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    Saturdays are supposed to be very crowded on trains because that was when most are not working, including some of our maids/migrant workers. Today is the first Saturday after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. The trains are empty, you are allowed to put your food items on the seats because of social distancing. People in grey polo tee who are Social Distancing Ambassadors are patrolling the stations. People are either carrying groceries or food when they are out.

    Public transport is still available and there is social distancing to be followed even on public buses. We are not supposed to sit on certain seats with sticker or stand on certain spots with sticker (for trains). We have lesser cars on the road but to keep up with the frequency, the buses are moving slower than usual and stopping at bus stops longer than usual.

    This is Singapore with our Singapore residents doing our best to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

    You might think that empty malls means unrest but nope, we still have security guards patrolling the malls and looking at me at what am I doing at the mall. Luckily for my bag of groceries and Koi bubble tea cup, otherwise, I might be questioned.

    After getting my essentials and food, I headed back to home and wash up. I’m not going out until I really need to and please don’t hoard food. It took me 3 trips to different supermarkets to find any pasta/pesto sauce and granola. :sad:

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    Tomorrow is the start of the semi lockdown in Singapore due to COVID-19. Actually, it is not really a lockdown because we are still allowed to go out and exercise in parks. We can still go out and get food and groceries. Only offices, schools and shopping malls/entertainment areas/non-essential services are closed for a month. Everyone has to work from home for a month and practise social distancing.

    We are not required to wear masks to go out but we are also not discouraged from wearing masks. We are discouraged from gatherings or eating out but we still can buy our bubble teas. Yes, bubble tea is an essential service in Singapore. Haha, probably part of the F&B category. Of course, public transport is still operational as there are folks who still have to go to work as they are part of the essential services category.

    To all Singapore residents, please stay at home as much as possible and stay far away from everyone else when you see them. Let’s do our part and not overwhelm our healthcare systems.

    To the rest of the world, please stay at home too. Don’t overwhelm your healthcare systems.

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    I got Bose QuietComfort 35 II during Shopee Super Brands Day – Bose edition. Hehe. I wanted a bluetooth and noise cancellation headset for a while but didn’t get one so far. I actually wanted to get the new NC700 but it wasn’t on huge discount – it’s still selling at S$549 so I didn’t go for it. QC35 II, on the other hand, was selling at S$349 for their rose/pink limited edition version. It was a pretty good deal so I bought that instead. Hehe. I can live without not-so-crystal clear voice calls with QC35 II for a S$200 savings.

    I got the S$20 Bose voucher that was released in the event so the total damage for the headset is S$329. Whee! :smile:

    My QC25 is still working fine though which I will continue to use it for flights and stuff. :happy: QC35 II works well for my phone which do not have the audio jack.

    Speaking of which, I’m so glad that my phone, iPhone 8 Plus, is still going strong. I don’t want to curse it but I am loving the longevity of iPhones. What’s going to be my next phone if my current phone dies? The latest iPhone for sure. Haha. A new wallpaper and phone case and my phone feels as good as new. :grin:

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    Hello, how is everyone doing? The COVID-19 virus is making its international appearance over the last 1 month, from China to the rest of the world. Singapore is quite badly hit but I think it is mainly because Singapore government has been actively looking for new cases and provided motivation for the sick ones to really go see a doctor by ensuring their inpatient stay is fully covered, etc.

    I was worried earlier but now feeling better since there are many people who are just staying at home. So the shopping malls, restaurants and even offices, are quite empty. I am trying to avoid the crowded places like shopping malls but guess I don’t have to do that now. Haha.

    I shall go back to do my usual work now. Stay healthy and hygienic, guys! :smile:

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    The flu bug came for me a few days back. A bad time to fall sick since I am quite busy at work this week. Sigh, I really should do something about increasing my body immunity. My colleague came to work after down with flu bug but hasn’t fully recovered. I only sit opposite of him for a day and I fell sick. Well, I had a bit of sore throat the previous night but that was just it. Guess my weakened immunity system caught the flu bug and boom, the full effects of flu. :sad:

    I had fever earlier but fortunately it is gone now.