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    I went to Prudential Marina Bay Carnival with Hui Keng and Yiwei once I came back from my US trip. Glad that we managed to go before it is over. I love going to carnivals to take photos because of the bright colours. Not a fan to play in carnivals, especially those amusement park rides. It’s just too scary for me to handle. :crazy:

    "I hope I win one of the monkeys!" ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL1670Z.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .?? #lihotography #adobe #lightroom #adobelightroom #street #streetphotography #photography #carnival #games #monkey #plushtoy #toy #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel1670z #zeiss #carlzeiss #variotessar #sonyvariotessar #marinabaycarnival #marinabay #singapore

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    So many people trying their luck in this game to win an unicorn plush toy… ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL1670Z.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #adobe #lightroom #adobelightroom #street #streetphotography #photography #carnival #games #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel1670z #zeiss #carlzeiss #variotessar #sonyvariotessar #marinabaycarnival #singapore

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    Okay, I finally got time to sort out my Singapore Night Festival photos on Foto Amore. I know it’s quite overdue. It’s also the first event that I went for and took photos with my new Sony A6500 camera too. :smile: 

    You will also notice that I am adding “Lihotography” as a watermark for my photos too. Well, I decided to use it as my personal photography brand. :grin: 

    So here comes the photos~

    Day shots


    National Museum of Singapore

    National Design Centre

    Other exhibitions

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    I finally went for the SDW workshop for my Sony A6500 camera body. And yes, I finally know what is the AEL function on my camera body. It basically stands for Auto Exposure Lock which means to lock a exposure setting set by the camera for a particular point before you move it to another point. A pretty cool and clean feature which I see myself using it. :smile: 

    My last SDW workshop is for my Sony NEX-5R camera which is more than 4 years ago. I got my Sony NEX-5 on 5 June 2013 and my Sony A6500 on 18 August 2017. You get a free Basic fundamentals workshop when you buy a new camera from Sony. I think it is the same for Olympus and some other brands as well. I’m glad that I made the decision to go for Sony more than 4 years ago. Just look at how successful Sony has become when it comes to the mirrorless market! Luckily I chose the right brand and invested in the right mount for the lenses so now here I am, armed with the latest mirrorless and E Mount APS-C camera which performs better than some DSLRs in similar price range!

    Hehe, I want to brush up my skills on composition and processing from now onwards. Time to put my investment into better use! Do follow me at @lihotography to see the nice photos I took using my camera. I hope to use it as a platform to track my progress too. And yes, Lihotography is going to be my brand name too.