• 21st January 2017 , 2:52 pm | 1 Comment
    Categories: Personal life

    Hoho. It’s finally the weekend! I’m going to spend my weekend doing my Web Security assignment and also my IP Law readings. Let’s hope that I can clear as much as possible.  How are you guys going to spend the weekend?

    19th January 2017 , 10:42 pm | 2 Comments
    Categories: Rants, School life

    It is only 2nd week of school and I am behind my law readings. Sigh. Oh, did I mention that my first assignment is out for my Web Security module too? Bleh. Anyway, I have decided to take 3 modules this semester – Web security, Network Security and Foundations of IP Law. The sheer amount…

    14th January 2017 , 1:16 pm | 4 Comments
    Categories: School life

    Somehow I survived the first week of school. Went back to school daily and had 4 days of night classes because I wanted to try out the modules that I am thinking of taking. I still went back to my original choices. Haha. I was thinking of not taking the Foundations of IP Law because…

    10th January 2017 , 9:33 pm | 4 Comments
    Categories: Personal life, Shopping

    I contacted Akemi Uchi via Facebook and got a reply from them saying that I can collect the free towel by dropping by at their shop again. They also reserve the orange towel for me too. Hehe. Not bad eh? The power of social media and I got what I was supposed to get in…

    8th January 2017 , 7:32 pm | 3 Comments
    Categories: New stuff, Personal life, Rants, Shopping

    I went to Plaza Singapura and spotted Akemi Uchi sales and got myself a new mattress protector, pillow protectors and new bedsheets. Hehe, new bedsheets after a long time. Sadly, the cashier was not very honest and didn’t give me the free towels even though I spent more than S$80 for my entire purchase. I…