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    March 4th 2024 , 12:32 am
    Categories: Friendship, Personal life

    My favourite luxury jewellery brand has opened a new store at Raffles Hotel and they have a new exhibition space. It’s quite small but the pieces on display are eye-opening. I went for their first exhibition which they mentioned is the first one in Asia. I really like the exhibition space and it has the floral feel like what I saw in the Seoul maison.

    The entire exhibition space is designed by Jean Baptiste Auvray. I’m in the era of interior design these days so definitely taking inspiration from the space.

    I’m still considering if gold finishing is worth the extra cost… I think a few IDs kind of think I am into gold finishing. Haha. May God bless and protect my wallet. 😀

    Here are some of the pieces that I like. My favourite has got to be the bouquet of daises. I love daises! It is also especially special because it is made of platinum, yellow gold and diamonds. I have never seen a jewellery with both platinum and gold combined together. It’s like so rare and so difficult to make.

    The second favourite is the sapphire leaf. I’m very impressed by their mystery setting. It’s VCA specialty and I am really happy to see it in person. I also learned how it is achieved during the guided tour.

    I went with Evelyn and we both dressed up for it. She asked about my dating app journey and reviewed my profile. Then she told me she will take better photos for me and asked me to remove 2 of the photos. 😮

    Anyway, I did get a very nice photo that she took and edited for me so it became part of my pictures in the profile. Lol! I really need to work on my posing. I’m just so awkward. Will probably need some time to get back my posing skills before 2018.

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