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    As I am wrapping up my work at Scottsdale, I took some photos and videos of my work trip before I embark on my personal vacation in US.

    I took this video when I was on the ride back to hotel from the office. I think I was in Ryan’s car at that time. I have to say that I sometimes miss such scenery…

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    This got to be my favourite sweet/lollipop so far. It’s the mickey mouse lemon and cola candy that I discovered while shopping for toothbrushes at Welca. What an irony right? Haha, I love it so much that I already finished 2 packs of 5 of it so far… Need to find time to top up it soon.

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    We passed by the Grand Canyon Dam while on the way to Horseshoe Bend so decided to check it out as well.

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    I went to i light festival 2 times this year. It’s the 10th year anniversary so the exhibits are actually quite nice. It’s also bigger too. I went to Marina Bay area to explore the exhibits on 1 of the days. Then sometime later, I went to Tanjong Pagar area with Alex and Jin Quan.

    It’s funny how my ID saw me when I was at Marina Bay area. She probably saw me with a guy but I didn’t explain further. Lol. Doesn’t matter anyway since I rejected him liao… 😡

    Here are the photos I took that I shared on my Instagrams for Marina Bag i light event…

    Also spotted a snail whole walking back to the train station after the date.

    Here are the photos from Tanjong Pagar…

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    I got 2 new jadeite rings in a week – both from Lihong Jade. I’m becoming a lover for rings. Hoho, what is happening to me? 1 year ago I don’t even like to wear rings. Hahaha. Now I am wearing 2 jadeite rings with 1 gold ring.

    I’m usually on full accessories mode these days. It’s like a little ritual that I enjoyed while preparing to go out. Like the “time to decorate myself” ritual. 🙂 It definitely helps that I do have a small but extremely good (in my opinion lah…) collection of accessories. I do have the standard few accessories that I will wear when I am not in a mood to think what to wear/match.