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    It was 23 degree celsius last Sunday. This Sunday, it became 33 degree celsius. 10 degree difference in a span of a week. :sad: I am not sure if I prefer the cold weather of 23 degree celsius or just the hot weather of 33 degree celsius. Can I have somewhere in between? :disappointed: 28 degree celsius is very much preferred. #SakuraPreferredWeather :happy: 

    I met Huiling 2 days back (Friday, 19 January 2018) and the last time we met was around 1 year ago (the pre-CNY period). Seems like it has became a tradition and we are determined to break it this year. Haha, definitely need to meet up with her more often.

    Original plan was to have Beauty in a Pot for dinner but silly/naive me forgot to reserve a seat so by the time I do a walk-in, they said that the next available slot is at 1030pm. Eh, I did a walk-in at 745pm and I have to wait for a few hrs just to have my dinner?! Erm no thanks. :crazy: 

    So we went to 49 Seats for dinner instead. It was recommended by Huiling and whoa, she has good recommendations! The food was nice and the environment is pretty chill too. I’m not a picky eater so I am good with most food options. :smile:

    Huiling ordered smoked duck pasta while I ordered tom yam seafood pasta. Both of us went for meal set which gave us soup of the day (mushroom soup) and iced lemon tea. We also ordered the salted egg popcorn chicken to share too. Lucky Huiling got the 30% discount (maximum discount) when she spun the wheel of discounts too. If it was me, I doubt I will be getting any discount… That’s how “lucky” I am when it comes to getting discounts… :stressed: 

    The interior design of the place is also pretty cool too! Just look at the cool decorations on the wall (see below for the photo)!

    Will I go there again? Yes definitely for a relaxing TGIF meal or weekend meal. :happy: 

    However, if you are a picky eater and wants superb western food, I wouldn’t recommend you to visit 49 Seats.

    So after we had our dinner, I went to get one of my favourite chocolate milk tea with pearls from Koi before we embark on our walking HTHT (heart to heart talk) session. It’s nice to walk and chat at the same time. It’s even better to have a Koi drink on my hands while doing that. :happy: Life’s simplest pleasures aren’t that expensive. I also clocked quite a number of calories and step count on my Apple Watch as well. Yay for a healthier lifestyle! :grin: 

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    I went to the 22nd Asian Television Awards ceremony since Rui Yun won a pair of tickets. There’s Joanna Dong and Kim Jong Kook in the guest list, which is why I decided to go for it.

    Unfortunately it is quite boring and I am getting really bored…

    The stage is pathetic too. I went for the RSA Conference Singapore 2017 and their stage is a lot bigger and grander.

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    I only managed to visit a curry don place because Xiao Wei can’t take spicy food. Nevertheless, I am still thankful that I managed to visit Yuiga Doxon. It’s one of the famous curry don place in Furano, Hokkaido, Japan.

    I highly recommend you guys to visit there if you are visiting Hokkaido!

    Address: 11-8 Hinodemachi Furano 076-0025, Hokkaido
    Phone Number: +81 167-23-4784

    On a random note, since it was a road trip for us in the trip and weXiao Wei have to drive through several mountainous areas where we lost GPS signal and also see random road signs to warn us of seeing wild deers, bears, etc. It was pretty exciting now that I think about it. Hmm…

    I got my first breakfast from Mister Donut too!

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    We went to Asahikawa Zoo one of the days and whoa, it’s probably one of our favourite places. :smile: I took many nice photos and I get to see my favourite penguin! Hehe. Shall let the photos do the talking this time round (cause I’m getting lazier to blog in detailed…)

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    We went to Ginga-no-taki/Ryusei-no-taki twin waterfalls and also passed by Sounkyo Ropeway. Both attractions are in Daisetsuzan National Park which is Hokkaido’s largest national park. I didn’t take much photos with my camera cause it was drizzling at that time and my camera battery cover is spoilt so I don’t dare to keep using it lest water gets into the body.

    I took photos and videos with my Gopro Hero 5 when I was there and I didn’t upload much from my Gopro to Foto Amore or The Treble Story.

    ===Sounkyo Ropeway===