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    July 7th 2024 , 2:52 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Insights, Personal life

    I can really relate to this post from one of my favourite Hermes influencers. She is also a doctorate and working as a psychologist.

    In her words…

    “Long post warning, but I really want to share this today.

    A few years ago and again recently got reminded, I learned it is not my concern when people feel intimidated or threatened.

    Look here; I don’t live my life trying to make others uncomfortable or demeaned; that would be…just..mean.
    Who has time for that?

    Know this: I’m never trying to “one-up” ANYONE…EVER!  It’s just that I love to read, work very hard, and have been blessed with a brain that works well (for me). I never attempt to overshadow any other person in any situation.

    When people are jealous, they may subconsciously feel like they’re inadequate or that you’re to blame for taking away their spotlight. Get out of here, I say!

    Even so, we still have to be kind.

    At the end of it all, your feeling threatened will not manipulate me!

    At the same time, I don’t live my life to make people feel comfortable around me other than walking in love and kindness.

    If I know an answer to a problem – and it’s my place to share it – I will share it.


    So yeah, to the jealous ones, you can continue to stay jealous. To the haters, you just have to keep on hating because that’s literally all you can do right? I may not love to read but love to learn, work very hard, and have been blessed with a brain that works well for me. Just because you don’t see how hard I work does not diminish the hard work I put in. The amount of time and effort to put in myself to grow and get stronger will show in the results that I achieved. In fact, most of it are not linear because I put way more effort than what I actually achieved. I will need constant reminders to have self compassion in myself.

    I guess when you reach the stage/point of life when people are actually jealous of you are even hating you, it means you are already out of the level that you no longer need to stay with such people. You are already out of their league. So the next time someone said something rude and shows jealousy, I’m just going to take the advice from Sara Jane Ho in her Mind Your Manners book and asked “Are you okay?”

    Lastly, if being envious or jealous or hatred is all you know, then I don’t think we are at the same level that we should be knowing each other. Bye.

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