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    September 23rd 2023 , 8:15 pm
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    It is the time of the year where I plan my year end trips. Well, I took 7 flights last Dec and I told myself never do it again within a month. Guess what. I think I am on track to breaking that record this year. Haha.

    Last year I took the following flights.

    1. Singapore (SIN) to Japan (NRT)
    2. Japan (NRT) to US (SFO)
    3. US (SFO) to US (PHX)
    4. US (PHX) to US (LAX)
    5. US (LAX) to US (SFO)
    6. US (SFO) to Japan (NRT)
    7. Japan (NRT) to Singapore (SIN)

    This year I am on track to add 2 more to the list as I managed to get budget to fly for a conference as well as an invite to the conference. It’s a free conference but you need to be invited for it. I guess all these years of hard work in my career has helped. In fact, I think my career is getting better since I can fully focus on supporting just my career alone instead of supporting my career and my ex’s career. My colleague was saying that my love life is horrible but my career is jetting upwards – which I agree. Haha.

    I’m quite excited to be able to wear my new winter jacket this time and being in one of my favourite cities again. Haha. I also started shopping for business attire since it is recommended for the conference. I might be bringing my favourite bag for the trip too. Oh so exciting! 

    However, at the same time I am not sure how well my body can tolerate the stress of travelling. It’s close to 10 flights in a month after all.

    Well, I got to keep hustling! Taking exams and expanding my networks. 🙂 

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