• 24th July 2016 , 2:43 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, Personal life, Videos

    This is going to be my favourite song for now. Loving the chorus, especially the low to high note jump at the start of the chorus.

    23rd July 2016 , 4:35 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Music, Music Composition, Personal life

    I went for my first recording session today. Yes, I am the singer and not the sound engineer. No, I am not there for audition or interview. I went there to record the chinese ballad that I composed. Hehe. I was pretty nervous though since it is my first time singing in a recording studio….

    23rd July 2016 , 2:45 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Food, Personal life

    Hohoho. I survived my first day of cooking for my own meals. Somehow whatever I planned to cook was not cooked and whatever I didn’t plan to cook was cooked. Haha. And the best part? It actually turns out pretty tasty. That was quite surprising though. Haha. Maybe I should upload the photos of the…

    17th July 2016 , 11:15 pm | 1 Comment
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Rants

    Sometimes I think online friends are better to remind as online friends. It’s still better to know friends in real life and build bonds by doing common things together. The bonds made from online chatting probably can’t last unless you actually build more bonds by regularly meeting up with them… I guess it is a…

    9th July 2016 , 12:22 pm | 2 Comments
    Categories: Music, Music Composition, My violin, Personal life, Rants

    I have yet to make a decision when I should continue my violin lessons and I don’t like how indecisive I have become. Then again, I have fell sick and is down with flu. Bleh. Having a bit of sore throat and my head is feeling heavy. I guess I am going to get fever…