Sick for the last few weeks
18th October 2014 , 7:43 pm | Add a Comment?
Categories: Music, My violin, Personal life, Rants

I fell sick again. Currently down with flu. I think my previous flu didn’t fully recover and I am getting it again. On top of…

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I don’t want to be this kind of leader
4th October 2014 , 12:32 pm | Add a Comment?
Categories: Rants, Work

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What a happening weekend!
28th September 2014 , 11:59 pm | 2 Comments
Categories: Friendship, Korean related, Makeup, Music, Personal life, Shopping, Skin care

This weekend is one of my most happening weekends ever since I started working. I celebrated my colleague’s birthday with a birthday lunch treat and…

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Difficult days…
25th September 2014 , 11:29 pm | Add a Comment?
Categories: Personal life, Rants

Sigh. Life is getting really difficult. I wish I have money to buy my own house and move out as soon as possible. Maybe I…

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Boring lifestyle
20th September 2014 , 1:20 am | Add a Comment?
Categories: Food, Optimism, Personal life

My life is getting boring. It is all work, violin and occasionally go out shopping with my friends. Nothing else exciting. Oh well. Maybe I…

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