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    One of my ex-colleagues from Autodesk, Mubashir, came to Singapore for his business trip (he’s from India, by the way). I have always worked with him over phone or Skype and it’s interesting to actually meet him face to face for the first time.

    It was kind of funny because I only realised that I won’t be able to recognise him at the time when we are meeting. Yeah the realisation is slow. I know I can’t really recognise him and he may not know his way that well. So I decided to meet at the nearest train station of the hotel where he was staying. Turns out that it wasn’t such a wise choice because the train station is crowded. It’s not as crowded as the usual since we met on a weekday. Nevertheless, that moment when I realised I don’t have his photo on Whatsapp and have to go to his Linkedin to see his photo so that I can recognise him is pretty funny for myself.

    Anyway, he looked different from the profile photos on the office Skype (when I was still working at Autodesk). Well, people do change. After all, he is already married with a kid ever since 2014 when we first started working in the same team.

    As a host, I recommended him to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant since he mentioned that he wanted to try Chinese food.

    Well, I love food from Crystal Jade but never tried the chili crab xiao long bao personally. Well, it’s awesome! Would I order it again? Definitely yes!

    Knowing the type of Chinese food that my Indian friends like, I recommended him to try the Kungbao Ji Ding (basically spicy chicken with cashew nuts). This is the fried chicken version which I have not seen before…

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    I met Sai (my Autodesk ex-colleague) when he came to Singapore. I think I got quite a reputation for my love in Korean food and so we went to a Korean restaurant.

    We ordered just right for ourselves. Luckily we controlled a bit in terms of ordering food. Otherwise, I doubt we can finish it.

    Spotted DIY ramen in the menu. Seriously, I find it a rip off. I can cook a lot more cheaper and probably tastier than them…

    We originally wanted to go Togi Korean restaurant but it has been closed down. :cry: So we have to make do with the Korean restaurant on the opposite street. Sigh, does anyone knows where has Togi gone to? It’s my favourite Korean restaurant in Singapore. :sad: 

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    I’m finally starting work tomorrow after not working for more than 5 weeks. It’s been a long break and I think the last time I had such a long break is when I am still an undergraduate student. :shocked: Well, it has been boring because I am just doing school work daily. Well, it’s a big difference from the usual rush of work and school work. Now I am just left with school work and whoa, I’m so not used to it. Just as I am slowly getting used to it, I am due to report to work at Grab. Well, I’m not done with school though but I don’t mind starting work and getting back to my usual routine.

    It’s interesting how things turn out… I was at my first company when I am choosing my modules. Then at the second company when I started my last semester. On my last week of school, I am going to be at my third company. What a roller coaster ride for my final semester as a graduate student. :shocked: 

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    I was thinking of posting on Altosome but realised that the blog post got a bit personal and thought it might be better to post it here instead. 

    Looking back at what I have done since last July (July 2017) till now…

    Firstly, I started reading up on cryptocurrencies and the craze around it. I went for the NUS Summer School programme on Cryptocurrency and got an in-depth understanding about it from Assistant Prof Prateek Saxena.

    Then I went on to explore the wonders of Machine Learning. That include both statistical classifiers and neural networks. Not to forget the unsupervised classifiers too! 

    On the academic research side, I started my own research in the field of Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning techniques. Yeah, it is a marriage of Intrusion Detection and Machine Learning. Perhaps it is more of an arranged marriage between 2 popular fields in tech space rather than a love marriage. Haha. 

    Other than being a postgrad student in Information Security, I have made a step forward in the career as an Information Security Professional and joined Uber Security team. Although it was short-lived, it is still a significant step forward and I have learn so much within a span of 3 months.

    So what is my next adventure? I’m joining another organisation (no prizes for guessing it right) and doing something under the Security organisation. :smile: 

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    It’s the last week of school. Yay, recess week is here. I usually will be quite relieved at the end of lessons but somehow it is not the case for me right now.

    I’m not working and is getting bored. I know I need to study for my only exam and make sure that I do well in it since I failed the mid term test. However, I am also feeling lazy. I feel like going overseas next week since my start date has been delayed. However, I don’t know what else is nice to see at Seoul. I am not so keen to visit other places on my own either. I have been to Seoul on the Spring season and frankly speaking, I am not so sure if I want to go there in Spring. I don’t mind going there in Autumn to see how my favourite holiday destination looks like in Autumn. But Spring season? Errmmmm, maybe not?

    Sigh, what should I be doing and how should I get back my motivation to study for my exam?