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    I went to the Harry Potter exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum on 8 January 2017 (I don’t remember but that’s the timestamp I saw on my phone – i.e. when the photos are transferred from my camera to my phone).

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    Harry Potter and friends figurines! Always wanted to get it but don’t have place to display them. Oh well… I will make do with seeing them at an exhibition…

    Harry Potter books stamps collection!

    And it’s illegal too.

    So my friend is at Harry Potter exhibition in London so here I am, making do with my old photos from the Harry Potter exhibition that I visited last year…

    And also the collectibles!

    Not something that I would buy though…

    Just taking a walk in the Harry Potter land…

    Another shot from Harry Potter land…

    Which wand is suitable for me

    Oh the flying car!

    We also went to the stamp collection exhibition in the same museum too.

    Who still remember these old post boxes in Singapore that are used in 1970s?

    The letter box that is taller than me. Somehow now it reminded me of the Temple Island legal case (on copyright infringement due to a photography idea) about the red London bus photos.

    Oh so many stamps!

    The 5-cent stamp.

    There are some exhibits around the museum too…

    Fake nasi lemak!

    Somehow that can drink completes the artistic shot of this photo…

    Before we left, we pasted our entry sticker on this sticker board too…

    So many stickers!

    And also saw these gifts at the gift shop…

    Childhood memories?

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    I went to ArtScience Museum for the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition with Rui Yun and Eunice last December (actually I don’t remember the exact date but it should be during Week of Rest). We originally wanted to go for the Future World exhibition but silly me didn’t realised that we need to book the tickets earlier or queue up to buy the tickets in order to get in. Apparently they have strict crowd control and they only have a fixed set of tickets available at each entry time. :sad: 

    Oh well… Nevertheless we still manage to go for the NASA – A Human Adventure exhibition. It’s different from the one I went in Palo Alto.

    Anyway, here are some of the photos that I took.

    Spotted this at ArtScience Museum and it is definitely a good spot to take portraits!

    Probably why I like Science more than Art?

    Look at how amazed the child is at one of the exhibits!

    The connection of Science and Art…

    Science and Art are like the interface to experiences.

    But I don’t like mysterious people, no matter how beautiful they are…

    Science = Art?

    The Apollo Lunar Roving vehicle… (a full scale replica though)

    The Space Shuttle Payload and General Support Computer.

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    I went to Legoland with Huang Yin and Lay Lian during my Week of Rest last December. I have never been to Legoland so that is quite a refreshing trip. I have never been to Johor Bahru either so that’s my first trip to Johor Bahru too. :smile: 

    I took quite a number of photos and uploaded tons of it on my Instagram. So I shall let the photos do the talking now. Hehe. :grin: 

    It’s Legoland!

    Finally went to Legoland in Malaysia after it has opened for quite some time…

    It’s the shipyard… in lego. Hahaha.

    Quite cool to see a camel made of lego blocks…

    Probably the worse chicken rice I ever had… And this costs around S$10… :(

    We went during the Christmas season and they have this Christmas tree made of lego. :shocked: 

    Christmas tree at Legoland.

    This somehow reminds me of Lee Kwang Soo… Hahaha.

    I got myself the gold and silver lego keychains and a ice mould for lego. Hehe.

    Wow, so many lego keychains!

    The lighthouse. I would love to get on top of it but seems like it is not allowed…

    “Let us fix the banner up…”

    Not exactly sure what is this…

    Fireman character in lego!

    Look at those children having fun with water!


    I actually went to check the souvenir shops and see if I can find any musical themed lego items. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. :sad: 

    Musical fountain, literally.

    They have this special section called the Mini World which displays the famous buildings around the Asia (or was it Southeast Asia? I already forgot it…) The one for Singapore is huge. But the one for Malaysia is massive. :shocked: 

    To be honest, I read about it and was quite excited to go there and take tons of photos at Mini World. Unfortunately, it is one of the last stations that we went at Legoland and we were running out of time since we have a 4ish pm bus to catch to go back to Singapore. So I had a mad rush to take as many photos as possible. But I think I missed out some exhibits though. Sigh. :sigh: 

    The old scenery of Singapore river, Merlion and Fullerton Hotel – in lego blocks.

    Another old scenery of Singapore…

    I love Canon. Haha, just kidding. I love my Sony NEX-5R camera more (i.e. Sony) than my Canon compact camera. Hehe.

    And now for the non-Singapore ones…

    Forgot what is this but it reminded me of the palaces I visited in Seoul…

    The famous Twin Towers from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Forgot what is this…

    Bollywood dance with lego figurines, anyone? Hahaha.

    The Perdana Putra building made in lego blocks. It’s the Prime Minister office in Malaysia in case you didn’t know…

    Karaweik Hall from Myanmar.

    Taking flight!

    There are random figurines around Legoland when we move from 1 station to another station too…

    It’s parrots, in lego blocks!

    Anyone needs new swords?

    Oh, I also took 2 rides when I was at Legoland. Hehe.

    I don’t usually take rides but when I do, it is because it is not scary and I get to take nice photos.

    The Merlin’s Beard ride. I used to love that Disney storybook but I have forgotten what is the title…

    Of course there are other more exciting rides which I will never take…

    No, I didn’t take this ride and will never take.

    And lastly I saw this lovely wild flower (okay, probably it is not really wild) while on the way back to the bus stop for our bus back to Singapore…

     Finally the last photo from my Legoland trip. Hehe. I wish I have my macro lens to take this photo…

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    I went Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum with Zhe Wei during my Week of Rest since both of us got free admissions as NUS staff (him) and student (me). I didn’t really upload much photos from the trip though since some are a bit not-so-nice for social media. I love those seashells though. Hehe.

    This seashell has a very unique name. It’s called Triton’s Trumpet. Somehow it reminds me of a trumpet in a way. Hahaha.

    Striped Helicostyla. What a nice set of seashells!

    Real dinosaur fossils even though I don’t know what dinosaur it is.

    Will I go there again? Definitely since it is free for me. Will I pay to go there again? Probably not. It’s a nice place for kids and intrigue them with the wonders of science and nature though. But I’m not a kid, hahaha.

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    I took a photo of my violin and added it as my new phone background. Along with the icons from the LINE Launcher app and the nice date/calendar widget, it looks like the one I posted on my Instagram.

    My new phone background and new theme, featuring my darling violin!

    It’s very nice, isn’t it? I forgot which camera filter I used for taking the photo but it looks really nice. Hehe. I love my new bedsheets too. I got it from Akemi Uchi with the vouchers that Wan Ling, Janice and May Yee got for my birthday. It’s my first bedsheets that has 930 thread count and it is super comfy and soft. :smile: The downside? It’s pretty expensive. I think I got it around S$80? And that price is after discount. I think it was close to S$150 before discount. It’s super expensive. I will definitely not get it before discount.