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    February 12th 2024 , 11:52 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Rants

    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who is celebrating! Hope life has been good to you guys so far!

    My life has been pretty boring these days. Other than working, I have been studying. Almost all my free time were spent on home stuff. Well, I guess that’s adulting. 🙂

    I am feeling blessed that I have friends who supported me during the tough times and also listening to my rants. Yes I know sometimes it can be quite overwhelming haha. Sometimes I am also impressed by myself on how I can able to push through.

    I’m on my healing journey after the traumatic breakup. Well, it doesn’t matter how fast my ex-boyfriend can move on to the next relationship as I just need to focus on my own healing. It’s a constant reminder to myself. Things happen for a reason and I have many lessons learned about men and also myself. I should count my blessings and be glad that at least I am still alive and well. I am also thankful for the various mentors who spent time to teach me my soft skills and life skills (like how to filter the right men faster and see through their masks fast) hahaha.

    I really don’t want to go through more surgeries after going through 2 surgeries last year. Still waiting for my “stop all weights lifting exercises” mandate from my surgeon to be lifted before I can resume my gym and also yoga classes. I can still do hiking which is what I was doing before I got really busy with life in general.

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