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    April 20th 2024 , 4:00 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life

    I am on my way to NUS to do some hiking. Well, it’s planned 1 month ago with my bachelor degree friends hoping that everyone can join. It ended up only 3 of us are going for it while the remaining 2 will join after lunch. Oh well. At least they are planning to join?

    I am wearing my Alo Yoga leggings. Yes, my most expensive but also the most aesthetic leggings. Alo makes Lululemon seems like a steal lololol. Then I match it with a mini skirt (like my shortest ever and can see the bum) from Shopee and my workout top from Muji. Then I added my UV protection jacket from Uniqlo – specifically from Haneda Airport hahaha. Of course, not to forget my trusted and handy hiking sling bag – Hermes mini evelyne bag and my backpack. I really go hiking everywhere with my mini evelyne. Haha, don’t ask why I always bring a Hermes bag for hiking. I just love how convenient it is and there is no other bag that looks so good yet so functional for hiking! Best purchase ever lah. Can go shopping, travelling and even hiking with it! Hahaha.

    I told Ahrah (my personal trainer) that I am going hiking today and she made sure we do not do any leg exercises yesterday. I was really tired yesterday so she reduced some of the weights too. It was a real struggle for the session but she has made things significantly easier for me for sure.

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