• 21st August 2016 , 6:32 pm | 1 Comment
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    I am supposed to be spending most of my day reading up on Buffer Overflow for my Systems Security module. Guess what happened? I ended up spending more time composing 1 dance pop song. Bleh. Instead of coming up with the music notes, I decided just to sing it out and put in Logic Pro…

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    I finally bought Logic Pro X. Hehe. I need it to come up with my drums section for the dance song that I am going to work on. Oh ya. I also need to study in Buffer Overflow today too. Oh well. That’s the rantings of a part time student. Anyway, now I am waiting…

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    I just finished reading 1 article on the security threats in the Age of Cloud. Now I can’t sleep. It’s pretty interesting and I am glad that I am studying Infocomm Security now. Things are getting more and more interesting now. I’m even happier now that I dropped my Cryptography Practice and Theory module too….

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    I finally changed my violin strings to the Evah Pirazzi strings set. Yes, it’s the one I bought it more than 1.5 years ago as I wanted to use them for my exams. After returning to violin lessons, I realised that my violin sounds horrible. The old strings got that eee sound when I played…

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    I got the Beats Solo 2 Wireless headset for free when I bought my MacBook Pro 15″ and wanted to sell it. Unfortunately, there are many sellers and no one wants to buy the headset from me. So I am stuck with it so I thought, “Why not just use it for myself?” So I opened…