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    October 8th 2023 , 11:53 am
    Categories: Personal life, Rants, Work

    I’m getting back aches, shoulder aches and butt aches after 1 session of personal training with my new trainer, Ahrah, yesterday. She looks really pretty with big eyes and quite slim. After the first few workouts, I suspect she only have muscles and no fats in her body because her workouts are really tough. 😐 It’s quite tough and I’m glad that at least I am doing it with my friend, Rui Yun. Haha.

    Haze is back in Singapore yesterday and I went to get N95 masks. I started wearing it after my gym session since I have to walk from Bugis to South Beach for my next appointment.

    I hope I can pass my CISSP exam on the first try this month. It’s funny how my friends are like “you got another exam again?” when I told them about it. Alex is like I have lost track how many exams you are taking. Well, it certainly feels more like a student than a full time employee. Lololol. I certainly hope I can pass this time since I didn’t really get much time to study for it. Lots of personal stuff popping out and I still have to settle some admin work next week. Fingers crossed for no new issues popping up and that everything will go smoothly!

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