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    I have also went back to songwriting class and also met up with my university friends. We literally sat at the restaurant for close to 5 hrs just to chit chat. I’m really lucky to make such friends who are making effort to meet up every month and can still chat nonstop too.

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    Boo… My wordpress mobile app for both iOS an Android are still not working so I am still stuck at blogging on the good, old web platform instead. I actually asked WordPress support and see if they can fix the issue but it turns out to be an issue with Jetpack plugin. Oh well. I haven’t got the time to reach out to the Jetpack developers yet. Do you guys face any issues like unable to post blog posts or edit existing blog posts?

    I guess it is time to clear all my backlog of admin stuff, along with the Jetpack issues, tonight.

    On a happier note, I finlly got my Fibre broadband. Yes, I was using ADSL broadband for a really long time. So glad that I can switch to Fibre broadband for higher speeds now. Hehe. The downside? My bedroom is still the WiFi blind spot so that means I have to depend on my powerline adapters to see if I can pull the WiFi signal to my bedroom… I bought the adapters yesterday but couldn’t set it up because my LAN cable is too short. Sigh. Hopefully I get some time to get a longer LAN cable and try to set it up tonight.

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    Yay! I finished my Foundations of IP Law exam. It consists of 70% of my module grade which is pretty scary. It’s like the main factor to determine if you can pass the module.

    I spent 12 days studying for the module which also explains why you don’t really see much updates on my blog. It’s quite intensive on the last 9 days of studying and there were times when I get really stressed up and super anxious. :stressed: 

    CAP score is not that important for graduate students but we do need to maintain a minimum CAP score of 3 out of 5 in order to stay in graduate school without any issues. That’s like an equivalent of B- grade which is not too difficult, honestly speaking. My worst grade back in undergraduate days is like a B-, or maybe a B? Well, that assumption is valid if you are taking modules in your school – assuming that you are good at what you are studying for. Well, the courageous Sakura decides to take a IP law module from Faculty of Law, along with law majors who are either a practising lawyer doing their graduate studies or a about-to-take-bar-exam final year law student or just a law exchange student. Seriously, what am I thinking at that time? :shocked: 

    Well, it’s not an impulsive decision but a rather calculated move. (Whoa, what’s happening to my English standards? Must be too much law readings….) I started writing melodies in 2016 which you probably read it here and is interested to know more about copyright protection for my works. So I thought of taking a law module to learn more about my rights. It seems like an overkill to take one from Faculty of Law since it is designed for lawyers to learn about IP Law. Oh well… :oops: 

    Another reason is that I didn’t have a chance to take law and/or medicine modules when I was an undergraduate. Well, Law and Medicine are elitist courses in Singapore and the schools do not allow students from other faculties/schools to take their modules either. So I kind of make use of the perk I got as a graduate student at NUS to take a graduate module from the Faculty of Law. :grin: All graduate students at NUS can take all level 5000 and above modules in all schools except for Business School (which will have some restricted modules for their MBA students only). No additional cost will be incurred in the tuition fees except for MBA and Business Analytics modules too. So of course, I went ahead and take the IP law module instead.

    I found a list of possible IP law modules to take and I got my online friend (from NUS Griddit), Sherwyn, to provide some advice since he is studying in UNSW Law school… Then he told me that Foundations of IP Law seems to be the easiest so with some courage, I went ahead to take the module. :oops: 

    It certainly helps to know someone (Samuel) who took the module before under the same professor too. He must be sent by God when God answers my prayers. Hahaha. :smile: It helps when he is musically talented and used to be nerdily cute too. Hehe. Apparently, long hair in guys can make them lose their nerdily cuteness. Haha, one of the random Sakura’s theories at work again! :grin: 

    Honestly speaking, I like the module and the content taught. It’s also the only module that I took this semester that I don’t fall asleep in class. Well, maybe because I am too busy noting down my notes. I liked the part on Copyright but not so much on the Patents part. Trade Marks part is fine with me though.

    Anyway, now that the module is finally over, I hope I can pass the module. It will be a bonus if I can get A grade too but I doubt I can get it. A part of me is like wishing for an A grade right after the exam since I can answer all the questions. :happy: 

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    My Web Security module is completed! Well, the last assignment/competition style (the one I blogged about here) is over and is pretty screwed up. Basically it is only Ai Seong and in the competition as Isen is late for 1h 45mins. The competition is only 2 hrs… Our tool gave too many false positives so sigh… No point crying over spilled milk, I guess…

    Anyway, I am only left with Network Security project and Foundations of IP Law exam now.