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    November 23rd 2023 , 9:40 pm
    Categories: Korean related, Overseas, Personal life, Rants, Work

    It’s a long, long journey to US from Singapore. I’m still on my first out of the 3 flights that I have to take. Well, I don’t like the long flight journey but I am ok to be in US. Well, I always go US for work so it’s kind of a “no choice but to fly there” kind of thing. It is also a privilege since most people don’t fly for work or even go to US for work. In my last 10 years of work, I have gone to US 4 times, China 1 time and South Korea 1 time. It’s definitely a privilege and blessing that I am happy to have no matter how much I may have complained about the flights.

    I started watching 20 Century Girl korean movie on Netflix.

    I’m quite bored on plane and I hope I can sleep more for my next flight across the Pacific Ocean…

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