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    I went to the Tulipmania exhibition at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay last weekend. It is always very nice to see one of my favourite flowers. Unfortunately, I feel that the amount of tulips they displayed is lesser than previous years. Nevertheless it is still nice to spend some time with my favourite flowers. I can totally see myself trying to grow tulips in my future home. 🙂 If I can’t grow it, I might end up buying real ones and displaying them.

    I took some photos and posted them on my Instagram, thetreblestory. So here they are!

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    I went to “The Chanel Parfumeur – Exclusive Series” exhibition with Evelyn. She invited me when she got the SMS about the event. It was my first time visiting a Chanel perfume event so I agreed.

    It’s quite an interesting experience and they were showcasing their Exclusive Series perfume range – similar to Hermessence. I thought their perfume is more expensive than Hermes but when I went to check the prices, I think it is comparable to Hermessence. Lol…

    Anyway, sharing some photos I took and uploaded on Instagram here for memories sake. I didn’t upload all of them though, only the ones without my face and are memorable. Some of my photos taken by Evelyn is making me look like some influencer/model. She is really good at taking photos. Makes me wonder if I can switch career roles to modelling. LOL. 🙂 Probably cause I also glow up quite a bit which was what some of my ex-colleagues and friends have mentioned. The glow up is much more visible after April. Somehow April is like the major glow up month for me. Hahaha.

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    As I mentioned earlier, I went to NUS with my university friends. We started off the journey from Kent Ridge MRT then walk to Faculty of Medicine through National University Hospital. Then we explored the NUS Medicine museum before heading to Faculty of Science. That’s when we got really lost there and it was quite hilarious. Byron, Kuei Ni, Geck Keat and myself just laughed out loud at ourselves. It’s quite refreshing. It’s totally giving Las Vegas vibes – whatever happens stays within ourselves at that moment. 😀

    Then we found our way and took bus 95 when it came to Yusof Ishak House before walking to University Town. We had this really amusing conversation when we were walking over.

    Me: The tree is still there! (not sure of the tree name but it is at the entrance of University Town pathway)
    Byron: Erm….. (fully judging me)
    Geck Keat: Because of bai nian shu ren! (literally translated to it takes a 100 years to build the tree/human)
    Byron: Wow. Simply wow.
    Me: Wow (shocked expression and started shaking hands with Geck Keat for her action of defending me haha)

    We had our lunch at the korean restaurant, Hwang, which was there for over a decade. Even the soondubu soup tasted the same! It’s definitely deja vu. It’s the best comfort food I have and it’s very nice to be able to revisit it. I never liked to dine alone in my school days but I will dine alone at Hwang. It’s also my comfort food when I am feeling really stressed with school and home. I also have my meals before my orchestra practice after it moved from CFA to University Town.

    My ultimate comfort food.

    After lunch, we chatted a bit before heading to find Chicha San Chen. It’s quite cool that they actually have the self service machine too. I think that’s the only Chicha San Cheng store that I know that has the self service machine. So cool! Rayner and Yi Lin joined us after lunch.

    Saw this artistic exhibit at U Town…

    Then we walked out of University Town and went to NUS Museum. It’s actually new as I never seen the exhibitions before. Glad that we followed Geck Keat’s recommendation for it. 🙂 We also saw the new residential buildings that is probably like condo for faculty staff (aka professors). It actually looked quite nice from outside. So nice of NUS to provide such luxurious looking residential units for their professors. Although I don’t think the inside looked that nice lah. Haha. Well, I am just guessing. Lol.

    Saw this interesting quote just outside of NUS Museum.

    We then proceeded to Faculty of Engineering and was quite shocked at how much have changed. We can recognise the older buildings but the newer parts is really shocking.

    The newer parts are at the lower floor while the upper floors are the old stuff that we are used to.

    We can no longer recognise the Engineering canteen and it is extremely sad. I really love the old Engineering canteen. 🙁 So much memories there.

    Then we went to School of Design and Environment (SDE) and was a bit lost there. Well, I wanted to find the spot where the hornbill which YJ mentioned was spotted. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it then we gave up. We discovered a very different side of NUS though and the entire vibe is quite different. I think the most epic is this “Bee Hub” which we literally thought is some bee related stuff but it turned out to be some workshop place. Lol.

    We also discovered there are like at least 5 wild chickens roaming around in SDE too.

    We then went to Central Library and wow, the entire place looked really different. You can now enter the library from ground floor. 😮 Anyway, we proceeded to go to School of Computing. Yes, we skipped Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences because it is about to rain and is getting late. We are also old and is getting quite tired. Jonathan and Si Hui joined us at this time too.

    COM1 building is still the same and wow, there are many students around, unlike other buildings. Well, I’m glad that School of Computing is making their students work really hard because when they go to workforce, it will be even harder. Lol. Just look at me. I literally work till 1am almost daily. 🙁 Anyway, we went to the new Biz/Computing canteen and it looks quite different. NUS really renovated all their canteens. We cannot recognise Science, Engineering and Computing canteens. I feel the saddest when it comes to Engineering canteens because of all the memories there. My core memory from university days. :'( Anyway, we were trying to find COM3, the new building and it took us some time before we found it. It’s like in between COM1 and COM2. It’s quite interesting because it adopted the circular architecture. To be honest, that’s what attracted me to want to come to NUS to explore. It certainly does not disappoint. What we noticed is that for the new building, there are a lot more research labs and tons of PhD students there. Then we walked past 1 out of 3 staff offices there and noticed how between every few office, there is a balcony like area. Not sure why though. COM3 also have a rooftop garden and there’s even steps/staircases to climb up too. Not sure why the staircase is there. It’s as if it is enabling people to jump down from the building? Creepy. I didn’t go there and see because it was raining which was a pity. The rooftop garden does look quite interesting.

    I don’t know why the professor/staff offices are like all glass. It’s like no privacy for the professors. I texted Alex and Jin Quan about it and they are like… maybe it is designed this way? So cannot do anything intimate behind closed doors? Well, given all the sex scandals related to NUS, I can certainly see why it is designed this way. LOL! Even some of the bigger research labs for PhD students are also in glass walls/doors at COM3.

    It’s a pity that it was raining when we were there. COM3 will look quite nice with sunset though. I love the circular architecture and I can see potential in taking nicer photos if it is not raining. I do like the rooftop garden. Will I go back again? No. NUS is simply just way too far.

    So that’s it. That concluded our NUS hiking tour and gosh, we were so tired after the entire hiking journey. Lasted about 5 hrs? That’s intensive. I took more photos but didn’t upload all of them on my Instagram.

    Let’s see which university we will go visit next! My friends were thinking of NTU or SUTD but let’s see. Haha. Definitely loving to explore my home country like a tourist in university campus – especially without the school stress. Haha. 😀 I already have my Bachelor and Master degrees. Definitely not going for more degrees and also not going for PhD. Unless I relocate to US or Canada, then I may consider taking a part time PhD to pass my time. Lol.

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    I went to Gardens by the Bay Cherry Blossom festival (“Sakura Blossom into the night”) with my friends, Alex and Jin Quan, over the weekends. We all brought our camera equipment and I even brought my new Leica Sofort 2 to pose for a particular photo which Jin Quan found that I love it a lot. Jin Quan found the concept, Alex helped me took it after I found a perfect spot for the photo. Now the photo has become my profile picture on WhatsApp. 🙂

    Haha, I wonder how my friend is going to recognise me when we meet at his office tomorrow when the new profile picture doesn’t show my face. Well, I have glow up quite a bit over the last few months so he better have something good to say. HAHA. If not, he can just keep quiet. LOL. 😀

    I’m literally the sakura that blossom into the night… and day.

    So cringing hahaha. Anyway, I’m just sharing some of the nice photos I took and posted on both of my Instagram accounts here…

    Well, the outing is inspired because Alex and Jin Quan both got their new Instagram accounts that features the photos taken by them. It all started when Alex is like idling away and decided to create an Instagram account for Jin Quan. Then he renamed his account to lifeandplanes so Alex followed suit and created another account – flowersandlife9. Such bromance and even their Instagram account names are so similar. Well, I kept my usual thetreblestory and lihotography.

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    I went to Seoul last week for a business conference. It is my second conference that is overseas. My first conference was in Beijing back in 2019? This is my second conference in 2023! Whee!

    The best part? It is in my favourite country/city – Seoul. Of course I made sure I had my favourite food and drinks along with the regular shopping and exploring new places. This time I didn’t dare to shop much as I am trying to make sure that I don’t overspend and ended up using money that I shouldn’t be using for holidays. Well, Sakura has grown up now hahaha.

    And yes, I gained weight after the trip. So much for losing weight earlier and now I am gaining some weight back. Sigh, and I got no time to exercise before my US trip. Bleh. I just have to do all my exercising/hiking in US to lose the weight.

    I manage to explore new places and took lots of photos. I was sorting them out earlier and decided to post them on my thetreblestory instagram. Well, I haven’t been posting photos on it since Dec 2019 and now it has been revived by my Seoul trip. Haha. 🙂

    As usual, the purpose of posting on Instagram is really just to let me repost here on my blog. I will share more about each photo here.

    I took the video when I was on the long train ride (1.5hrs) from Incheon airport to my hotel.

    There’s Artbox at COEX Mall which is near where I am staying for the trip. Then I discovered there are so many penguin keychains in the shop. Very, very tempted to buy them all or maybe just 1. Haha, but I didn’t buy any of them. #SaveMoney hahaha.

    I’m tempted to get the heart crackers when I saw it. However, I didn’t get it. It does look very loving though. It’s unfortunate my heart was broken a few months back so I am kind of avoiding love or heart related items for a while.

    I went to my Hermes home store for Seoul but didn’t manage to meet my SA. I did get something very small though. Saw these view while walking to the store. It’s my third trip to Seoul during autumn season so it is slowly becoming one of my favourite seasons. 🙂

    So many bouquets! I used to get bouquets from my ex-boyfriend. I remembered the first one was the best then it started going downhill ever since lol! I never received something like a bouquet basket like these before and would love to have something similar in future. Maybe I will get that for myself in future. Hehe.

    I went to Seokchon Lake Park on my last day of the trip. I’m so glad I went because it is quite calming and nice. Most of the trees are cherry blossom trees so it is nice to have a stroll and see them in autumn too.

    Spotted Pororo in the park too!

    One of my favourite photos in the park.

    I saw a lady taking photos of the photos and I got reminded of how I love to take photos of flowers in the past. So I captured this shot. Not sure when I stopped taking photos of flowers… Maybe it reminded of my past dates. I’m going to be strong and get back to my old self. Maybe even at a higher level too. 🙂 Actually I have achieved so much in the last few months which I think I am already at a higher level than prior to my last relationship. I never thought of how well I bounced back.

    Thank you God for blessing me to meet the right people who helped me secure some stuff which I wanted.

    I went to Tamburins hoping to get my favourite Berga Sandal hand cream. In the end, I didn’t get it but I got the fragrance. Haha. I also got myself the No 7 hand and body cream as well as its hand cream. Tamburins is quickly becoming my favourite brand for hand cream. Haha.

    I went to Hermes cafe after forgetting to go there in my last trip. Well, I was shopping at the store but forgot to have high tea at the store. I’m glad that they have dinner options which are not ridiculously expensive. So I had my dinner there before rushing to run my shopping errands. I had the mushroom risotto which is like flooded with mushrooms and abalone. The price is pretty worth it to be honest for the amount of mushrooms and even abalone in it. I think it was like 35,000 won for the risotto. Well, almost all the food in Seoul is cheaper in Singapore. That’s how ridiculously expensive Singapore fine dining food has become. Lol.