• Posted On: January 5th 2020 at 12:54 am | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Drama series, Korean related

    I spent my day watching the entire Korean drama – My ID is Gangnam Beauty. It is a drama about a girl with low self esteem due to her ugly looks and bullying in middle school. She went to do plastic surgery before she attend college and hoped that with her good looks, she can become popular.

    Then she met the good looking boy she knew since middle school in her college. Turns out that boy actually noticed her since middle school. The story ended with them together.

    Okay, there are a lot more plot twist in them but it’s just a typical Korean drama kind of plot. A naturally pretty girl jealous of the beauty of the girl who went through plastic surgery due to her bad experiences with girls who went through plastic surgeries.

    The ending? A handsome male lead ended up with a pretty female lead.