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    Okay, this got to be the longest post for Busan. Well, cause Busan has a lot of nice food. Actually, the entire Korea has tons of nice food that I love.

    This is da bomb! It is my favourite street food in Korea so far. Not just in Busan. I didn’t managed to find it in Seoul, sadly. I even went back to BIFF Square just to have it again and again. Sadly, the stall didn’t open all the times that we went there and its location kept changing so Rui Yun and I literally have to hunt for it. :smile: You cannot go Busan without having this! :grin:

    I’m kind of a sushi/kimbab person and yay, I finally got to eat authentic Korean kimbap one of the days when we are in Busan. :smile:

    I didn’t know about this but Rui Yun heard about it and wanted to try. It’s chizza (KFC chicken pizza) and I don’t think it came to Singapore in the end. Glad that we had it in Busan! :happy:

    The really odd combination to mix it with hot chocolate though but hey, it’s winter time in Korea at that time and we are so cold! No way am I getting icy cold soft drinks!

    Another of my favourite street food which can be found everywhere in Korea – odeng and topokki. Seriously, try having odeng in winter time and outdoors. You will really appreciate it even though you are just having fish cake (odeng means fish cake in Korean).

    On a side note, I didn’t realised that I uploaded the same photo (with different cropping and filters).

    Hot chocolate from Ediya Coffee is one of my favourites hot chocolates in Korean. Actually, in Singapore/Korea too. Strangely, I don’t think I saw Ediya Coffee when I went back to Seoul… Anyway, we had it after our budae jigae lunch…

    The awesome part to travel with a friend? It is definitely to be able to share something like budae jigae! Budae jigae in Korea tasted kind of different from Singapore. :smile:

    We saw this sign when we were looking for our lunch (and we ended up choosing budae jigae). Nice two meat u. What a play of words. :happy:

    Other than my all-time favourite Paris Baguette (I love it so much that I am willing to take BART train from my office to Berkeley just to buy my breakfast for the next day because Berkeley has a Paris Baguette… Back in the days when I am working in San Francisco…).

    However, after discovering OPS Bakery, I think it has overtaken Paris Baguette in the competition to Sakura’ favourite bakeries. :smile:

    I always wanted to order Jajangmyeon when I am in Korea and despite going to Korea for the last 2 times, I never had a chance to have it. Guess what? I finally had it on my third time in Korea!

    Post dinner snack at Ice Factory. I wish they come to Singapore… Now I missed them so much… :sad:

    Okay, enough of all the food photos. Let’s go around and explore the streets at Busan? Hehe. I like to visit Chinatown in various countries because that’s where you can get to see the local Chinese environment. It’s my new found hobby after coming back from San Francisco. :grin: I didn’t really go into the Chinatown at Busan though so I just took a photo when I passed by…

    I forgot why I went to Nampo station but since I have a Hello Kitty posed with it, why not just upload it and share it here? Haha.

    I saw some Hello Kitty mini figurines and there’s music stuff in it too. Hello Kitty + Music = Sakura will definitely buy it. :smile: Sadly, I still didn’t get the music collection after buying 2 boxes of it. :sad: Guess Lady Luck was not with me at the time of purchase…

    Wow, a Gentleman Guide to skincare? Korean guys really do take care of their skin…

    Spotted a cleansing device at Innisfree! I don’t think they bought it to Singapore in the end. Since I already have my Clarisonic Aria, I don’t find the need to get this…

    Whoa! Did I spot Daiso? I love Daiso because I can get my daily essentials at a much cheaper cost. Save my wallet from getting too slim! :happy:

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    Rui Yun and I went to Jagalchi Market and a couple of seafood markets in Busan. Well, when you are in Busan, how can you not visit the seafood wet markets? After all, Busan is the main port in South Korea and is a very famous seafood place.

    Sadly, we didn’t had any of the seafood dishes in the wet market. Never mind, I will leave it for the next time I visit Korea. :grin:


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    We stayed at Hongdae area and Rui Yun wanted to visit the Coffeesmith branch where quite a few Korean dramas and filmed at. The outlet that we went to is also the filming location of The Girl Who Sees Smells. It’s also my first time visiting a coffeeshop that is also a filming location of a Korean drama that I watched after visiting the location. Well, I didn’t watch the drama after visiting the location though. It just so happened that Channel U started showing the drama after I came back from Korea. So ya, it’s all coincidence, I guess? Haha. :smile:
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    We also went to COEX – for me to go to their duty free shops and for Rui Yun to visit the SM Museum. Yup, it’s the museum full of Girl Generation and Super Junior stuff. Hehe.
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    Speaking of food, I really like the porridge found in Korea. I actually missed those porridge after I came back to Singapore (and I am not a porridge person, other than having my favourite scallop AONE porridge).

    I also love the ginseng chicken soup in Korea. Seriously, it is a must-have food during winter and I am thinking of going back to Korea in winter for the ginseng chicken soup…

    I am glad that I tried Yoogane in Korea too. It’s so much cheaper in Korea. We paid less than S$10 per person for this chicken kimchi fried rice.

    We also had stir fried chicken at Sinsa-dong. Well, the food at Sinsa-dong isn’t cheap and this is one of the cheaper ones we found. :smile: It’s really tasty too!

    I am glad that Rui Yun decided to go and try Baskin Robbins because I think that was my first and only time to eat Baskin Robbins. It’s not that it’s bad but it’s just that I don’t think I can find such interesting flavours in Singapore. Sadly, I forgot what flavours that I ordered but I remembered how much I love those flavours…

    We went to Myeongdong to shop and saw this lovely scenery too. Winter scenery in Seoul is really nice. Oh did I say that winter street food in Myeongdong is one of the best in Seoul? Haha. :grin:

    We went to Sinsa to visit the LINE store near that area for shopping and cafehopping. Then I spotted this slope. Whoa, the horrors of climbing slopes in San Francisco flowed towards me immediately. Luckily we didn’t need to climb that slope…

    And some of the other photos I took at Sinsa…

    Here are some of the photos I took at LINE store at Sinsa too. :smile:

    We also went to Garosugil (the famous cafehopping place) as it is near the LINE store at Sinsa. I wanted to go there for my last 2 trips to Korea but didn’t managed to. Glad that I managed to do so on my third trip!

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    So in the second part of my Back to Korea [Jan 2016] series, I shall blog more about some of the interesting places Rui Yun wanted to visit the place where most media stations are and I am glad that we visited.

    We also had lunch at the Digital Media City Station too.

    Then we continued to explore the area…

    Then we went to the Korea Film Museum and explored the area…