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    April 1st 2024 , 10:47 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Lihotography, Personal life, Pictures, With my NEX

    I went to Gardens by the Bay Cherry Blossom festival (“Sakura Blossom into the night”) with my friends, Alex and Jin Quan, over the weekends. We all brought our camera equipment and I even brought my new Leica Sofort 2 to pose for a particular photo which Jin Quan found that I love it a lot. Jin Quan found the concept, Alex helped me took it after I found a perfect spot for the photo. Now the photo has become my profile picture on WhatsApp. 🙂

    Haha, I wonder how my friend is going to recognise me when we meet at his office tomorrow when the new profile picture doesn’t show my face. Well, I have glow up quite a bit over the last few months so he better have something good to say. HAHA. If not, he can just keep quiet. LOL. 😀

    I’m literally the sakura that blossom into the night… and day.

    So cringing hahaha. Anyway, I’m just sharing some of the nice photos I took and posted on both of my Instagram accounts here…

    Well, the outing is inspired because Alex and Jin Quan both got their new Instagram accounts that features the photos taken by them. It all started when Alex is like idling away and decided to create an Instagram account for Jin Quan. Then he renamed his account to lifeandplanes so Alex followed suit and created another account – flowersandlife9. Such bromance and even their Instagram account names are so similar. Well, I kept my usual thetreblestory and lihotography.

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