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    I was surfing Youtube earlier and found this video which I find it quite inspiring. It’s about the perks of being single life.

    Some pros of being single pointed out in the video:

    1. Save money! Whoa, totally. But I think I am quite a spender though. Hahaha.
    2. No need to consider about the significant other. More YOLO-ness, maybe? :smile: 
    3. More time for yourself to learn new stuff?
    4. Friendships get infinitely better – know who are the friends that can last longer.

    I particularly liked this quote from Wes in the video too.

    “Investing in yourself when you are single is going to pay when you get into a relationship” – Wes

    Anyway, the video is embedded below so watch it if you are free? :grin: 

    Oh, it’s great to have a 15inch laptop (such as MacBook Pro) cause I get to put the Chrome on my left side of the screen to blog while watching Youtube. Hehe. Glad that I listened to Nicholas’ recommendation to get a 15inch MBP instead of the 13inch MBP. It’s really good for school stuff too.

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    I had 8 hrs of sleep today but I still wake up unrested. Why? I guess my brain have been processing all the little things that happened to me after I came back from US and my next course of action. Somehow when I woke up, I got the realisation that maybe I should have never focus on finding a boyfriend in the past few months and should have just focus on improving my music composition skills and probably go for music production classes. Maybe I should have done research on how I can push my career to the next level and perhaps fight another opportunity to go US to work again.

    The reason why I kept talking about US is not because I really love it. It is more of a turn or breakthrough in my life where I really got out of my comfort zones in so many ways and found myself back again. It is more of me trying to test my abilities and my surviving skills. It is more of me trying to find my real self, away from the family issues temporarily. It is more of me learning to interact with people in a more political correct way and to persuade and influence people to follow what I have told them to do. It is more of me trying to find out what I truly want in life and why did I do a degree in Computer Engineering. It is also more of me trying to conquer my fears, one at a time in a pace that I am most comfortable with yet getting out of the comfort level that I am used to.

    “Trust your instincts; your initution. If something don’t make you feel good, then it is probably not good.”

    That is probably one of the takeaway of my US trip…