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    April 16th 2023 , 12:51 pm
    Categories: Personal life, Shopping

    Hi everyone. I have been busy with my trainings and also preparing for my exams. I shall not spoil the surprise until I actually went for the exams and hopefully pass them on the first try. All I can say now is it is related to my work. 🙂

    I am currently down with COVID for the second time now. It sucks but it is not as bad as my first COVID experience.

    I will try to blog more but since I no longer blog on phone. Now I am just blogging on my laptop. It sucks that Jetpack didn’t work well on self signed SSL certificate. I might buy the SSL certificate but let’s see how it goes.

    I’m still waiting for the customised bag strap for my bride a brac pouch. I have that pouch for close to 2 months but I can’t really use it now. Oh well. I wish the bag strap will come soon.

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