or when travel is a thing, I can count down to my next vacation.

    I actually miss Seoul quite a bit. I miss walking on the streets of Seoul, shopping in Seoul and having authentic Korean food. Even though I didn’t travel to Seoul, I still manage to order a bag from Seoul, specifically Apgujeong. :happy: I got myself a Love bag from this brand called Gu_de. It’s a contemporary brand by a Korean designer which looks like a dumpling bag but more classy. Well, I’m not able to score myself a Hermes mini lindy so I guess Gu_de Love bag is a good alternative. Unfortunately, the web site states 23cm wide but it is actually 16cm wide in real life. Technically speaking, it is 23cm if you compare from 1 end of the flap to the other but you really cannot put anything more than 16cm wide. :sad: Oh well, there goes my plan to squeeze my umbrella in the bag. Oh well.

    The Hazelnut Brown colour Love bag was released on 27 January and I placed the order and it came on 29 January. The speed of DHL indeed. Nevertheless, I still love the bag and it is going to accompany me to many places in future. :smile: