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    I bought my first ever instant camera in my life. Well, I wanted to get a new instant photo printer and was thinking of getting Instax Mini Link 2 or Mini Evo. Then I discovered Leica Sofort 2 which is a hybrid (camera and printer). It looks really pretty and the photo quality is better than Mini Evo so I went for it. πŸ™‚

    Okay lah, I admit the beauty of Leica Sofort 2 and USB C support is what push me for Leica instead. Hahaha.

    Quite happy to get a new toy to play with and can’t wait for more Instax films to arrive as I am finishing my first pack of films from Leica. Leica films are really expensive so I am going for cheaper alternatives from Fujifilm Instax series haha.

    This is also my first Leica camera. I have a Panasonic compact camera that is using Leica lenses but it is not Leica camera. Well, now I technically have a Leica camera haha.

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    I have always wanted to take a SANS course since my first job. However, it’s really expensive (I think 10k USD) for both the exam and the course. I wasn’t able to get my previous companies to support me in it until my current company. I’m very fortunate that my current company is sponsoring my course and exam this time round.

    I took my first ever SANS course back in March 2023 and is pleased to announce that I passed the GCFA (GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst) exam today.

    I’m also honoured to receive 2 SANS coins during the SANS course/event too.

    The 2 SANS coins that I received from winning at the DFIR NetWars competition (left) and the top team for the FOR508 course challenge (right).

    This was a very difficult exam as I know several folks who failed on their first attempt. I worked extremely hard for it and very lucky to pass on my first try. My prep journey was tough and I have 5 revisions of my indexing for the materials. Open book exams are always very difficult. πŸ™

    As I am not a Windows user for many years, I had to take extra time and effort to get used to the Windows terms for the course. I basically started studying since the end of the course and went full steam in the last few weeks before the exam. Took some days off from work to study as well.

    This certification also marks the first certification that I hope to attain in 2023. *Cough cough CISSP*

    Onwards to the next one!

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    I got a dehumidifier for my bedroom recently after I discovered mould spots on one of my Hermes bags. I have always use dehumidifier packs from Daiso/Nitori or thirsty hippo equivalent from Guardian/Watsons over the years and apparently those are not enough. I even went to Shopee/Lazada to get a small desk electric dehumidifier and even that is insufficient. It’s only when I discovered mould spots on my Hermes Evelyne 29 bag and I have to send it for spa for mould removal that gave me the final push to buy a huge electric dehumidifier for my bedroom. Thank goodness Hermes do spa the inside of the bags if it is an anti-mould treatment locally in Singapore!

    I have been contemplating to get a huge electric dehumidifier for many years but never actually get it. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise that the mould appeared on my Evelyne 29 bag instead of my Constance 18 bag, especially when they are both stored next to each other in the same wardrobe compartment that had mould issue. I didn’t see mould when I was cleaning that compartment a few months ago. πŸ™

    I got the EuropAce 6251S after many research. It has a capacity of 25L and is designed for bigger spaces like living room and has a laundry mode. I got it for my small bedroom because I also want to use it for laundry during rainy weathers. Singapore weather have been crazy recently and humidity levels are at 75% to 90%.

    So far the dehumidifier seems to be working well after I use my hygrometer to measure it. It’s down to 40% to 55% as long as I close the door. It can go below 60% even if I open the door. I’m glad that it is working well since it’s cost me S$619 which isn’t exactly cheap.

    May the mould issue resolved before my bags are back from their spa.

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    I got my Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification in March 2022, today I renewed my Azure Security Associate certification for another year. I’m happy that the renewal is free. I originally thought I needed to register for the exam again but turns out it is not required.

    I thought I failed my GCP Cloud Security exam since I took it last December and it said that I failed it. Fortunately they revised/audited their exam and realised that it was a mistake and not I passed it. πŸ™‚

    Now I need to clear Azure Administrator Associate certification before I am done for the year in terms of cloud certifications.

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    My MacBook Pro charger has finally died. Luckily I got a new one and can start using the new charger. I got my MacBook Pro since 2016 and it’s going to be 6 years old and is going strong. The charger stopped working after close to 6 years and I’m glad that Apple store still sell the replacement charger.

    My MacBook Pro has went to San Francisco in my last business trip. I vividly remembered how I was using it to do my homework for one of my modules for my graduate school while looking at Golden Gate Bridge from my hotel windows.

    I’m really glad that my MacBook Pro is still good and is on the latest MacOS version too.