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    June 24th 2023 , 12:47 am
    Categories: Love, Overseas, Personal life, Rants

    It’s been a month since I am back from my Seoul trip. I have filed my damaged baggage report with Singapore Airlines. I don’t know why I keep having problems that I need to fix. It’s been tough because my health has not been great. Stress levels has been quite high for some time too. I remembered I had to get a new Windows laptop in less than a week for a technical course. Luckily I have my then boyfriend, Chin Hau, at that time to help me with the laptop shopping research. However, sometimes it felt lonely with with so many issues but not as much support. Well, that’s adulting, isn’t it?

    I am going through a broken heart phase right now. I’m not ready to talk more about it at the moment and I appreciate some privacy on it. Time will heal all woes, I hope. If it is meant to be, it will be.

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