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    Phew. I am finally taking some form of break (in terms of blogging) from my law exam revision.

    I’m left with 3 classes of readings to cover this weekend. Hopefully, I can clear them soon.

    Oh yes, Dynadot is having .com domain name sale. You can use this link to buy it and get additional US$5 off in your next purchase too!

    I got myself a new .com domain name too. Hehe. Now I am thinking the new direction of the new domain name.

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    I have been thinking about getting another domain name. But not sure what I want to do with it though. Perhaps open another blog? Or just use it for my online portfolio? Well, I am not entirely sure what I will do with it. Not exactly keen to open another blog because I have ViolinStar.NET. I like posting about random stuff – either related to my life or just technology/beauty reviews. It is quite interesting to read back at my old blog posts and realised how much I have change over the years (or maybe over a few months). I have become older and more mature, and hopefully wiser as well. Even my writing style has changed over the years. I have been blogging at ViolinStar.NET for more than 9 years now. Like wow, can you believe it? 9 years worth of blog entries?! Yes yes, I can’t believe it either. I still love the name violinstar too. Even after 9 years… Guess now it can be used as a synonym for my name too? Hahaha.

    I used to open blogs and web sites like almost every year. My blogs don’t usually last for more than 2 years and I am constantly moving from 1 subdomain to another subdomain. It is only through DDBoard (some domain name forum) that I got this domain name for free. Okay, not exactly for free since I have to earn points bu posting forum posts and finally accumulated enough points to get a .net domain name. Actually, I wanted to get a .com domain name but violinstar.com was taken at that time. I really like the words violin star so I switched to a .net domain name. After some time, I have grown to like .net as well which is why I didn’t register for violinstar.com after the site has close down and they released the domain name for a while before it got taken by the domain name buyers. It used to be a web site for violinists but now it is just taken for the domain name buyers hoping to sell that domain name at a higher price. Well, I guessed the old site has quite a high alexa/google page rank which is why it attracted the domain name buyers to purchase it.

    I had my first Trademarks lecture as part of my Foundations of IP Law this week and one of the key points I take away from the class is that sometimes it might be better for a business not to register their trademark because the trademark is too simplistic thus, not as distinctive. However, the lawyer should still advise their clients to use the trademark and register it after some time when their business/trademark become more well known to the public. Then they can try to register for the trademark and get it approved. During the time when the trademark is not registered, their trademark will still enjoy goodwill/passing off (okay, that’s when my concept is not that strong and I don’t remember the name for it) protection and they can sue others for using their trademark, even though it is not registered.

    IP law is actually very interesting. I can only hope that I can pass the module because I am still not used to how law essays/arguments are structured. But I am still motivated to study for it. Let’s see how long all these will last then…

    Anyway, back to my initial topic of this blog post. I am still thinking if I should get another domain name and if I do get it, what should I use it for. Hmm…

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    I went to PC Show just now to get my hard disk for my Macbook Pro. It’s like the fastest shopping trip to PC Show since Rui Yun and I were rushing to catch our Beauty and the Beast movie. Yes, it’s that Emma Watson movie! Hahaha. That’s actually the main reason why I wanted to watch it and we planned for it months ahead. We originally plan to go on Sunday instead of Saturday but I am having my Network Security project meeting so have to pre-pone it at the last minute notice. Thanks to her for accommodating and also helping me to shop around for the hard disk so I can just go there and get it immediately.

    I was talking to one of the salesgirl at Western Digital counter where I decided to buy my hard disk and this epic conversation came up.

    Q: Which hard disk do you recommend me to use if I want to transfer files from macOS to Windows OS (points to the 2 different hard disk options for Windows OS and macOS namely My Passport and My Passport for Mac)?

    A: Oh, that’s not possible. Perhaps you can consider the mobile wifi hard disk instead?

    Moral of the story: Make sure you know the basics before going to PC Show to buy your stuff. Discounted prices don’t come with sound advice. Lololol.

    Rui Yun and I were both amazed at her “sound” technological knowledge of the products that she is promoting.

    Anyway, in the end I got the My Passport (for Windows OS) and bought it home to reformat it by myself and started using it now. Hehe. I saved S$10 and got a better looking case (it’s orange!) too. Hehe. :smile: 

    Oh, I have been posting quite a lot for someone who is supposedly on hiatus. Oops.

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    Hoho it is my 2000th post on ViolinStar.NET! What an achievement indeed. I never thought that I will be able to blog for so long and so much on the same domain. Some of my blogger/online friends have changed domain names several times. We have known each other for many years even though we don’t really keep in contact. To my online friends, you know where you can always find Sakura and that’s always at ViolinStar.NET. :grin: 

    Anyway, I have set up SSL on ViolinStar.NET so now you can access my blog using https://violinstar.net. I have also redirect all traffic to http://violinstar.net to https://violinstar.net too.

    That shall be ViolinStar.NET first step to contributing to a better security in this World Wide Web. :smile: 

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    After visiting quite a number of blogs, I realised that I actually liked blog themes with white background. Hmm… Maybe I should do a layout with white background instead. Just a simple and classy blog theme, perhaps?

    Hmm… But first I need to find the time to do it… School’s starting soon too. Oh well…

    Okay, I really need to sleep now since I got work tomorrow. Good night, guys!