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    May 18th 2024 , 6:39 pm
    Categories: Music

    Some funny conversations I had with my violin teacher, Mrs Masako, today…

    “When the pieces get too difficult, you might want to throw your instrument into Singapore River… or throw yourself into the river…… Actually throwing the piece/book is more economical.“

    “You are playing your own version of XXX piece.”

    “You really should record yourself and listen to it.”

    Okay, all these means I really should start practising more and training for my stamina for the exam. 30 mins of nonstop playing is no joke. :/

    I also realised I should not wear linen shorts to class. It’s aircon environment and I will feel nice and cosy and sleepy while playing the pieces. Goodness! I slept 10 hrs today and I’m not supposed to feel sleepy now. Singapore is too hot though but indoors is like a bit too cold and comfortable. Nevertheless, I still love my pink linen shorts. Looks so feminine and comfortable. Only problem is that linen is kind of expensive and always look crumble. :/

    Note to self to buy a steamer iron in future. Lol.

    Yes, I am counting the little blessings that I manage to sleep for 10 hrs (not continuous though) today.

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