• Posted On: January 11th 2021 at 7:05 pm | 1 Comment
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    Happy 2021! 2020 has been an interesting year that I am sure many won’t forget. The pandemic has been with us for close to a year and accelerated many technological advancements which will probably take another 5 to 10 years without COVID-19. Who would have thought that a pandemic would drive technological advancements in such a high pace?

    I wanted to review the following new year resolutions I had for year 2020. I didn’t manage to fulfil all of them but I did try.

    1. Sleep early everyday, even on weekends. I failed these miserably. I am even sleeping at 3am sometimes. Sigh.
    2. Eat more healthily. Yes I am drinking more probiotics. Healthier eating and less fried food. Can I consider this as done?
    3. Exercise more. Thanks to the pandemic, I am staying at home even more hence got more chance to workout. Like Chloe Ting workout videos and Yoga Movement on Zoom.
    4. Practise violin more. Sigh, didn’t manage to hit this. 🙁
    5. Spend wisely. I am less prone to impulse buying but I got a luxury bag this year. I think I am going to fail this badly in 2021 though.
    6. Spend more time reading up on investments and invest for the future. I still didn’t get to learn how to invest although I did make a few investment decisions this year. 2020 is a good year for investment which I wished I am more brave to make the decisions to buy certain stocks.
    7. Get a technical certification this year. I got 5 in 2020! 3 Azure certifications, 1 AWS certification and 1 Splunk certification.

    4 out of 7 completed in 2020. What should I set for this year? Hmm… maybe I will set the following and strive to complete as many as I can.

    1. Sleep before 1am everyday, even on weekends.
    2. Continue to eat more healthily.
    3. Workout at least once a week.
    4. Practise violin more.
    5. Spend wisely and keep to the budget.
    6. Be brave and make the investment decisions needed to improve my finances.
    7. Get another technical certification this year.

    Hopefully I will do better this year than 2020.