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    May 13th 2024 , 6:38 pm
    Categories: Personal life

    I went for a haircut on last Saturday at Walking on Sunshine. I also opt for hair treatment and finally did my first ever hair treatment. It is especially more significant since I paid for it. Well, those who knows me will know that I usually don’t pay for spa/facial/treatments because I am a cheapo lady haha. Well, to be honest, I know so many ladies who spent thousands in a year on all these treatments along with manicure/pedicure. For me, I spent that amount on really good skincare and now expanding to haircare.

    Anyway, my hairstylist, Ji Young, met me the second time and she remembered me. She said that I looked different. I looked like I am glowing and looked way better than last time I met you. Haha all these self work and glow up efforts are significant and has shown results consistently. 🙂

    Anyway, it was a good haircut and scalp treatment. Will I go for the same treatment again? Probably yes for the express and cheaper version. I do need to tell my hairstylist that I don’t want the haircut to be this short though.

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