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    In my last blog post, I mentioned how I got 2 makeup related events. Well, that’s unusual for me since I am not a beauty blogger or completely into makeup.

    My first makeup related event (on the spree of makeup events) is Chanel Coco Game Center and I went with Geck Keat before meeting the rest of the Randumps clique for lunch. It’s been a few months ever since we last met. I think we last met last December. It’s great to meet them just before my final exam as well. :grin: 

    Chanel Coco Game Center is Chanel’s event to promote their new Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush (meant for cheeks and lips). I almost bought it though. Haha, I still got my new lipstick this month though. I went for the Dior Addict lipstick in IT Pink. :smile: 

    Anyway, since it is a game center theme, there are some games to play which of course, I sucked at all of them.

    Apparently Rayner flew to Perth with Yilin’s family for vacation and none of us knew about it. But he still bought us cute koala bear souvenirs from his vacation. Thanks Rayner! :happy:

    We went Saizeriya for lunch and whoa, we kind of ordered a bit too much too. :stressed:

    After lunch, we walked around randomly and I discovered a random book gift…

    Not something that I would go for but I’m sure some of you will be interested in it…

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    Here’s what I had for dinner and the desserts we ordered. I had the mango dessert (at the top) by myself. :smile:

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    I met Huiling for brunch on 28 April 2018. Well, we used to meet once a year so I’m glad that I get to meet her again after 3 months since the last meetup. :smile: 

    Here’s what I ordered. I didn’t take the photo of what she ordered sadly. Oh well… This really make me miss the avocado toast I has at San Francisco Ferry Terminal.

    Hopefully I get to meet her more often and enjoy good food together. :happy: