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    Sometimes I wonder what I am doing at ViolinStar.NET. Well, I have this domain name for many years (more than 9 years to be exact…) and I still love the name. It started when I was in junior college with the name sweetpatronus.cn. I didn’t renew it because the renewal fees for .cn domains are expensive. So I decided to go for .com domain name. At that time the violinstar.com name was taken (I think it was not taken now) by some violin/music company. So I opt for the .net version. As it is slightly more difficult to promote a .net domain name at that time cause well, Google prefers .com over .net domain names in terms of page ranking and SEO stuff. So I decided to put “net” in caps in the hope that people will not mistaken my blog address to be violinstar.com. I guess over time, I have somehow establish some form of reputation with my online name (Sakura) and ViolinStar.NET. It is kind of similar to goodwill in IP Law terms except that I am not having a business at ViolinStar.NET.

    Have you heard of ViolinStar.NET long time ago?

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    I got inspired by my friend, Lynn, to start some personal online brand after seeing her getting serious about her new blog/domain name/Facebook page. I also bought a new domain name previously which I have blogged about it here.

    The dilemma is should I start a technical blog or a social media site. Should I start an IT security related blog or should I use it to build small applications for play? Should I use it with another online name or should I stick with my current online name?

    Any ideas?

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    Sigh. I have yet to do the debugging steps that the Jetpack support team has provided. Hopefully I get some time to go through those steps and settle the issue of WordPress mobile app soon. That will hopefully give me more motivation to blog more, perhaps? Haha. :smile: 

    I have been feeling really tired these days and getting insomnia more frequently too. I’m not exactly sure why I am getting insomnia but I am like getting slight headaches every night just before I sleep these few days. Could it be stress? If yes, where is the source of my stress? It is my summer break in grad school but I am still getting so much backlog to clear. :sad: 

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    Hoho. I finally went back to yoga class. Well, I stopped going for 1.5 to 2 mths because of the tight school schedule and overwhelming work from my modules, especially my Foundations of IP Law module. Glad that I got the discipline and motivation to go for class today. I actually wanted to skip today’s class to go shopping instead. So glad that I went for it today and my shoulder muscles don’t feel that tight anymore. :smile: 

    I actually wanted to go for yoga class on yesterday but ended up working till late and kind of missed the timing to leave office in order to reach yoga studio in time for my class.

    I wasn’t planning to go for yoga class today but I still book a mat just in case there is a change in plans. Well, luckily I booked a mat because my night shift got postponed this morning. I was supposed to attend a training at 4am later but it got postponed.

    Well, guess it is a good thing that I got more time to clear my work today (which is really a lot since I took 1.5 weeks off from work to focus on my law exam revision) and I even managed to squeeze some time out for yoga and blogging. Haha, I also managed to post some seriously overdue photos on my Instagram yesterday night. That means a blog post on those photos is coming up! Hehe. Do look out for it! :wink: 

    I am also going back for my songwriting class and going back to the regime of practising my violin at night too. That’s certainly feel like I am getting back my life without school work.

    I also felt pretty happy to go back to work. Guess law is really not my cup of tea… at least for now. I’m still happy to be working in the tech industry and doing technically challenging work. Of course, I love the benefits of working in a tech company too. Haha. :happy: 

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    Phew. I am finally taking some form of break (in terms of blogging) from my law exam revision.

    I’m left with 3 classes of readings to cover this weekend. Hopefully, I can clear them soon.

    Oh yes, Dynadot is having .com domain name sale. You can use this link to buy it and get additional US$5 off in your next purchase too!

    I got myself a new .com domain name too. Hehe. Now I am thinking the new direction of the new domain name.