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    I got myself a new watch – Apple Watch Series 3. Hehe. I think I have everything under Apple umbrella now, except Apple TV which I won’t be buying since I do not own a TV in my bedroom. LOL.

    2018 is finally here and I’m starting a new job in 8 days. :shocked: Oh my gosh, now the reality is finally setting in. 

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    Happy birthday to myself! 

    I’m now 1 year older and is getting busier too. I bought Yamaha SV-200 for myself as my birthday gift and it’s awesome. Pretty expensive since it is Yamaha Silent Violin series and it is one of the professional electric violins in Yamaha. Lindsey Stirling has a Yamaha SV-250 while the model I went for, SV-200, is just 1 level down from her professional electric violin… :grin: 

    I didn’t buy the SV-250 since there is no discount for it. There’s some discount for SV-200 since Yamaha is clearing their stocks (they are discontinuing SV-200). Sadly, I don’t have much time to play with my new electric violin… :sad: 

    I wonder how my life will be in the next 50 years… Oh, I am changing my job as well. I’m joining a startup next year. Leaving the comfortable life in an US MNC to join a US startup is going to be interesting (and scary at the same time!)

    I will probably post my birthday cake later… Finally posted! It’s not a chocolate cake, unlike other years. Haha. It’s an ondeh ondeh (pandan + coconut) cake from Butter Studio!

    Happy 27th birthday to myself!

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    Yay! I got my iPhone 8 Plus finally! Well, I can finally recontract and there is an offer for Singles Day (11 Nov) whereby I can get $150 off for my handset and enjoy a lower price for upgrading my data plan to 3 times of my current plan. That means I got 9GB of data monthly which is awesome. I don’t think I will need to worry about it again. Yay for more data for the data-hungry Sakura!

    Anyway, I wanted to get an iPhone because of iOS. I don’t think I can trust Android platform after my first semester in graduate school. Cause one of my assignments is to hack the Android platform. Now I find Android insecure and don’t really trust it anymore. Glad that I got iOS now… I guess I kind of completed the entire Apple environment with iPod Touch Gen 4, iPad Air 2, Macbook Pro and iPhone 8 Plus. I am still on Windows and Android though. But more for less secure work…

    After I got my iPhone, I went to get screen protector and a clear case for it. Well, because I got the Gold version and it is quite pretty with rose gold colours. Guess how much it all cost me? It is only S$8.40! :shocked: That is even cheaper for a case I got for my Samsung Galaxy Note 5… No more expensive and less variety of cases for me to choose from. Say hi to pretty iPhone cases for me now. Hahaha.

    One thing I missed is the back and side menu buttons which was on Android OS. Sigh, why can’t Apple bring them to iOS as well? :sad: I keep trying to click the back button…

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    Hoho. I am finally done with my thesis. Now what’s left is my data mining project presentation and the thesis presentation for the next 2 weeks. Can’t wait for the semester to end soon!

    I haven’t met my university friends for quite some time and I finally met them today. Kimberly helped me buy the Fancl Washing Powder when she is back from Japan. It is selling at more than S$50 for 2 bottles in Singapore but she got them for S$30.50. Yay for cheaper cleansers.

    I bought one when I went to Hokkaido in June this year and tried it recently. Whoa, it is now my holy grail cleanser. :smile: Too bad it is really expensive in Singapore and I am glad that someone can help me buy it in Japan. :grin: 

    I went out to the new Astons concept store at Marina Square whereby there is free flow side dishes and fruits/desserts. It’s not bad even though it is a lot more expensive than the usual Astons food. I paid S$22.90 for a main course + salad/side dish/fruits/desserts bar when it is less than S$10 if I buy the same main course from the school food court… I like the side dishes though and would go there again for meetups.

    It is also my last school semester next year and whoa, time really do flies. I am going to get my Masters degree pretty soon and it is awesome.

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    Hoho. I am wearing my 8cm heels that I bought from GMarket some time back. Well, I certainly feel very tall from wearing it but I doubt I will wear it on a daily basis. Just imagine the harm my poor feet will be put through walking about with a 8cm heels everywhere?!

    It is a nice looking heels and I will probably wear it daily if it is not that high…

    Speaking of shoes, I took out my Timberland boots that I bought long time ago. It has turned mouldy now. :sad: Sigh, so now I am going to the Timberland shop to see if they have any shoe maintenance kit that can help me reduce the looks of the polka dots design due to the mould. Sigh, I really should be wearing it more frequently… It is the rainy season now so I foresee myself wearing it more frequently these few months…