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    Hello everyone! I realised I should make it a point to try to blog every week. Maybe even on the small things in life that happened for the week.

    I am finding my life pretty boring these days. Weekdays is just working and sometimes dating after work. Then weekends is just violin class and dating. I need something to learn and spice up my life.

    I didn’t manage to go for violin class last week and haven’t been regularly practising my violin either. Not sure how long it will take me to prepare for my ARSM violin exam. Sigh. :sigh:

    I am starting to go for yoga class once a week as well. Hopefully this habit lasts as I should learn how to take care of my body and exercise more.

    I recently saw a dress from Esprit which costs S$99.95 which is quite expensive. I’m not sure if it is worth to buy it but it looks so pretty. :stressed: Oh well. I also saw a new pair of shoes from Charles and Keith which looks pretty too but it is like S$46.90. Bleh, I should be saving money. I feel that earning money is tougher as I grow older. I remembered how I spend more freely when I just started work before I start to curb my spendings a bit more.

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    I have been really busy with school (and work, of course) recently that I am neglecting my music and perhaps, photography aspect of life. Guess blogging from my laptop has taken a backseat as well. Speaking of which, I am thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard for personal use… I guess it makes typing feels more shiok? Haha. But first I need a proper mouse since the batteries in my Microsoft Arc Mouse is leaking and I can’t use it anymore… :cry: 

    I have also started my investment journey and is making paper loss. Well, I guess it is all about long term investment? Hopefully I am going to see paper gain soon… 

    It didn’t help much when USD is depreciating too. Sigh. It has been on a steady decline ever since someone has become the President. Oh well. 

    Joanna Dong went to take part in the Sing! China competition and her second performance for the competition is really awesome! Just watch it below.

    Okay, back to school work now.

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    You know it is a series of signs that you need a new camera body when:

    (1) your camera body broke on the first day of your holiday

    (2) the remote control does not suit your current camera

    Sigh, so now I have to save up for a new camera body. Luckily for me, I am not going overseas anytime soon so I wouldn’t need a camera that urgently. For daily photos, I can just stick to my Gopro Hero 5 which I just bought. The downside of using Gopro is that I really need to edit my photos on Adobe Lightroom (which I am using the one on my iPad Air 2). 

    I’m also thinking of getting another camera lens along with a new camera body. I’m thinking of getting the Sony E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens. It’s quite expensive but I figured out I need a better lens other than kit lens for power zoom travel lens.

    I’m still considering if I should get Sony A6300 or A6500. Well, time for a better camera body on top of my Sony NEX-5R which I absolutely adore! I guess I will still be using Sony NEX-5R for selfies and group outings whereby I can have selfies easily. However, because its battery cover has broke, I can’t really bring it and carry it everywhere I go. :cry: That’s why I need a new camera body so that I can bring it everywhere I go.

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    I went to order a pair of Gentle Monster sunglasses from Gentle Monster online shop in  the end. Well, yolo (you only live once) attitude? But bleh, I do need to save money. I am also thinking of getting Microsoft Surface Pro 4 since my Windows laptop refused to boot up and work properly the last time I used it. Hopefully it will recovered soon. I had backup my files so it is not too much damage done if it suddenly died. But I still prefer a Windows OS since my main storage is already on the hard disk formatted for Windows OS (I forgot the actual name of the storage though). Guess that is going to be the advantage Surface Pro 4 has over Macbook Air or Macbook.

    Luckily for me, I can still take advantage of student discount so it isn’t too bad.

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    This is my first weekend after coming back from Japan whereby I am not sick. Hehe. Being sick for a month sucks and it makes me value my health even more. After all, no amount of money can let you have good health. Only what you eat, what you exercise and how strong your antibodies/white blood cells/platelets can ensure good health.

    Which is also why I am a bit paranoid in terms of eye protection and is seriously considering Crizal Xperio lenses – the one that claimed to have the maximum sun protection for your eyes. However, I am also thinking of chabging to a new sunglasses frames, probably one that is branded and much nicer. Sadly, I will have to pay for my own frames since I kind of used up the money for my spectacles for this year (company benefit).

    I am thinking of getting Gentle Monster frames but those are quite expensive. Was thinking of buying them online since SGD to USD rates are lower these days. But oh well, not sure if that is a wise choice since I don’t actually get to try them on. Hmm…