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    I went to NTU Art, Design and Media graduation exhibition 2018 at National Library and National Design Centre last Sunday (13 May 2018) and saw some cool exhibits. Heard from someone that it is an exhibition for potential hirers to seek the job candidates that they are interested in. Also a place for the graduates to find a job too.

    I’ll let the photos do the talking about the event then. :smile:

    Every time I go to something design related, it always brings me back to the thought of “What if I really enter a design school by then?” Well, obviously I did not take the design route since I am in tech industry now. But somehow a little feeling that I always get when I go for such events is that… 

    If I have opt to enter design school…

    Where would I be right now?

    Will I be based in Singapore or some European country?

    How will I be like?

    Will I be able to feed myself and my family in future?

    Can I still afford the same kind of lifestyle or a better lifestyle?

    Will I be who I am right now?

    I don’t have answers to any of these questions right now and I don’t know if I will ever have answers to any of these questions. Am I happy with my current life based on the choices I made? Well, I am blessed with no significant issues in my life right now. Not in the best position that I would have hoped for but it is not too far away. Am I happy? Well, I can’t answer that since I don’t know my own definition of happiness yet. I’m still confused/lost. But I know I will find my way, just like how I always do.

    So did I go into music technology which I was thinking back in 2012? Well, nope. I went into information security domain after spending 4.5 years in quality assurance. Will I regret this route since it is not music technology? Well, I’m not sure but I know information security route is something that I want to do it now and maybe for the next 5 years. So here I am… Still in technology industry and loving it. :smile: 

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    In my last blog post, I mentioned how I got 2 makeup related events. Well, that’s unusual for me since I am not a beauty blogger or completely into makeup.

    My first makeup related event (on the spree of makeup events) is Chanel Coco Game Center and I went with Geck Keat before meeting the rest of the Randumps clique for lunch. It’s been a few months ever since we last met. I think we last met last December. It’s great to meet them just before my final exam as well. :grin: 

    Chanel Coco Game Center is Chanel’s event to promote their new Chanel Rouge Coco Lip Blush (meant for cheeks and lips). I almost bought it though. Haha, I still got my new lipstick this month though. I went for the Dior Addict lipstick in IT Pink. :smile: 

    Anyway, since it is a game center theme, there are some games to play which of course, I sucked at all of them.

    Apparently Rayner flew to Perth with Yilin’s family for vacation and none of us knew about it. But he still bought us cute koala bear souvenirs from his vacation. Thanks Rayner! :happy:

    We went Saizeriya for lunch and whoa, we kind of ordered a bit too much too. :stressed:

    After lunch, we walked around randomly and I discovered a random book gift…

    Not something that I would go for but I’m sure some of you will be interested in it…

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    It has been a fun-filled (filled with makeup related stuff) these few weeks. I went for not just 1, but 2 makeup related events! Yay for learning more about makeup and surrounding myself with makeup stuff (without buying them, haha).

    Anyway, I shall blog on my last makeup event (the most recent one) first…

    I saw Larry’s Instagram post about how he has tickets for his 3INA makeup event and immediately went to ask him if he can give me the pair of tickets. It’s awesome that I got it and I went with Rui Yun. :smile: It’s my first time attending Larry’s makeup event. For those who don’t know him, he is one of my favourite makeup artists whom I followed on social media. He’s based in Singapore and his makeup trends are very much influenced by Korean. Well… makeup + korean beauty = Sakura’s favourites. Haha. I’m glad that I got a chance to see him in action and learned some useful tips from him. Like how I should blend my eye brow makeup much better to make it look natural. Eye brow makeup is important to frame your face, k? Haha. :happy:

    I haven’t been 3INA store cause it looks pretty expensive. Turns out that it’s not very expensive. In fact, it’s quite affordable and is similar to drugstore brands’ pricing. I love it that they have 24 shades for their foundation. Not sure about the formulae/quality but having 24 shades is pretty good!

    Will I buy 3INA cosmetics? Well, maybe yes? But I need to finish my current makeup items first! Hahaha. :smile: 

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    I went to Prudential Marina Bay Carnival with Hui Keng and Yiwei once I came back from my US trip. Glad that we managed to go before it is over. I love going to carnivals to take photos because of the bright colours. Not a fan to play in carnivals, especially those amusement park rides. It’s just too scary for me to handle. :crazy:

    "I hope I win one of the monkeys!" ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL1670Z.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .?? #lihotography #adobe #lightroom #adobelightroom #street #streetphotography #photography #carnival #games #monkey #plushtoy #toy #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel1670z #zeiss #carlzeiss #variotessar #sonyvariotessar #marinabaycarnival #marinabay #singapore

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    So many people trying their luck in this game to win an unicorn plush toy… ?Taken with Sony A6500 with SEL1670Z.??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??????????????? .??? #lihotography #adobe #lightroom #adobelightroom #street #streetphotography #photography #carnival #games #sony #sonyalpha #alpha #sonya6500 #a6500 #sel1670z #zeiss #carlzeiss #variotessar #sonyvariotessar #marinabaycarnival #singapore

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    There is a special Sanrio event at Changi Airport in last Christmas (December 2017) and I went with Rui Yun to check it out. I know it is quite late to post it but well, I was busy (Okay, it’s a bad excuse…) and finally got time to post it on @thetreblestory. Looking at these photos make me miss Christmas season again. Haha.