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    On the road trip to Antelope Canyon, my colleagues and I passed by Flagstaff and Sedona.

    We had breakfast at the blue McDonalds at Sedona before continuing the road trip.

    We also passed by Sedona and managed to take some photos at Sedona too.

    Then we managed to see snow while on the roads at Flagstaff! It’s probably the only place in Arizona that has snow…

    Spotted an interesting chocolate which I didn’t end up getting…

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    We do have casinos in Singapore but for the locals, we need to pay an entrance fee to enter the casino. So I have never been to a casino before.

    So I took up the offer when my colleagues asked if I will be interested to visit Casino Arizona. I’m not keen in gambling but I don’t mind seeing what is it like. It’s a bit mindblowing how concentrated the customers were at each game, especially the bingo game.

    In the end, I just had dinner at the casino and watched some live music band performance. Not something you expect from someone visiting casino hahaha.

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    I was lucky in this trip where I travelled with 4 of my Singapore based colleagues. So I was able to join them for meals and share food with them. That means I can order more and taste more variety of food which is definitely a plus for me!

    This time I am staying in a nicer looking hotel. Well, the exterior is quite nice now that I am looking back at the photos. Most importantly it is not haunted or at least I didn’t see anything in the spiritual side of the world.

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    I’m finally on my return flights back home! Well, I have to take 2 flights home since I am flying back from San Francisco. I am so done with flying for the year. I think I took the most number of flights in this year as compared to other years. By the end of this trip, I would have taken 11 flights. Now I am on my 10th flight for this year. Well, I had my personal trip in Seoul back in May 2023. Then a business trip in October 2023 in Seoul followed by another business trip and personal trips in November and December 2023.

    I also spent the most money this year as well. 2024 will be a year of major change in my life – hopefully positive changes.

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    I didn’t blog when I flew from PHX to LAX but I am blogging now while flying from LAX to SFO. Technically this is supposed to be part 4 of my flight series…

    I don’t think I will be going back to LA if I ever get another chance to fly to US. I will probably go to New York the next time – hopefully next year? I might have to transit in Europe/Dubai if I were to fly directly from New York to go back to Singapore.

    I will need to start saving money for it though since New York is more expensive. Well, let’s see if there is an opportunity for me to fly to US again. Quite tiring tor fly long distance but I think I am getting used to flying to US. I know what I need to do for my flights. I now know a standard flight routine which I am quite comfortable with it. That’s after having 9 flights in 6 weeks this time round. That’s an average of 1.5 flights every week. Lol. Visiting 6 different airports in 6 weeks – an average of 1 unique airport per week. I’m definitely spending quite a bit of money these days. Lol.