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    I’m spending my last day of unemployment listening to Stefanie Sun’s music… Just fall in love with one of her songs, Windbreaker. Those triplets in the chorus are really nice hooks. :smile: 

    I went for songwriting lesson earlier (after nearly a month break because my teacher is too busy with endless musicals, concerts and his first album release). I was tasked to pick a song to practise and I have chosen 3 of them. Actually, I only picked 2 songs but thought maybe I can try out Stefanie Sun’s new song to practise at the last moment.

    These are the songs that I picked. Hehe.

    In the end, my teacher picked the last song – Stefanie Sun’s A Dancing Van Gogh. It’s a tough song to analyse with lots of modulations and stuff. But it will be an interesting material to study in the next few weeks…

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    I was saying how I should be blogging more often the other day and now I lost the motivation? Haha. Well, it is the second last day of year 2016. Whee! 2017 is coming and school is starting soon. I have to take 3 modules this coming semester which is 1 additional module from last semester… Hopefully I can survive the school semester along with my full time job and music lessons.

    I will not be going for weekly songwriting classes when school starts. I doubt I have enough time to handle both weekly violin and songwriting classes… Well, at least that means lower monthly expenses since I am not going to pay my songwriting classes every month?

    On a happier note, my songwriting teacher commented that I have improved in today’s class and I no longer need to write melodies adapted from nursery songs. Oh thank God! But I have to write based on Chinese New Year songs instead. Oh well. Maybe I will get some inspiration to write other songs too? Haha.

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    I fell sick and finally have time to take a sick leave. Well, I fell sick on Monday but didn’t have the time to go see a doctor until today (Wednesday). There are several important meetings at work which I don’t want to miss so I dragged myself to work. But I can’t drag myself to work today as I was feeling feverish in top of having a sore throat and cough. Oh well. This is like my second day on sick leave for the entire 2016. Guess I have been diligently eating apples to keep the doctors away? Hahaha, pun intended!

    Anyway, so here I am queuing for my turn to see the doctor. Even yawning makes my throat hurts so badly… :sad: Boo hoo hoo. It’s a long queue but I got no choice but to wait patiently. Oh well.

    I guess I kind of overworked myself these few months. With violin lessons, songwriting lessons, part time MComp classes, yoga and a full time job. That’s like quite a lot to handle, isn’t it? I am also thinking if learning ukulele on top of all these stuff too! Hehe. I was joking to my friends about how I also want to find a boyfriend on top of all these stuff. Hahaha. But I guess I have to leave it to fate and see how things go. 

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    I was not able to blog about my birthday as I was in the midst of moving my site over. So I don’t want to post a new entry and have to redo the backup again. I have blog about it here. So this post is actually made on 19 December, 11:36pm but I don’t want to blog about my birthday on a day that is not my birthday so I edited the timestamp of this post. Hehe. :smile: 

    Anyway, I went for my songwriting class on my birthday at Intune Music School then to Ukulele Movement to get an ukulele. Hehe. I got myself a Leho Ukulele All Solid Cedar top and Mahogany side. It’s not cheap though but the sound quality is nice. It has a somewhat bright sound but not too bright like the one with spruce top or too mellow like the one with full mahogany.

    That’s pretty much my birthday. Can’t really remember what else I have done. Oh yes, I went to get myself a tiramisu birthday cake too. It’s made and flew from Japan and is awesome! Maybe I will post the photo here tomorrow. Haha. Here’s a photo of my birthday cake! :smile: 

    Happy 26th birthday to myself!

    Now I am no longer earlier twenties or early-mid twenties but in my late twenties or late-mid twenties. My friends of similar age as me are getting married too and having children. I’m still single and will have to get used to independence.

    So what am I doing with my life now? I want to continue to learn violin and songwriting. I want to learn ukulele and piano too. I also want to learn how to play squash and roller-blading. I also want to learn Korean language too. There’s just so many things I want to learn but not enough time. There’s also too much things going on in my life and it’s time to let some items go too…

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    I have been really busy nowadays with projects deadlines coming up and assignments due dates. Not to forget about my songwriting classes too. I feel like I have been neglecting my violin for quite some time. Hopefully I get the chance to practise my violin tomorrow since it is an off day for me.

    I am now learning Korean pop songwriting at Intune Music School since Lee Wei Song School of Music has stopped their songwriting classes. Learning under Chi Sheng is quite different from Hideaki. Guess both teachers have different style of teaching… My first homework is about analysing the Scent of A Flower song and come up with the notes and chords. I told him that I couldn’t come up with the chords and he was like, “How come you cannot come up with the chords?” Ouch. So I told him the truth that I can’t really hear the chords. Oh well…

    Then I got a lot more homework after that. Bleh.