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    March 31st 2024 , 11:37 pm
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    I ordered another bag recently. This time it is from Pleats Mama! Actually I wanted to visit it when I was in Seoul last May and October/November. I didn’t manage to visit and didn’t get to see the pleated tote bag. I was able to try it out when Pleats Mama have a popup shop at TANGS Orchard. The quality seems pretty good and I decided to get it online – because the design I wanted is limited edition and is only available in Seoul and online.

    Can’t wait to get it soon haha. I have been thinking about it for some time and was even discussing with some of my friends about it. The new Sakura is so much smarter with spending money now. Well, because I spent a lot last year in getting assets so yeah, need to save money now. 🙂 Haha.

    In fact, the entire discussion I had with one of my friends is like lowkey funny.

    Me: Serious topic. Even more serious than other stuff. Is to decided whether should I add more clutter and spend money hahahaha. (I’m supposed to declutter)
    Gulabi: (rofl emoticon x4) It’s cute but do you think this is giving value for money?
    Me: Like tote bag for work. I actually got backpack for work. Then another tote bag (green) too.
    Gulabi: (sends a photo of her new sunscreen and also her new manicure)
    Me: Wah got flower de!!!!! [I’m referring to her new manicure]
    Gulabi: So do you need this? It’s cute but not very cute tbh
    Me: It’s never a need.
    Gulabi: Yes, to celebrate spring [referring to her new manicure design]
    Me: I like this reason. Going to use this reason for the bag too. Hahahaha.
    Gulabi: Your mind was always set, Sakura.

    Hahaha. So that’s how I convinced Gulabi that I need the new cherry blossom bag from Pleats Mama. Going to take photo of it when it arrives! I got the bag insert for the bag too. I’m excited now!

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