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    I was bloghopping just now. Just randomly visiting some blogs and leaving some comments around too. I think I’m just lazing around, not doing the stuff that I planned to do. Such as organising my finances and packing my stuff in my bedroom.

    It’s lazy sunday today since I do not have any appointments.

    Oh, I am hooked on perler beads as well. Not sure if I should post them on Instagram though. I’ll see how it goes before making a decision… Anyway, off I go to make some coasters using perler beads!

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    It has been a fun-filled (filled with makeup related stuff) these few weeks. I went for not just 1, but 2 makeup related events! Yay for learning more about makeup and surrounding myself with makeup stuff (without buying them, haha).

    Anyway, I shall blog on my last makeup event (the most recent one) first…

    I saw Larry’s Instagram post about how he has tickets for his 3INA makeup event and immediately went to ask him if he can give me the pair of tickets. It’s awesome that I got it and I went with Rui Yun. :smile: It’s my first time attending Larry’s makeup event. For those who don’t know him, he is one of my favourite makeup artists whom I followed on social media. He’s based in Singapore and his makeup trends are very much influenced by Korean. Well… makeup + korean beauty = Sakura’s favourites. Haha. I’m glad that I got a chance to see him in action and learned some useful tips from him. Like how I should blend my eye brow makeup much better to make it look natural. Eye brow makeup is important to frame your face, k? Haha. :happy:

    I haven’t been 3INA store cause it looks pretty expensive. Turns out that it’s not very expensive. In fact, it’s quite affordable and is similar to drugstore brands’ pricing. I love it that they have 24 shades for their foundation. Not sure about the formulae/quality but having 24 shades is pretty good!

    Will I buy 3INA cosmetics? Well, maybe yes? But I need to finish my current makeup items first! Hahaha. :smile: 

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    “Now that almost ten years have passed since then, I’m quite grateful to Sakura for reminding me of how and why I started blogging. Sakura was one of the blogger friends I met then; though we haven’t really met personally plus the fact that I don’t even know her real name, I’m thankful to have met her through blogging. She actually started a year longer than I did but she still kept her blog updated up until now. Such perseverance indeed. Procrastination is definitely no tin her dictionary!”

    Hehe, see what Gryselle wrote about me here. That’s not something I expected to see when I nominated people for Liebster Award. :smile: But she reminded me of how Liebster Award are commonly used to differentiate the blogosphere cliques. Yes, I was from that generation of bloggers and have been blogging for 16 years. It’s nice to see some of my blogger friends still around after so long too. It’s also amazing how long I have been using this domain name (close to 10 years!) as well. :happy: I guess many more years to come for this domain name? Haha.

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    I have been working on a new theme for ViolinStar.NET these days and judging from how long I have been working on it, it is going to look kind of different from the current theme. I am still going to use the same centralised alignment because I like how it is centered in my Safari and Chrome browsers.

    I am still thinking about how I can style the title. Should I use a photo that I took or just leave it empty, like Pawlean?

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    I was visiting my affiliates just now and some are posting about Canada Day and yes, today is also the US Independence Day too. Well, since I have quite a number of visitors from US and Canada…

    Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!

    It’s interesting how these 2 important dates are just 3 days apart too.

    How are you guys celebrating these events?

    I was working on Canada Day and Independence Day (since it is not holiday for me). Haha.