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    I have been busy preparing for my Grade 8 violin exam which I hope I can pass this time round. But a part of me is like… I doubt I can pass since I feel so ill-prepared. I haven’t finish memorising my scales, not to mention that I am still not particularly strong in my exam pieces. My aural skills is lacking and I am not very confident of my sight reading. Argh what to do? I thought I will get the September slot for the exam but I ended up getting the late August slot. :cry: Now I am feeling the stress and losing motivation to work hard too. Thanks to God’s blessing, I managed to get September slot. Apparently my examiner got injured a few days before my exam so it got delayed by a month. :smile: 

    Hopefully things will get better and that I find my motivation to practise more. I need to make sure that I don’t overpractise as well or I might hurt my finger again…

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    It’s the last week of school. Yay, recess week is here. I usually will be quite relieved at the end of lessons but somehow it is not the case for me right now.

    I’m not working and is getting bored. I know I need to study for my only exam and make sure that I do well in it since I failed the mid term test. However, I am also feeling lazy. I feel like going overseas next week since my start date has been delayed. However, I don’t know what else is nice to see at Seoul. I am not so keen to visit other places on my own either. I have been to Seoul on the Spring season and frankly speaking, I am not so sure if I want to go there in Spring. I don’t mind going there in Autumn to see how my favourite holiday destination looks like in Autumn. But Spring season? Errmmmm, maybe not?

    Sigh, what should I be doing and how should I get back my motivation to study for my exam?

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    I think I am losing interest in blogging for now. I know I will probably get back my interest in blogging and suddenly starts posting 3 – 5 blog entries in a day. Hmm… Is this called the downtime for blogging?

    Well, it is not like my life is becoming boring though. I am supposed to be rushing my school assignments and my research topic. My prof is calling/messaging me on last minute meetings. Erm. Like messaging me at 3:50pm for a 5pm meeting. He did sent me an email around 11am about meeting in school but I didn’t see it. Well, I don’t usually read my school emails.

    Not much progress in my research topic and I am feeling really lazy to work on my school assignments. It is as though I don’t feel like studying since it is my last semester. But I still need to pass my last semester. Wish I can get more motivation for my school stuff soon.

    As for work, I am learning quite a lot and enjoying it. Sadly there are rumours about another company buying over some offices (including the one I am in) in the media and that is quite demotivating. Not exactly a good atmosphere in office but oh well. Whatever comes will come, I guess. :sad: 

    I realised that the thing about working for a consumer technology company (it means that we are selling our products directly to the everyday consumer like you and me) is that you get to see aggressive advertising on a daily basis. It is like I am constantly reminded about the company that I am working in in almost every app I used. Like ads on Spotify, Youtube and even the games. It is quite different from working in a product technology company (it means that we are selling our products to another company who make products to sell to the everyday consumer like you and me). I guess it takes time to get used to it. It also makes one feel the impact of their everyday work on the consumers too. Having said that, the media is more likely to sensationalise the stuff that we do too.

    Guess all these will take some time to get used to it.

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    Things have been a little too quiet here. Well, the same I can say for my life right now. I am either rushing for my school assignments/tests/readings or working or yoga/jogging. I don’t really have much time left for violin which is rather sad.

    However, I’m happy to be busy and learning new stuff. I realised that the older you get, the more time you have for yourself to learn new stuff because your friends are either busy with their boy/girlfriends or with their families (after they got married or about to get married). It’s kind of sad though but oh well, that’s life. One has to accept the reality of life. Please Login or Register to read the rest of this content.

    Sometimes I wonder the people whom I just met or acquainted are meant to stay for long… And I wonder what is their purpose of entering my life when they fade away. Some are obvious… like reminding myself not to be like that person. Some are not so obvious and I ended up thinking for a longer-than-required time. Ultimately it is my life and I shall live the way I deem fit. Yet, I wish I don’t have to get acquainted with people who are plain jerks – be it relationship or friendship. But I guess their purpose of entering my life is to help me identify jerks and not let such people into my inner circle of friends in future? Oh well, maybe that’s just life.

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    I’m back from my business trip at San Francisco. I probably won’t have time to blog about my trip until I am done with graduate school. I have an upcoming makeup test and another assignment due this week. Sigh.

    I wish I am less busy with school work and have more time for myself… Oh well…

    In fact, I have to bring my personal laptop to San Francisco because I have 1 assignment due in the middle of my business trip and I was not able to finish it before my trip. It kind of sucks but oh well. Life as a student with full time job can be sucky at times.