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    My favourite luxury jewellery brand has opened a new store at Raffles Hotel and they have a new exhibition space. It’s quite small but the pieces on display are eye-opening. I went for their first exhibition which they mentioned is the first one in Asia. I really like the exhibition space and it has the floral feel like what I saw in the Seoul maison.

    The entire exhibition space is designed by Jean Baptiste Auvray. I’m in the era of interior design these days so definitely taking inspiration from the space.

    I’m still considering if gold finishing is worth the extra cost… I think a few IDs kind of think I am into gold finishing. Haha. May God bless and protect my wallet. 😀

    Here are some of the pieces that I like. My favourite has got to be the bouquet of daises. I love daises! It is also especially special because it is made of platinum, yellow gold and diamonds. I have never seen a jewellery with both platinum and gold combined together. It’s like so rare and so difficult to make.

    The second favourite is the sapphire leaf. I’m very impressed by their mystery setting. It’s VCA specialty and I am really happy to see it in person. I also learned how it is achieved during the guided tour.

    I went with Evelyn and we both dressed up for it. She asked about my dating app journey and reviewed my profile. Then she told me she will take better photos for me and asked me to remove 2 of the photos. 😮

    Anyway, I did get a very nice photo that she took and edited for me so it became part of my pictures in the profile. Lol! I really need to work on my posing. I’m just so awkward. Will probably need some time to get back my posing skills before 2018.

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    I started to reach out to more real estate agents to see if any of them can help me secure the unit I want. The good thing about buying your own house by yourself is that you do not need to compromise on anything. Since I know what I want and a rough idea of what I can afford, it makes it easier to search for it. When the NDR announcement, prices of resale HDB/condo and new condo will just keep going up. Unfortunately I don’t qualify to get the new HDB with the new rules in place. I still got 2 years or so before I can buy as well so the new rules will definitely impact me. I also ranted to Devki during our call when he shared the “good news” from the NDR. I explained to him how messed up it was and how I felt backstabbed by my own government. Well, at least now I know HDB is no longer an option for me. Unless I really cannot get a condo unit then I will have to make do for more expensive HDB resale when I turn 35…

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    I was watching YouTube and saw 1 video from a YouTuber about minimalism spending. I thought it will be a good topic to talk about in ViolinStar.NET too. I haven’t been blogging as much as I hope to this year. I also haven’t post any photos on my Instagram accounts in 2020 and 2021 so far.

    One of the first few things I realised after turning 30 in last December is that my health/body is not as strong as before. I can’t stay up late without impacting my mornings. I really need at least 7 hours of sleep everyday. I can no longer work so hard because I will get burn out. I need to pace myself in both personal life and work life.

    I also need to save up for the future and rainy days. After seeing 1 of my friends who got cancer when she is the same age as me back in 2019, I cannot underestimate the amount of money and insurance coverage I need to protect myself. Having a deep pocket provide more options for treatment too. Insurance is important if you don’t have really deep pockets. Hence, I really should not spend wastefully like what I did in my 20s.

    These are the categories that I want to spend less in my 30s as I learn from my mistakes in my 20s after reviewing my expenditure in my 20s. Yes, I do track all my expenses ever since I started work in an Excel file. 🙂 I should have done it over MySQL on hindsight but oh well. Data analytics will be much easier if I am not tracking in Excel. :sigh:

    (1) Buy less lower quality bags

    I spent quite a bit of money buying fashion bags that are either in trend or of poor quality (such as Charles and Keith) when I was in my 20s. I even bought a Steve Madden bag from San Francisco. I thought it was leather but it turned out to be PU. It only lasted for a few months? It really cannot carry heavy stuff and it was the most expensive backpack I ever own at that time? It was US$54.44 (S$79.16) and only lasted a few months. :sigh: I have now discovered Fjallraven Kanken and got the second original kanken bag in Beijing after my first bag lasted for more than 2 years. We are talking about more than 2 years of daily use. It could have lasted even longer if I didn’t see a sale at Beijing store and decided to replace my old, dirty and worn out bag.

    I will still buy bags but I think I only want to buy the better quality ones. For backpacks, I am sticking to Fjallraven Kanken or Thule. For other bags, I think I want to either get real leather bags which I can send for servicing/repairs or nylon/cloth bags which can be dried which I can bring out on rainy days.

    (2) Buy less makeup

    I spent my 20s exploring different types of makeup and also going for makeup classes. I bought mascara that I end up throwing away after using 2 to 3 times? Yeah, it’s the cheap ones from Innisfree/Watsons but to use them for less than 5 times before throwing it away because they have a expiry date of 6 months is just too wasteful. I still like lip and eye brow makeup though. Sadly, this pandemic has force us to wear masks all the time when we are out so there’s really no need for lip makeup anymore. Maybe when we don’t need to wear masks, I can go back to using lip makeup again. :happy:

    I definitely want to buy less mascara or eye shadow palettes or eyeliners since I am just too lazy to put on full makeup and these items expires too fast for me to use them up.

    (3) Buy less costume jewellery

    When I am in my 20s, I really love to buy earrings and sometimes necklaces. I used to buy at least 20 pairs of earrings when I go to South Korea for vacation. I buy earrings and necklaces in whichever country I go to. I have some that I really love and some are just brand new which I haven’t wore. I have some that is very dressy which I can only wear when I go for wedding lunch/dinner. I really like accessorising my outfits and spend quite a bit on them. It makes me very sad and I can’t bear to throw away the ones that has either tarnished or rusted. As a result, I am always running of space to store them. 🙁

    I have learned to buy fine jewellery in recent years. These don’t rust and I can send them for professional cleaning at the jewellery stores. My first fine jewellery necklace is a silver necklace from Tiffany and Co. It’s from their Return to Tiffany collection and I bought it when I went to San Francisco in 2018. I remembered walking in to want to buy the music note necklace but they don’t have it so I fall back to my backup plan of the Return to Tiffany necklace. I have sent it for professional cleaning in Singapore boutiques numerous times. Silver is not really a fine jewellery piece but since I paid a premium (because it is Tiffany and Co), I decided to consider it as a fine jewellery piece. 🙂 I was quite sad when my pendant was badly scratched after using for some time. I even brought it to ask if they can polish it and the sales associate told me it costs S$40 for polishing. :shocked: Ever since then, I decided not to get another silver piece for a few hundred of dollars. It’s either yellow gold or white gold for me.