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    I haven’t got the time to actually sort out the photos I took in Hokkaido using my camera, phone and GoPro. Hopefully I can some time to sort them out in this long weekend. It’s a public holiday in Singapore this coming Monday so yes, I do get some break from work to rest. I am still coughing and I ran out of medicine now. Bleh. I have to drop by to the clinic to get more medicine. It is like it is about to recover but not fully recovered yet. Oh well.

    I had my violin lesson in the morning and gosh, I overslept and have to take Uber to class in order not to be late for class. Bleh. I really should curb my spending on these Uber rides. I am like taking Uber weekly for my classes these days which is seriously unhealthy for my wallet. Time to wake up earlier (and probably sleep earlier) for a healthier financial life. :smile: 

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    I am feeling better now. Hopefully I can go back to work tomorrow and that I still have my voice too.

    Seriously it sucks to be sick after an overseas trip but oh well… It sucks to be nursing a little heartbreak during the trip too. But oh well, I guess I will become stronger as time goes by? At least I am getting better at managing my feelings.

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    I fell sick after I touched down in Singapore. Well, at least I didn’t fall sick when I am in Japan. Actually I think it is the dry air on the aircraft that makes my throat feels dry. I probably didn’t drink enough water and was coughing a bit when I am about to reach Singapore.

    So now instead of going back to work on Monday, I ended up waiting at the clinic for my turn to see the doctor. :sad: Oh well… I hope I get well soon and can go back to work tomorrow. I don’t think I have fell sick this year and it really sucks to be sick. :sad: 

    Hopefully when I get better, I will start sorting out the photos and slowly posting them on my Instagram then my blog posts. I didn’t really use my camera to take photos because the camera body broke and I don’t really dare to risk it lest water seep into the camera and spoilt the entire camera.

    But thank goodness I got GoPro so I still have some photos somewhat. I think I will bring GoPro for travelling in future because of the wide angle view. I might bring it everywhere I go next time but the selfie stick is a bit heavy for my preference. Well, I got the 3 arm tripod and it is quite strong and sturdy. The downside is that it is a bit heavy. Oh well…


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    Sigh. I have yet to do the debugging steps that the Jetpack support team has provided. Hopefully I get some time to go through those steps and settle the issue of WordPress mobile app soon. That will hopefully give me more motivation to blog more, perhaps? Haha. :smile: 

    I have been feeling really tired these days and getting insomnia more frequently too. I’m not exactly sure why I am getting insomnia but I am like getting slight headaches every night just before I sleep these few days. Could it be stress? If yes, where is the source of my stress? It is my summer break in grad school but I am still getting so much backlog to clear. :sad: 

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    I know I haven’t been blogging much and I still have lots of personal backlogs to clear. Actually, I also have quite a bit of work backlogs to clear, as well as personal career backlogs too.

    I guess I signed a bit too much for myself.

    Part time postgrad, full time job, violin, songwriting, blogging, social media (mainly Instagramming), checking out the latest fashion trends, classical music, pop music, handicraft, English calligraphy and many more to name…

    Okay, it kind of scares me now after I listed the major items. I am still trying hard to keep in contact with friends and also talking to my bagels from CoffeeMeetsBagel too. Well, if I have to give up something in my life, I guess those bagels are the first one to be given up. Especially those mouldy bagels (guys who are insulting or not interested to meet or we are are just chatting and it doesn’t led to anything such as meetup).

    I met Shang Ya last night as she has a Hello Kitty calculator that she would like to give me. It is also a good opportunity to just meet her and have a really quick catchup. Glad that I met her and she seems to have gotten back to her usual self after her traumatic breakup. What I really envy about her is that she can sustain her lifestyle (not sure what is her lifestyle exactly though) without working. I guess she is still earning money through investment but it is nice to have more free time and do the things you like. I doubt I can have that kind of lifestyle but perhaps it is time for me to think about investment to get a better life for myself in future?