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    I wanted to send my Hermes Evelyne 29 bag for Hermes spa since I discovered a patch where it looks like I scratched it. I got a cheaper bag insert from Etsy (JennyCrafts) and I think it was not suitable so end up damaging my bag. :sad:

    I called Hermes customer service hotline to make appointment with my SA since I don’t have his mobile number. Then he whatsapp me back and I scheduled my appointment on the same day (22 February 2021).

    I went in and he advised against sending it for spa. Well, I went back in December 2020 and asked about the Hermes spa pricing and it was S$385. He seems ok for me to send it in. Now the prices have increased to S$405 and he said it looks brand new to him and perfectly fine. I listened to his advice and decided not to send it in. It will take 6 months for it to be cleaned/checked anyway. In the end, I opt for buying a twilly to try to cover the patch up. I should have bought a twilly last year before the price increase. It was S$260 previously and now due to price increase, it is S$280. :shocked: Oh well. There aren’t many choices for twilly too. I opt for the Jungle Love rainbow collection (red twilly) instead.

    I also asked to look at some calvi and bastia. There aren’t many calvi card holders to choose from but there were many bastia coin pouches to pick. I have always love their bastia designs. In fact, I wanted to ask Eunice to help me buy during her staff sale when she was still working at Hermes. She has never seen bastia available in staff sale so I didn’t manage to get any bastia before she left Hermes. I was thinking that since I always like the design and I foresee myself buying one in future anyway, I decided to just pick one I like in the store on the day. I picked the Chevre Chamkila leather one in a brown shade. Because of the leather type, it costs S$440 for the bastia.

    Yes, very expensive purchases made at Hermes when I only went there with the intention to send my bag for Hermes spa. :happy:

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    It’s the second month of 2021 but somehow it feels like this year is not going to be different from 2020.

    I am still working at home. Even though I have changed my job, I have not stepped into the new office. I have a colleague who went back a couple of times and he took some photos for us (the newbies) to see. It looks like a nice office but I wish I can see it in person.

    I am still spending a lot. In fact, I burst my monthly budget in January. :sad: I shall make it a point to spend less this month and save up for something that I really thinking of getting.

    Several stocks are reaching their all time high even though unemployment rates are high. I wonder what the new monetary policy the new US administration will take and how it will impact the stock market. There have been talks about stock market for years but it seems like it keeps growing instead of bursting. Will it be another dotcom burst? Will the financial institutions fail? How much money will we actually lose? Cryptocurrencies are also at all time high for BTC and ETH. The amount of greed and FOMO in the market is scaring me.

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    Happy 2021! 2020 has been an interesting year that I am sure many won’t forget. The pandemic has been with us for close to a year and accelerated many technological advancements which will probably take another 5 to 10 years without COVID-19. Who would have thought that a pandemic would drive technological advancements in such a high pace?

    I wanted to review the following new year resolutions I had for year 2020. I didn’t manage to fulfil all of them but I did try.

    1. Sleep early everyday, even on weekends. I failed these miserably. I am even sleeping at 3am sometimes. Sigh.
    2. Eat more healthily. Yes I am drinking more probiotics. Healthier eating and less fried food. Can I consider this as done?
    3. Exercise more. Thanks to the pandemic, I am staying at home even more hence got more chance to workout. Like Chloe Ting workout videos and Yoga Movement on Zoom.
    4. Practise violin more. Sigh, didn’t manage to hit this. :sad:
    5. Spend wisely. I am less prone to impulse buying but I got a luxury bag this year. I think I am going to fail this badly in 2021 though.
    6. Spend more time reading up on investments and invest for the future. I still didn’t get to learn how to invest although I did make a few investment decisions this year. 2020 is a good year for investment which I wished I am more brave to make the decisions to buy certain stocks.
    7. Get a technical certification this year. I got 5 in 2020! 3 Azure certifications, 1 AWS certification and 1 Splunk certification.

    4 out of 7 completed in 2020. What should I set for this year? Hmm… maybe I will set the following and strive to complete as many as I can.

    1. Sleep before 1am everyday, even on weekends.
    2. Continue to eat more healthily.
    3. Workout at least once a week.
    4. Practise violin more.
    5. Spend wisely and keep to the budget.
    6. Be brave and make the investment decisions needed to improve my finances.
    7. Get another technical certification this year.

    Hopefully I will do better this year than 2020.

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    This Christmas is an unique one. There were no any gatherings because of COVID-19. I also haven’t met some of my friends for some time since we have a limit of 5 people for gatherings. However, this limit will be increased to 8 after 28 December 2020 as Singapore enters the Phase 3 reopening due to COVID-19.

    Because of travel restrictions, I couldn’t travel out of the country this year. Because of the bad economic situation (due to COVID-19 border closures, etc), the retail industry has taken a hit. Even the Christmas gift wrapping papers aren’t as pretty as before. The Christmas decorations are very limited as well. No more ironic big Christmas tree at Takashimaya.

    I got myself a Dior Nude Air loose powder for Christmas. I also got a new camera lens (SEL20F28) from Harvey Norman when they are selling it at a huge discount this month ($200 instead of the usual $349). I got it because it is a pancake lens and it is much lighter than most of the lenses in Sony E-Mount APS-C collection. Hopefully I will use my A6500 camera more.

    Hopefully Christmas 2021 will be better. This year, 2020, is really one of the most unique year for me so far.

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    I forgot to post something on ViolinStar.NET on my birthday. Let me see if I can remember what I did on my birthday this year. :hmm:

    Since my birthday is on a Sunday this year, I didn’t take a day off from work like what I used to. Haha, I don’t like to study or work on my birthday. Fortunately I am a December baby so it has always been school holidays time for me.

    I had Beauty in a Pot dinner with my boyfriend this year. He gave me a music theme musical box that he handmade from a kit. :happy: I love handmade gifts and I love musical boxes.

    We went to see the Doremon exhibits outside National Museum of Singapore this year. I was carrying my birthday gift for myself (which I got back in September – Hermes Evelyne 29). I also got a new bag charm from Luxlexicon (someone sold their bag charm which is new-in-box condition). It’s the Hermes horseshoe bag charm in Vermillion and Rose Sakura (both are in swift leather). :smile: The bag was S$4900 and the bag charm was S$590 (below retail price). I feel so poor after buying both of them this year.

    I was checking my old birthday photos and I realised I lost the 28th and 29th birthday photos. It’s sad. Oh well, my hard disk has died and I didn’t have backups. I also didn’t have time to really try to retrieve them. Sigh, I only realised I lost those photos. So I can’t upload the photo of my birthday cake last year, hence breaking the tradition. :sad: This year, I am uploading it while I write this post just in case something has gone wrong again. :sad:

    My birthday cake for this year.