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    April 27th 2024 , 8:30 pm
    Categories: Insights, Personal life, Shopping

    Satyadev was sharing how money can help you go into any store and get the stuff you want without asking how much is it before paying for it. That’s quite true and a privilege to have. I am already doing that for food and also jewellery – both fine and costume ones.

    It’s the little things that I need to start to learn to appreciate and have more compassion in myself. I’m actually doing really well in many aspects in life – probably getting better as the time goes by.

    I finally figured out the best barely makeup makeup look too! It’s actually full makeup minus contouring and eye shadow. I guess I am getting better at my makeup skills and choosing the suitable makeup for myself. Hermes is indeed a brand that suits me in many ways. Hahaha. 🙂

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