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    July 1st 2024 , 9:14 pm
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life, Pictures, With my NEX

    I went to i light festival 2 times this year. It’s the 10th year anniversary so the exhibits are actually quite nice. It’s also bigger too. I went to Marina Bay area to explore the exhibits on 1 of the days. Then sometime later, I went to Tanjong Pagar area with Alex and Jin Quan.

    It’s funny how my ID saw me when I was at Marina Bay area. She probably saw me with a guy but I didn’t explain further. Lol. Doesn’t matter anyway since I rejected him liao… 😡

    Here are the photos I took that I shared on my Instagrams for Marina Bag i light event…

    Also spotted a snail whole walking back to the train station after the date.

    Here are the photos from Tanjong Pagar…

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