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    August 23rd 2023 , 4:37 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Rants

    I started to reach out to more real estate agents to see if any of them can help me secure the unit I want. The good thing about buying your own house by yourself is that you do not need to compromise on anything. Since I know what I want and a rough idea of what I can afford, it makes it easier to search for it. When the NDR announcement, prices of resale HDB/condo and new condo will just keep going up. Unfortunately I don’t qualify to get the new HDB with the new rules in place. I still got 2 years or so before I can buy as well so the new rules will definitely impact me. I also ranted to Devki during our call when he shared the “good news” from the NDR. I explained to him how messed up it was and how I felt backstabbed by my own government. Well, at least now I know HDB is no longer an option for me. Unless I really cannot get a condo unit then I will have to make do for more expensive HDB resale when I turn 35…

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