• Posted On: August 15th 2023 at 9:14 pm | Add a Comment?
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    What do I do when I am on hospitalisation leave? I decided to sign up for Prime Video 30-day trial and watch my dramas. I originally planned to study for CISSP but I’m feeling quite tired so I guess it’s better for me to take care of myself and enjoy life a bit haha. I welcome drama recommendations. Please comment on this post if you have recommendations on what dramas I should watch. Haha. I’m currently watching Love in Contract on Prime Video now.

    I’m quite happy that the surgery is over but now need to make sure that my wound recover soon. It’s also my first time having 2 painkillers – 1 of them is actually quite strong based on what the nurse told me. I don’t feel much pain so I didn’t take the second painkiller before I slept last night. I ended up sleeping for close to 12 hrs and missed the call from the surgeon’s clinic on the surgery bill claim this morning. Lololol. I have been having insomnia issues and it’s been a really long time since I can slept so long. I had so many dreams and I woke up with a bad dream – losing my hand carry bag when I passed by Malaysia security immigration. Don’t ask me why the dream is so weird. I also don’t know how I remember it and it been so weird.

    My armpit is so swollen and the surgeon’s nurse told me that it is normal and I am supposed to keep taking the painkillers for the first few days to ensure that the pain is under control. It’s not very painful but I will take panadol once I realised that the wound is aching a bit. I guess it helps with the inflammation too.

    Thank you to all of my friends who showed me concern and provided support in this period of time. I am slowly on my road of recovery. 🙂