• 1st May 2016 , 5:09 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: New stuff, Personal life, Shopping

    In the end, I bought B&O Beoplay A2. Yes, that speaker which I thought has a small sound. Haha. After thinking hard if I should get Beoplay A2 or Bose Soundlink III, I decided to get the Beoplay A2. I wanted the original silver with brown sides but got the all silver one. So I…

    22nd April 2016 , 9:11 pm | 1 Comment
    Categories: New stuff, Personal life, Shopping, Work

    Hehe. I bought a new drawer from Muji in an attempt to start packing my wardrobe. That’s my agenda for the weekend. Well… I need to pack nicely to make more space. I am also going to get a new bluetooth speaker using the Best Denki vouchers that I redeemed using my Applause points (some…

    17th April 2016 , 3:14 pm | 1 Comment
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life

    Geck Keat, Jonathan, Rayner, Yilin and I went out to shop for Byron, Kimberly and Jonathan birthday present last Sunday at Best Denki and there is this funny conversation between me and Geck Keat that happened. Me: Wah, how come this is so cheap. What is its specs arh? *starts to take out phone to…

    2nd April 2016 , 6:07 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, Personal life

    I had my ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory exam today and it finally ended. I took a total of 13 months to take Grade 8 exam. But I am not sure if I can pass the exam though. I got Distinction for Grade 5 and 6 exams. Now I seriously doubt if I can get…

    26th March 2016 , 5:00 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Friendship, Love, Personal life, Rants

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