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    Yay! I got my iPhone 8 Plus finally! Well, I can finally recontract and there is an offer for Singles Day (11 Nov) whereby I can get $150 off for my handset and enjoy a lower price for upgrading my data plan to 3 times of my current plan. That means I got 9GB of data monthly which is awesome. I don’t think I will need to worry about it again. Yay for more data for the data-hungry Sakura!

    Anyway, I wanted to get an iPhone because of iOS. I don’t think I can trust Android platform after my first semester in graduate school. Cause one of my assignments is to hack the Android platform. Now I find Android insecure and don’t really trust it anymore. Glad that I got iOS now… I guess I kind of completed the entire Apple environment with iPod Touch Gen 4, iPad Air 2, Macbook Pro and iPhone 8 Plus. I am still on Windows and Android though. But more for less secure work…

    After I got my iPhone, I went to get screen protector and a clear case for it. Well, because I got the Gold version and it is quite pretty with rose gold colours. Guess how much it all cost me? It is only S$8.40! :shocked: That is even cheaper for a case I got for my Samsung Galaxy Note 5… No more expensive and less variety of cases for me to choose from. Say hi to pretty iPhone cases for me now. Hahaha.

    One thing I missed is the back and side menu buttons which was on Android OS. Sigh, why can’t Apple bring them to iOS as well? :sad: I keep trying to click the back button…

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    Seems like Jetpack plugin is finally fixed since I can blog on my mobile phone now. Well, they finally figured out what went wrong… after I gave up communicating with them months ago.

    Well, what does that mean? It means that I will be blogging often again. Haha. Life has been really hectic and I don’t have much time to sit in front of a laptop and start blogging. 

    It’s a public holiday for me today so I don’t have to work today. Sadly, I have to go back to school for my group project meeting for my data mining module and perhaps do some work for my individual security project. I really should start writing my project report and maybe apply some leave to rush it later. Oh well… This semester is less hectic than last semester but it is still hectic for me. How I wish I can finish my degree as soon as possible… I am not sure if I can get used to not studying after my degree too. Hmm… Guess I will have to see how things go.

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    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I open a new photography blog called “Lihotography”. You can visit it here. I decided to post posting great photos on Foto Amore and moved it to LihotographyFoto Amore will still get the photos I posted on The Treble Story but the great photos at here will be move to Lihotography.

    The main reason why I opt for Lihotography? Cause I wanted a domain name or a brand name that I can tag the copyright of my photos to. Originally I wanted to use Foto Amore for it but the name Foto Amore is already being used by other photographers. Oh well. Fortunately I thought of another name which I can build my brand name on and that’s Lihotography. I have checked that there are no similar trade marks or brand names using Lihotography so that means I am the first person using it. :smile: 

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    NUS SoC Summer School is finally over. Well, I used up this month’s study leave and took 1 day of annual leave to go for 2 days of summer school and it is finally over.

    I was thinking of writing a review on both classes that I went for but is feeling lazy to do so. Maybe I will just summarise my thoughts about both classes here.

    If you have read about it here, you would have known that I have signed up for “Cryptocurrencies: Security Challenges & Solutions” and “An Introduction to Sound Music and Wearable Computing” classes.

    The cryptocurrency class is really good. I have learnt more about the technical background of Bitcoin and Ethereum like proof of work and the up and coming proof of stake for Ethereum. It helps since I am recently exposed to the world of cryptocurrencies (thanks to Alan for introducing it to me). The session makes me realised the various types of risks involved in cryptocurrencies investment such as the risk of attacks on the languages (eg. Solidity) used in writing Ethereum blockchains. I wouldn’t have known about such risks if I didn’t go for the session. After the session, it makes me think twice about investing in cryptocurrency, especially so when the attack vector seems to have increased for smart contracts like Ethereum, as compared to Bitcoin with the introduction of a code attached to the blockchain.

    We also learnt about the key properties of a blockchain (which is the main technology behind cryptocurrencies).

    Key properties of a Blockchain

    • Immutability
      • Cannot change existing blocks
    • Validity
      • Only the owner of the coins can authorize the transfer of the coins
      • Eg. Alice cannot transfer Bob’s coins
    • Consensus
      • Nodes “agree” on the blockchain state
      • Select one, valid block as a group per round
    • Failure Resistance
      • Replicated checks on each block
      • Different protocols can tolerate different levels: 5%, 25%, 33%, 51% and 99% failure rates

    As for the music computing class, it is like a waste of time. The stuff taught in the first part of the class is rudimentary (things that you can learn in the first 2 years in engineering school). As for second part of the class, it is time spent to remix some music and seeing the recording studio. The last part of the class were for the PhD students and postdoc fellows to introduce the research area that they are working on.

    The good part for the class? I met 2 new friends who just joined the MComp in CS programme. Other than that, I don’t think I learnt anything new from the class.

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    I went to order a pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses from Gentle Monster online shop in  the end. Well, yolo (you only live once) attitude? But bleh, I do need to save money. I am also thinking of getting Microsoft Surface Pro 4 since my Windows laptop refused to boot up and work properly the last time I used it. Hopefully it will recovered soon. I had backup my files so it is not too much damage done if it suddenly died. But I still prefer a Windows OS since my main storage is already on the hard disk formatted for Windows OS (I forgot the actual name of the storage though). Guess that is going to be the advantage Surface Pro 4 has over Macbook Air or Macbook.

    Luckily for me, I can still take advantage of student discount so it isn’t too bad.