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    I have been really busy with school (and work, of course) recently that I am neglecting my music and perhaps, photography aspect of life. Guess blogging from my laptop has taken a backseat as well. Speaking of which, I am thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard for personal use… I guess it makes typing feels more shiok? Haha. But first I need a proper mouse since the batteries in my Microsoft Arc Mouse is leaking and I can’t use it anymore… :cry: 

    I have also started my investment journey and is making paper loss. Well, I guess it is all about long term investment? Hopefully I am going to see paper gain soon… 

    It didn’t help much when USD is depreciating too. Sigh. It has been on a steady decline ever since someone has become the President. Oh well. 

    Joanna Dong went to take part in the Sing! China competition and her second performance for the competition is really awesome! Just watch it below.

    Okay, back to school work now.

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    I was doing my school project and reading up on the resources on OWASP site and listening music on Youtube (with my Beoplay A2 playing the music so it sounds really good) and I came across my favourite IU music again. Hehe. :smile: 

    I blogged about the same music here too!

    The old music video I posted in my previous blog post here is not working so I decided to update the blog entry with the updated video that I found.

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    I have also went back to songwriting class and also met up with my university friends. We literally sat at the restaurant for close to 5 hrs just to chit chat. I’m really lucky to make such friends who are making effort to meet up every month and can still chat nonstop too.

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    I had my solo violin performance yesterday at Mr Yan’s place. Well, it was pretty screwed up but nevertheless serve as a important point for me. I stopped my violin lessons after my finger injury got worse after my solo performance at Mr Yan’s family concert. So I guess by having another solo performance, it marks the “recovery” and my return to the stage? Something like I stand up from the place where I fell down?

    Even though it is pretty screwed up and there are so many things which I could have done to make it better, it still serves as a good point for me to stand up again.


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    Phew… I just finished coding for my Web Security last assignment and tomorrow is the competition day where we have to use our scanning tool to find as many vulnerabilities as before.

    After days of hard work, I think I deserve some form of break too. :smile: I have been feeling so stressed up these days and can’t wait for my semester to end.

    Recently I like the following Lindsey Stirling video. It’s Beauty and the Beast. Speaking of which, have you guys watch the movie? Emma Watson looks really lovely in the movie! Hehe. My fan girl mode has been switched on.

    This one is also nice too. I love a cappella music. It will be nice if someone can sing for me, like serenading me. Hehe. I’m picky though. It has got to be the right song, like the one below, perhaps? Hahaha. :grin: