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    Oops I went for a hiatus without informing everyone again. Well, I have been busy with violin, work and dating.

    Things are fine at work and I am learning a lot of new stuff daily. Tons of work to clear but still manageable.

    I probably need to send my violin for servicing/cleaning after my exam. It’s more than a decade and I think it deserves some tender loving care. Not sure how much it will be though. Hopefully not too expensive…

    I realised how fat I have become and now really need to lose weight before I become overweight. So I have been watching my diet closely and reduce in eating on snacks. Went for core yoga class yesterday and power yoga class today. It is my first time going for yoga class 2 days in a row. Definitely one of the rare times when I go for yoga twice a week. I need to go more often to work out more and lose weights. Oh, do you know that an adult is recommended to have 150 mins of physical activity a week? I got to know it from the local news channel when they were interviewing Health Promotion Board in Singapore. So yup, that would be 3 yoga class a week. Hopefully I can keep up to the routine and lose some weight. I realised I lost 1 kg after 2 weeks. I just need to lose 2 kg more and I’m happy. That means 1 more month? Hopefully I can keep up to it.

    Oh, and also regular blogging too! I will reply the comments when I use my laptop…

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    I was previously based at Marina One office where the headquarters of my company is and they have really good scenery (well, I think Guoco Tower has better scenery though). There’s an Indian restaurant nearby and I ordered chicken biryani for lunch. It’s pretty cool that there is a layer of prata/roti on top of the biryani.

    Doesn’t it look cool? It doesn’t taste that nice though but it certainly looks really cool though.

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    One of my ex-colleagues from Autodesk, Mubashir, came to Singapore for his business trip (he’s from India, by the way). I have always worked with him over phone or Skype and it’s interesting to actually meet him face to face for the first time.

    It was kind of funny because I only realised that I won’t be able to recognise him at the time when we are meeting. Yeah the realisation is slow. I know I can’t really recognise him and he may not know his way that well. So I decided to meet at the nearest train station of the hotel where he was staying. Turns out that it wasn’t such a wise choice because the train station is crowded. It’s not as crowded as the usual since we met on a weekday. Nevertheless, that moment when I realised I don’t have his photo on Whatsapp and have to go to his Linkedin to see his photo so that I can recognise him is pretty funny for myself.

    Anyway, he looked different from the profile photos on the office Skype (when I was still working at Autodesk). Well, people do change. After all, he is already married with a kid ever since 2014 when we first started working in the same team.

    As a host, I recommended him to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant since he mentioned that he wanted to try Chinese food.

    Well, I love food from Crystal Jade but never tried the chili crab xiao long bao personally. Well, it’s awesome! Would I order it again? Definitely yes!

    Knowing the type of Chinese food that my Indian friends like, I recommended him to try the Kungbao Ji Ding (basically spicy chicken with cashew nuts). This is the fried chicken version which I have not seen before…

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    I met Sai (my Autodesk ex-colleague) when he came to Singapore. I think I got quite a reputation for my love in Korean food and so we went to a Korean restaurant.

    We ordered just right for ourselves. Luckily we controlled a bit in terms of ordering food. Otherwise, I doubt we can finish it.

    Spotted DIY ramen in the menu. Seriously, I find it a rip off. I can cook a lot more cheaper and probably tastier than them…

    We originally wanted to go Togi Korean restaurant but it has been closed down. :cry: So we have to make do with the Korean restaurant on the opposite street. Sigh, does anyone knows where has Togi gone to? It’s my favourite Korean restaurant in Singapore. :sad: 

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    I’m finally starting work tomorrow after not working for more than 5 weeks. It’s been a long break and I think the last time I had such a long break is when I am still an undergraduate student. :shocked: Well, it has been boring because I am just doing school work daily. Well, it’s a big difference from the usual rush of work and school work. Now I am just left with school work and whoa, I’m so not used to it. Just as I am slowly getting used to it, I am due to report to work at Grab. Well, I’m not done with school though but I don’t mind starting work and getting back to my usual routine.

    It’s interesting how things turn out… I was at my first company when I am choosing my modules. Then at the second company when I started my last semester. On my last week of school, I am going to be at my third company. What a roller coaster ride for my final semester as a graduate student. :shocked: