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    November 6th 2023 , 1:12 am
    Categories: Overseas, Personal life, Rants

    I feel like I am currently having a stopover in my own country. I can’t really unpack all my luggage stuff and I still have to continue to pack my stuff for my US trip.

    I’m glad that I didn’t buy too much stuff in my Seoul trip and the stuff I brought to Seoul can mostly be used in US. Well, except that I need to load up on richer moisturiser and stuff. I also need to change a bit of my clothing and bring more clothes for a longer trip. I probably will change the scarves I brought for my Seoul trip and opt for layering of clothes too. More basics for the more inner clothes which means brighter looking scarves. I’m going to apply what I learned from my Personal Colour test which I did back in Seoul. 😀

    I also went to check on my eyesight and got a new pair of spectacles, on top of my new Gentle Monster spectacles which I am converting to sunglasses. I’m glowing up! Wheeeeee. All these along with my brand new hairstyle – okay, it is actually similar to my usual hairstyle.

    Geck Keat is as saying that I looked slimmer now but I actually gained weight in Seoul. The weighing scale does not lie and my new formal pants got a bit tight now. Lol.

    I better start exercising again. Lol.

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