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    I was at Kinokuniya and was reading the book on Korean skin care (this one) and got inspired to blog about my own skincare routine. I have blog about it in my previous posts before:

    I’m going to use the same format again. :smile: 

    Day care

    1. Cleanser (I’m currently using Fancl Washing Powder)
    2. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing eye cream
    3. Laneige White Dew Ampoule Essence
    4. Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream
    5. Clarins UV Plus Sunscreen (I’m using the tinted version that is only found in USA)
    6. CNP Laboratory Omega Perfection Sun Block (for my neck and arms)
    7. Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX or Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion
    8. Belif Sun Powder (optional since I don’t really use it so often)

    Night care

    1. Makeup remover
    2. Cleanser (I’m currently using Fancl Washing Powder)
    3. Any masks that I happened to buy (which is a huge range so I’m not going to list them here)
    4. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing eye cream
    5. Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture (My all-time holy grail product!)
    6. Innisfree Green Tea Serum

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    Seems like I should expand on my night skin care regime… 6 steps is probably not sufficient, haha. 

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    I was thinking of posting on Altosome but realised that the blog post got a bit personal and thought it might be better to post it here instead. 

    Looking back at what I have done since last July (July 2017) till now…

    Firstly, I started reading up on cryptocurrencies and the craze around it. I went for the NUS Summer School programme on Cryptocurrency and got an in-depth understanding about it from Assistant Prof Prateek Saxena.

    Then I went on to explore the wonders of Machine Learning. That include both statistical classifiers and neural networks. Not to forget the unsupervised classifiers too! 

    On the academic research side, I started my own research in the field of Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning techniques. Yeah, it is a marriage of Intrusion Detection and Machine Learning. Perhaps it is more of an arranged marriage between 2 popular fields in tech space rather than a love marriage. Haha. 

    Other than being a postgrad student in Information Security, I have made a step forward in the career as an Information Security Professional and joined Uber Security team. Although it was short-lived, it is still a significant step forward and I have learn so much within a span of 3 months.

    So what is my next adventure? I’m joining another organisation (no prizes for guessing it right) and doing something under the Security organisation. :smile: 

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    It’s the last day of the year and it is also a time to reflect on my past year. 2017 has been good to me. I have been juggling with:

    It is pretty crazy and busy for me but I somehow managed to survive through all of them.

    I also got myself a new phone (say hi to iPhone 8 Plus) and a new watch (yay for Apple Watch 3). Oh, I got myself a new laptop that is much lighter so that I can bring it to school without breaking my back. Lots of new gadgets for myself this year indeed.

    What I absolutely love is the 9GB data plan that I signed up for cause that means I no longer need to bring another phone out to tether for internet access or pay excessive phone bills cause I burst my data limit again.

    I have also started my investment journey and slowly (and steadily) building my portfolio this year. Kind of late but still better than nothing? Hehe. :happy:

    I wonder what 2018 will bring me…

    How had 2017 treated you guys and what do you look forward in 2018?

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    I was surfing Youtube earlier and found this video which I find it quite inspiring. It’s about the perks of being single life.

    Some pros of being single pointed out in the video:

    1. Save money! Whoa, totally. But I think I am quite a spender though. Hahaha.
    2. No need to consider about the significant other. More YOLO-ness, maybe? :smile: 
    3. More time for yourself to learn new stuff?
    4. Friendships get infinitely better – know who are the friends that can last longer.

    I particularly liked this quote from Wes in the video too.

    “Investing in yourself when you are single is going to pay when you get into a relationship” – Wes

    Anyway, the video is embedded below so watch it if you are free? :grin: 

    Oh, it’s great to have a 15inch laptop (such as MacBook Pro) cause I get to put the Chrome on my left side of the screen to blog while watching Youtube. Hehe. Glad that I listened to Nicholas’ recommendation to get a 15inch MBP instead of the 13inch MBP. It’s really good for school stuff too.

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    I guess an overseas trip serves as a good break. It helps when you are sick and you are forced to sleep early and adjust your lifestyle. It kind of makes you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle so that you don’t fall sick again. Partly because the feeling of being sick simply sucks.

    It also serves as a good reflecting point about your life as well. I guess that only works when you don’t travel that much – which is the case for me. I aimed to have a personal vacation (not business trip or whatsoever) once every 2 years but it seems like the frequency is higher than what I would have expected. Well, I went for personal vacation in 2012, 2014, 2016 and then now 2017. Not sure if I want to go for personal vacation in 2018 though… But I am already thinking of going somewhere this December… Like whoa, 2 trips in a year?! :shocked: 

    Well, I am not a light packer and can be quite yolo when it comes to spending overseas. That being said, I still keeps a budget and tracks every single expense I made overseas.

    I went to Hokkaido with a 14.5kg luggage and came back with a 23.6kg luggage. Technically speaking, I have exceeded my limit by 0.6kg but thank goodness the Jetstar Japan staff just labelled it as 23kg for me. :grin: I bought 3 bottles of Muji toners, 4 Fancl/Kose cleansers and tons of food/snacks. That probably contributed to the increase in 9.1kg.

    Coming back to Singapore and meeting my friends to explore Singapore (and its various events) kind of kept me grounded on who I am. Sometimes I feel lost but it helps to have friends who reminds you who you really are. On the other side of the coin, that can also mean that you may not break your invisible boundaries in life and explore the uncertain dimensions in life. I guess I will have to find the intricate balance and embrace life as how it comes along. I sometimes wonder what life has for me in the next few years…

    On a less philosophical note… What I learnt about this trip is that I can trust my new GoPro Hero5 to take nice wefies and landscape photos with its ultra wide angle view. However, I still need my Sony NEX-5R to take high quality shots. I don’t really want to take both overseas in future so I guess I have to decide what I want to bring next time.