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    April 24th 2024 , 9:20 pm
    Categories: Personal life

    After 9 months of hiatus, I went for my bodycombat class today. Well, I thought I went 1 closer to end of the year but somehow my Apple Fitness app tells me that my last bodycombat class was in July 2023. Well, I hit the highest number of calories burnt today in any given workout in my life so far (at least I think so)! It is a 45 minutes class instead of the usual 60 minutes class but I somehow managed to hit more calories burned.

    409KCAL. That’s how much I burned in a 45 minutes class. Wow. Somehow I am able to power through the entire class and did most of what was taught in the class too. Haha all these efforts in my personal training definitely helps in improving my physical fitness!

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