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    This got to be my favourite sweet/lollipop so far. It’s the mickey mouse lemon and cola candy that I discovered while shopping for toothbrushes at Welca. What an irony right? Haha, I love it so much that I already finished 2 packs of 5 of it so far… Need to find time to top up it soon.

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    We do have casinos in Singapore but for the locals, we need to pay an entrance fee to enter the casino. So I have never been to a casino before.

    So I took up the offer when my colleagues asked if I will be interested to visit Casino Arizona. I’m not keen in gambling but I don’t mind seeing what is it like. It’s a bit mindblowing how concentrated the customers were at each game, especially the bingo game.

    In the end, I just had dinner at the casino and watched some live music band performance. Not something you expect from someone visiting casino hahaha.

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    I was lucky in this trip where I travelled with 4 of my Singapore based colleagues. So I was able to join them for meals and share food with them. That means I can order more and taste more variety of food which is definitely a plus for me!

    This time I am staying in a nicer looking hotel. Well, the exterior is quite nice now that I am looking back at the photos. Most importantly it is not haunted or at least I didn’t see anything in the spiritual side of the world.

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    I’m getting quite motivated to post more photos on Instagram since Alex and Jin Quan started the trend recently. So I thought why not post some of my old photos that I haven’t got time to edit/process them. Since I am making the effort to edit them, why not post it on Instagram then blog about it here right? Haha.

    I went to USA last November/December for my business trip. I extended the trip to visit Disneyland at Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    On Thanksgiving day, I have to make sure that I reach office as early as I can. I think I left the hotel at 6am and reached at 630am (before my director reached the office). We also managed to catch the sunrise in office and I took some photos of it. My colleagues told me in advance that there is a nice sunrise that can be seen from our seats so I brought my camera and tripod to try to take photos of the sunrise.

    Before the sunrise, I also saw the stars. It’s something that I don’t get to see often in Singapore, especially with the huge amount of light pollution.

    Most restaurants were closed for Thanksgiving Day so it was difficult to get dinner on that day. Luckily one of our colleagues sent us a list of places that is still open on Thanksgiving Day and we managed to get dinner at one of the places. The food is really nice too. One of the best meals I had in Phoenix for sure.

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    I went to Seoul last week for a business conference. It is my second conference that is overseas. My first conference was in Beijing back in 2019? This is my second conference in 2023! Whee!

    The best part? It is in my favourite country/city – Seoul. Of course I made sure I had my favourite food and drinks along with the regular shopping and exploring new places. This time I didn’t dare to shop much as I am trying to make sure that I don’t overspend and ended up using money that I shouldn’t be using for holidays. Well, Sakura has grown up now hahaha.

    And yes, I gained weight after the trip. So much for losing weight earlier and now I am gaining some weight back. Sigh, and I got no time to exercise before my US trip. Bleh. I just have to do all my exercising/hiking in US to lose the weight.

    I manage to explore new places and took lots of photos. I was sorting them out earlier and decided to post them on my thetreblestory instagram. Well, I haven’t been posting photos on it since Dec 2019 and now it has been revived by my Seoul trip. Haha. 🙂

    As usual, the purpose of posting on Instagram is really just to let me repost here on my blog. I will share more about each photo here.

    I took the video when I was on the long train ride (1.5hrs) from Incheon airport to my hotel.

    There’s Artbox at COEX Mall which is near where I am staying for the trip. Then I discovered there are so many penguin keychains in the shop. Very, very tempted to buy them all or maybe just 1. Haha, but I didn’t buy any of them. #SaveMoney hahaha.

    I’m tempted to get the heart crackers when I saw it. However, I didn’t get it. It does look very loving though. It’s unfortunate my heart was broken a few months back so I am kind of avoiding love or heart related items for a while.

    I went to my Hermes home store for Seoul but didn’t manage to meet my SA. I did get something very small though. Saw these view while walking to the store. It’s my third trip to Seoul during autumn season so it is slowly becoming one of my favourite seasons. 🙂

    So many bouquets! I used to get bouquets from my ex-boyfriend. I remembered the first one was the best then it started going downhill ever since lol! I never received something like a bouquet basket like these before and would love to have something similar in future. Maybe I will get that for myself in future. Hehe.

    I went to Seokchon Lake Park on my last day of the trip. I’m so glad I went because it is quite calming and nice. Most of the trees are cherry blossom trees so it is nice to have a stroll and see them in autumn too.

    Spotted Pororo in the park too!

    One of my favourite photos in the park.

    I saw a lady taking photos of the photos and I got reminded of how I love to take photos of flowers in the past. So I captured this shot. Not sure when I stopped taking photos of flowers… Maybe it reminded of my past dates. I’m going to be strong and get back to my old self. Maybe even at a higher level too. 🙂 Actually I have achieved so much in the last few months which I think I am already at a higher level than prior to my last relationship. I never thought of how well I bounced back.

    Thank you God for blessing me to meet the right people who helped me secure some stuff which I wanted.

    I went to Tamburins hoping to get my favourite Berga Sandal hand cream. In the end, I didn’t get it but I got the fragrance. Haha. I also got myself the No 7 hand and body cream as well as its hand cream. Tamburins is quickly becoming my favourite brand for hand cream. Haha.

    I went to Hermes cafe after forgetting to go there in my last trip. Well, I was shopping at the store but forgot to have high tea at the store. I’m glad that they have dinner options which are not ridiculously expensive. So I had my dinner there before rushing to run my shopping errands. I had the mushroom risotto which is like flooded with mushrooms and abalone. The price is pretty worth it to be honest for the amount of mushrooms and even abalone in it. I think it was like 35,000 won for the risotto. Well, almost all the food in Seoul is cheaper in Singapore. That’s how ridiculously expensive Singapore fine dining food has become. Lol.