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    Yay! I finished my Master’s and now I can proudly declared my highest education as Master’s Degree. :smile:

    Hehe will I go for PhD? No way. I don’t think I will want to give up my job or take a break in my full time job to pursue PhD. Furthermore, academia is really very difficult and tough journey to take. I tried to go for a paper publication but got stopped halfway. Well, I tried but it didn’t work out…

    I’m happy that I managed to survive grad school. Part time studies with full time job is extremely tiring indeed. Will I do it again? Probably not? But life always give surprises so I am not sure if I will do another Master’s Degree in future… But PhD is definitely out of the picture…

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    I’m finally starting work tomorrow after not working for more than 5 weeks. It’s been a long break and I think the last time I had such a long break is when I am still an undergraduate student. :shocked: Well, it has been boring because I am just doing school work daily. Well, it’s a big difference from the usual rush of work and school work. Now I am just left with school work and whoa, I’m so not used to it. Just as I am slowly getting used to it, I am due to report to work at Grab. Well, I’m not done with school though but I don’t mind starting work and getting back to my usual routine.

    It’s interesting how things turn out… I was at my first company when I am choosing my modules. Then at the second company when I started my last semester. On my last week of school, I am going to be at my third company. What a roller coaster ride for my final semester as a graduate student. :shocked: 

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    I was thinking of posting on Altosome but realised that the blog post got a bit personal and thought it might be better to post it here instead. 

    Looking back at what I have done since last July (July 2017) till now…

    Firstly, I started reading up on cryptocurrencies and the craze around it. I went for the NUS Summer School programme on Cryptocurrency and got an in-depth understanding about it from Assistant Prof Prateek Saxena.

    Then I went on to explore the wonders of Machine Learning. That include both statistical classifiers and neural networks. Not to forget the unsupervised classifiers too! 

    On the academic research side, I started my own research in the field of Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning techniques. Yeah, it is a marriage of Intrusion Detection and Machine Learning. Perhaps it is more of an arranged marriage between 2 popular fields in tech space rather than a love marriage. Haha. 

    Other than being a postgrad student in Information Security, I have made a step forward in the career as an Information Security Professional and joined Uber Security team. Although it was short-lived, it is still a significant step forward and I have learn so much within a span of 3 months.

    So what is my next adventure? I’m joining another organisation (no prizes for guessing it right) and doing something under the Security organisation. :smile: 

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    It’s the last week of school. Yay, recess week is here. I usually will be quite relieved at the end of lessons but somehow it is not the case for me right now.

    I’m not working and is getting bored. I know I need to study for my only exam and make sure that I do well in it since I failed the mid term test. However, I am also feeling lazy. I feel like going overseas next week since my start date has been delayed. However, I don’t know what else is nice to see at Seoul. I am not so keen to visit other places on my own either. I have been to Seoul on the Spring season and frankly speaking, I am not so sure if I want to go there in Spring. I don’t mind going there in Autumn to see how my favourite holiday destination looks like in Autumn. But Spring season? Errmmmm, maybe not?

    Sigh, what should I be doing and how should I get back my motivation to study for my exam?

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    I think I am losing interest in blogging for now. I know I will probably get back my interest in blogging and suddenly starts posting 3 – 5 blog entries in a day. Hmm… Is this called the downtime for blogging?

    Well, it is not like my life is becoming boring though. I am supposed to be rushing my school assignments and my research topic. My prof is calling/messaging me on last minute meetings. Erm. Like messaging me at 3:50pm for a 5pm meeting. He did sent me an email around 11am about meeting in school but I didn’t see it. Well, I don’t usually read my school emails.

    Not much progress in my research topic and I am feeling really lazy to work on my school assignments. It is as though I don’t feel like studying since it is my last semester. But I still need to pass my last semester. Wish I can get more motivation for my school stuff soon.

    As for work, I am learning quite a lot and enjoying it. Sadly there are rumours about another company buying over some offices (including the one I am in) in the media and that is quite demotivating. Not exactly a good atmosphere in office but oh well. Whatever comes will come, I guess. :sad: 

    I realised that the thing about working for a consumer technology company (it means that we are selling our products directly to the everyday consumer like you and me) is that you get to see aggressive advertising on a daily basis. It is like I am constantly reminded about the company that I am working in in almost every app I used. Like ads on Spotify, Youtube and even the games. It is quite different from working in a product technology company (it means that we are selling our products to another company who make products to sell to the everyday consumer like you and me). I guess it takes time to get used to it. It also makes one feel the impact of their everyday work on the consumers too. Having said that, the media is more likely to sensationalise the stuff that we do too.

    Guess all these will take some time to get used to it.