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    August 16th 2023 , 11:30 pm
    Categories: Korean related, Love, Personal life, Rants

    It’s day 3 of my hospitalisation leave and I am taking less naps. I still get dreams which are odd and wake up at odd hours too. I’m spending the day watching Love in Contract. My finger is still hurting but the strong painkillers are also helping my fingers. I didn’t dare to continue my TCM medicine for my finger since I am already taking really strong painkillers for my wound. Hopefully it doesn’t bleed as much tomorrow. It’s been a challenge to make sure that the bandage stays put though. Can’t wait for my followup appointment with the surgeon.

    I also received a care hamper from Geck Keat today. She sent me some bird nest and vitamin C drinks. As a big fan of bird nest, I guess this is my excuse to spam bird nest? Hahaha. 🙂

    I’m feeling blessed with the care and concern I received so far. That includes the care and support I got post-breakup. It wasn’t easy to navigate the health issues while the relationship was in the rocks. 🙁 I guess God has his way to make sure that at least I have supportive friends and also met a nice surgeon who encouraged me to just go for the surgery. Hopefully the scar is not as bad though haha. *fingers crossed* I hope I can trust a senior consultant surgery skills hehe.

    I still remembered when I told my bestie that I have to go for the surgery and she went to find an auspicious date for it and told me to pick that date. I thought she meant she is only free on that date but it turned out she went to check every date before lunar 7th month to find out which date is auspicious for surgery. 🙂 The stars were aligned as that is also the earliest possible date when my surgeon is available. 

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