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    June 5th 2024 , 11:18 pm
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    I’m getting quite motivated to post more photos on Instagram since Alex and Jin Quan started the trend recently. So I thought why not post some of my old photos that I haven’t got time to edit/process them. Since I am making the effort to edit them, why not post it on Instagram then blog about it here right? Haha.

    I went to USA last November/December for my business trip. I extended the trip to visit Disneyland at Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

    On Thanksgiving day, I have to make sure that I reach office as early as I can. I think I left the hotel at 6am and reached at 630am (before my director reached the office). We also managed to catch the sunrise in office and I took some photos of it. My colleagues told me in advance that there is a nice sunrise that can be seen from our seats so I brought my camera and tripod to try to take photos of the sunrise.

    Before the sunrise, I also saw the stars. It’s something that I don’t get to see often in Singapore, especially with the huge amount of light pollution.

    Most restaurants were closed for Thanksgiving Day so it was difficult to get dinner on that day. Luckily one of our colleagues sent us a list of places that is still open on Thanksgiving Day and we managed to get dinner at one of the places. The food is really nice too. One of the best meals I had in Phoenix for sure.

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