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    I’m back from my business trip at San Francisco. I probably won’t have time to blog about my trip until I am done with graduate school. I have an upcoming makeup test and another assignment due this week. Sigh.

    I wish I am less busy with school work and have more time for myself… Oh well…

    In fact, I have to bring my personal laptop to San Francisco because I have 1 assignment due in the middle of my business trip and I was not able to finish it before my trip. It kind of sucks but oh well. Life as a student with full time job can be sucky at times.

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    Hi everyone! I’m back from an unexpected hiatus. Things have gotten so busy and I’m running out of ideas what to blog but thought of updating something here before people thought that I have abandoned the blog. :sad: 

    First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the year of Dog and may everyone have a paw-fect year ahead! :smile: I spent my first day of CNY at home waiting for my relatives to come and also started on my school assignment. It’s pretty tough and I only finished 1 out of 5 questions in the assignment. Sigh. Machine learning is never easy. :sad: 

    On a happier note, I am nearly done with my packing. Just left with a few essentials that I need to put into my checkin luggage and also pack my hand carry bags. :smile: I’m flying to San Francisco soon, hence I have been busy packing my luggages these days. I’m flying there for work and it’s going to be a really right work schedule and personal schedule (I’m bringing my personal laptop to go there to do my school assignments :sigh: ). I hope I won’t fall sick. :hmm: 

    It’s my final semester in graduate school and whoa, it has been pretty crazy so far. I know it will get worse so gambatte to myself! Changing job on my final school semester has proven to be a lot more challenging than I initially thought. Learning new stuff at work is pretty awesome and exciting but when you have to continue the same energy level (if not higher) at school… Okay, it’s pretty hectic. :sigh: The end is near and I’m looking forward to graduation.

    Gambatte, Sakura!

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    Singapore has gotten a heatwave coldwave. We were having non-stop rain for the past 2 days and the temperature has dropped from the usual 28 to 30 degree celsius to 22 to 24 degree celsius. Well, we are not used to such weather and here we have 3 continuous days (and counting) of such low temperatures – by Singapore standard. It really sucks.

    I am getting runny nose due to the weather change as well which seriously sucks. Well, partially because I got school starting from tomorrow. That means my day ends at 830pm on school days. Sigh. “Perks” of a part time student indeed.

    On a happier note, it is my final semester so yay. I am going to get my second degree this coming July and it feels awesome. I feel more educated just by thinking about that. Oops! :smile:

    May Sakura survive another school semester and also the winter in Singapore?!

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    Hello everyone. How is everyone doing? I haven’t blog for some time and thought of dropping by and say hi to everyone to show that I am still active. School is over and I got back my third semester results as well. Fortunately I did well so yay, I am finally going to my fourth and final semester!

    I found a new job that is related to Infocomm Security (my major in graduate school) and is currently serving my notice period at my current company. You probably read it here. I am feeling excited about my new job since it is the kind of job scope that I wanted. However, a part of me is getting worried because it is a new work environment and I will be having new colleagues and bosses in the same office (something that I didn’t have it at my current company!) Well, I hope for the best and pray for myself.

    How is everyone doing?

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    Yay I am done with my semester. No more classes or exams or assignments or projects! Whee!

    But now I am feeling so bored. Well, the sudden feeling of having nothing to do doesn’t seem to work well for someone who is always so busy. Well, I think I will first download and sort out my lecture notes for this semester…