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    Ariel from Snow Blush replied me and apparently she has moved her servers which caused the downtime. Anyway, I am staying at for the time being and maybe move back to Snow Blush if Ariel is still offering free hosting.

    In the meantime, I have all set up and moved to! Thanks to Isi and Nancy (I am not sure who was replying my support tickets) with the move! I think I only took 2 days with the move which was really awesome!

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    I have moved to a new host now. Apparently Ariel at Snow Blush has suspended my accounts at ViolinStar.NET and Lihotography. I have no idea why since I was not given any warning. Neither is my site on hiatus since the last update was on 22 Sep 2019. No idea why. I have dropped her an email but didn’t hear anything from her.

    Luckily I took a full backup from my cPanel a week before so I managed to restore my web sites. Thank god for backups or my sites will be down for an even longer time, especially since she is not replying me. :sad: Even though it was an abrupt departure, I am still thankful Ariel for hosting me for the last 3 years for free. Well, close to 3 years since I moved in back in Dec 2016.

    Now I’m hosted at after intensive researching. Thanks to Amy and Pauline for giving me advice. I have switched to before Amy replied so didn’t manage to go for an even cheaper hosting plan at Namecheap. Nevertheless, I am pretty happy with my move to OfBlue because everything is so fast and the support is almost instantaneous. :happy: Thanks to Nancy and Isi at for making my move so fast! :smile:

    No more restrictions on ad placements or writing sponsored content since I am paying for my own domain name and hosting. I will start putting ads on my site just to see if I can cover the cost of my web hosting. I didn’t really want to spend much on my sites so let’s see if it can cover the cost. In the meantime, please help to click the ads. Hehe. :grin:

    Posted On: July 6th 2019 at 9:50 pm | 3 Comments
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    I just realised that my blog is opened for more than 11 years now. The “” domain name is more than 11 years old now. Like wow! Next year, it will be a decade!

    When I started this blog with this name, I didn’t expect to see it last for close to a decade. I didn’t expect it to follow me since the start of university days (bachelor degree) to my first job, then to my grad school (master degree) and now my third job.

    Let’s see how long I will still use this domain name. I actually still like the name so maybe another decade more to go?

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    Hmm… With GDPR in effect now, I am wondering if I really need to write a privacy policy for ViolinStar.NET when I am just blogging for myself. Yes, my site do collect data when you comment on my blog and when you visit my blog (things like location, IP, etc). But I am not in the business and I don’t blog for profit. 

    Oh well, to be on a safer side, I will write my own Privacy Policy in here. I will definitely refine when I figured out GDPR and all the stuff around it.

    Update: Luckily WordPress provided some guidance how to write the Privacy Policy. Apparently usage of Google Analytics has made it mandatory to have a Privacy Policy in your site. Oops, glad that I have the policy now.

    Posted On: August 16th 2017 at 11:55 pm | 4 Comments
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    I finally finished my new theme with a white-ish background and different shades of tiffany blue. Not the exact tiffany blue shade though. What do you guys think of it? I decided to go for Amy‘s advice and just go for a simple text instead of an image/icon/header since I am already planning to put the row of Instagram photos below. :smile: 

    This is also my first theme coded without using Photoshop at all. It’s mostly dependable on CSS and colour selector I found on Google. Well, I made this on my Macbook Pro and I don’t have Photoshop on Macbook Pro. I also used quite a bit of Google Fonts for my font type.