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    I went to the Sony servicing place to see if I can get a mark out from my new lens. It turns out that it might be a scratch on the coating. So I got no choice but to send it in for checking. Sigh. :sigh: I can only collect it after a week. So I am stuck to my kit lens – SELP1650. The photos still look stunning. :smile: It must be the power of Sony A6500.

    Just before I fell asleep last night, I was asking myself while on the bed if I have gone crazy. How did I spent so much on my new camera body and lens? How did I end up getting the most expensive mirrorless camera (A6500) instead of A6300? :shocked: I was chatting with Gulabi about it this morning and she told me not to regret since I really liked it so much.

    Now I wish I can get back my SEL1670Z lens soon…

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    I am running out of data on my main mobile line so now I have to switched to my prepaid card. It is a better and cheaper option since I am sick of paying S$10 extra when I exceeded my data plan. Using that money to get a data plan in prepaid card is a better alternative since I can use the data in prepaid card for a few months.

    That means I can continue to blog on mobile even with limited data left in my mobile plan. :smile: 

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    NUS SoC Summer School is finally over. Well, I used up this month’s study leave and took 1 day of annual leave to go for 2 days of summer school and it is finally over.

    I was thinking of writing a review on both classes that I went for but is feeling lazy to do so. Maybe I will just summarise my thoughts about both classes here.

    If you have read about it here, you would have known that I have signed up for “Cryptocurrencies: Security Challenges & Solutions” and “An Introduction to Sound Music and Wearable Computing” classes.

    The cryptocurrency class is really good. I have learnt more about the technical background of Bitcoin and Ethereum like proof of work and the up and coming proof of stake for Ethereum. It helps since I am recently exposed to the world of cryptocurrencies (thanks to Alan for introducing it to me). The session makes me realised the various types of risks involved in cryptocurrencies investment such as the risk of attacks on the languages (eg. Solidity) used in writing Ethereum blockchains. I wouldn’t have known about such risks if I didn’t go for the session. After the session, it makes me think twice about investing in cryptocurrency, especially so when the attack vector seems to have increased for smart contracts like Ethereum, as compared to Bitcoin with the introduction of a code attached to the blockchain.

    We also learnt about the key properties of a blockchain (which is the main technology behind cryptocurrencies).

    Key properties of a Blockchain

    • Immutability
      • Cannot change existing blocks
    • Validity
      • Only the owner of the coins can authorize the transfer of the coins
      • Eg. Alice cannot transfer Bob’s coins
    • Consensus
      • Nodes “agree” on the blockchain state
      • Select one, valid block as a group per round
    • Failure Resistance
      • Replicated checks on each block
      • Different protocols can tolerate different levels: 5%, 25%, 33%, 51% and 99% failure rates

    As for the music computing class, it is like a waste of time. The stuff taught in the first part of the class is rudimentary (things that you can learn in the first 2 years in engineering school). As for second part of the class, it is time spent to remix some music and seeing the recording studio. The last part of the class were for the PhD students and postdoc fellows to introduce the research area that they are working on.

    The good part for the class? I met 2 new friends who just joined the MComp in CS programme. Other than that, I don’t think I learnt anything new from the class.

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    Jetpack is still not working well for me. I still can’t blog from my mobile apps which probably explained why I am blogging lesser these days. The issue has been there since April and I have raised tickets with Jetpack support team since May. It’s already July and it is still not resolved. Guess Jetpack support staff don’t really care much on their free customers. Also thank goodness I didn’t pay for my Jetpack subscription either. Otherwise, I would have felt that I wasted my subscription fees.

    Thus, I am sticking to the good old web interface to blog on mobile which, I must say, is quite troublesome. But oh well. What can you do if Jetpack support staff and WordPress support staff are not helping things?

    I keep getting the error that “The Jetpack site is inaccessible or returned an error: transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 (403) [-32300]”. I even gone to the extent of working with my host, Ariel, to resolve it but it seems like whatever the Jetpack support staff had suggested so far (in the last 3 months), is not helping at all. Now it seems like they are not even interested to help and I am still raising support tickets and following some of their (repeated) steps to try to resolve the issue. The trend is always the same, once you tried those steps and it is not working –> they don’t know what to do so they don’t reply you –> then out of the blue they closed your ticket as Resolved. Sigh.

    Now I am posting on their support forums and hopefully I can get some helpful replies.

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    I have been editing some of my old photos on Adobe Lightroom on my iPad while I am sick. Well, I can’t go out when I am sick and it is boring to be stuck at home when you are sick. There aren’t many shows to watch on TV and I don’t have Netflix subscription either. I don’t feel like downloading Korean dramas to watch either so I end up playing with the Lightroom app on my iPad to edit the overdue photos that I am supposed to be posting on my Instagram, TheTrebleStory.

    These are some of the really nice photos that I took and edited in case you guys didn’t follow my Instagram or Tumblr (Foto Amore). Haha. I strongly encourage you guys to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr as I tend to be quite active there as compared to here. I am trying to be more active here though. Haha, but well, it’s still at the “trying phase”. :smile: 

    Red Dot Design Museum with the red man (traffic light) and red skirt (the lady). Pun intended. Hahaha.

    Red Dot Design Museum. Sadly, it is closed now.

    The colourful shophouses and that white pillar. Well, the pillar kind of messed up my almost perfect framing but then again, nothing is perfect in life. Imperfections is also a form of beauty too. Oh, I think I have fall in love in post processing of photos now. Hahaha. No more Instagram filters for me, perhaps? Haha.

    Auntie, why you look so sad?

    When I first saw this, a feeling of melancholy overwhelms me. Fortunately for me, I was alone at that moment when I took this photo. This has so many interpretations especially when it is taken outside Family Justice Courts. I don’t know what it really signifies but I guess the figurine at the left is the mother while the figurine on the right is the father. The little girl figurine next to the mother figurine is crying for help but none of her family is willing to help. Even her brother is ignoring her. But then again, someone else might interpret it as the parents are willing to listen, as indicated by the palms of the father figurine facing the little girl figurine. So many interpretations on an artistic display that filled me with a strong feeling of sorrow. What is your interpretation?

    Traditional kitchen utensils.

    Colourful lanterns during Vesak Day at Chinatown. The original photo doesn’t look so cheerful but with some processing, it looks a lot better. I finally understand why so many photographers insist on post processing and taking raw photos.

    That row of lights.

    3 samsui women.

    I took these photos when I went to Chinatown on Vesak Day. Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.