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    I went to see the specialist for my new finger injury and he said I might have hurt my ligament and told me to tie my injured finger to the next finger so that it recover faster. Well, I did that for 2 days and it did feel better. However, I got lazy for 1 day and it got worse. Bleh. Oh well. I hope it recover soon. I am sticking both of my fingers together now with a surgical tape.

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    Sigh. I injured my finger again. This time it is another finger. Sigh. Now I wonder if I should schedule my Hand Surgery appointment earlier. Maybe I should. :cry: 

    On another note, I have to study for my data mining test which is coming on next Tuesday. :sigh: Sigh, I will probably start returning comments next weekend.

    On a happier note, I am less worried for my wisdom tooth now that I discovered the technique to properly brush it cleanly. I didn’t get pain from it so hopefully no decay. I hope it will stay that way for as long as possible because I am not confident to go for wisdom tooth surgery at all. :sad: 

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    I haven’t been blogging frequently these days because work and study has taken too much of my time. Well, I have been feeling stressed and anxious about my wisdom tooth too. I hope I don’t need to pluck it out because I am really scared. I am scared of visiting dentists in the first place so plucking out wisdom tooth will be even scarier for me.

    It is so stressful for me that it is affecting my sleep too. I have been praying as well and it seems like I have figured out a way to brush my wisdom tooth properly. I have to use my sensitive tooth brush to brush it, then my dental brush followed by dental toothpick to check that it is indeed clean. Now I am thinking if I should bring my tooth brush outside so that I can brush my tooth after every meal. It’s not good to have food stuck on the tooth as it can form plaque.

    Sigh, I will see how long I can last and pray for the best…

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    I have been really busy with school (and work, of course) recently that I am neglecting my music and perhaps, photography aspect of life. Guess blogging from my laptop has taken a backseat as well. Speaking of which, I am thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard for personal use… I guess it makes typing feels more shiok? Haha. But first I need a proper mouse since the batteries in my Microsoft Arc Mouse is leaking and I can’t use it anymore… :cry: 

    I have also started my investment journey and is making paper loss. Well, I guess it is all about long term investment? Hopefully I am going to see paper gain soon… 

    It didn’t help much when USD is depreciating too. Sigh. It has been on a steady decline ever since someone has become the President. Oh well. 

    Joanna Dong went to take part in the Sing! China competition and her second performance for the competition is really awesome! Just watch it below.

    Okay, back to school work now.

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    Yay! I got back my SEL1670Z and it is all good. Nothing bad happened on my lens and it was all good. So they end up cleaning only my lens.

    When I collected it, I went to ask the staff how much it is to clean my old lens, SELP1650 and he said that it will cost me S$64.20. I also casually asked about the cost of cleaning SEL1670Z and he said it will be S$120 if you don’t have warranty. :shocked: Whoa! That’s so expensive! It’s like double the price of cleaning SELP1650! Then he explained that it is because it is Zeiss lens. Sigh, I think the cost of cleaning Sony G lens will also be around the same price (if not the same price). 

    That’s it. I am going to send my lens and camera body for cleaning before warranty expires…